Obama is Kickin’ (People Off Planes That Is)

Cartoon by William Warren-Americans for Limited Government

Obama’s campaign has told three reporters not to come back on his plane to finish out the campaign.
” According to Drudge, reporters from the New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News — all papers that endorsed John McCain — are being asked to move out by Sunday to make room for “network bigwigs,” documentary filmmakers, and possibly reporters from two black magazines, Essence and Jet.” http://www.onenewsnow.com/Election2008/Default.aspx?id=305726

Obviously Obama doesn’t want anyone who thinks for themselves and might ask questions he doesn’t want to answer. Oh yeah, this is the guy we want for President. Obama just keeps giving more and more reasons to doubt his capabilities as a leader. Not to mention, his mental facilities seem not to be too sharp. You don’t tick off three reporters from three major papers four days before an election. The man has no common sense.  Moreover, it shows how petty he is by only eliminating the ones who have shown support for John McCain.  He could’ve used this opportunity to change their minds and get three more votes, but instead he told them to hit the road.  What a guy! I can see why Michelle loves him so, who wouldn’t love someone so warm and friendly? LOL


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