Obamacide Video

This video is very powerful. It talks about how we are becoming God’s enemy. It is very true, though true hope-hope through Jesus Christ not Obama-is not all lost. We can reclaim our Christian heritage. We can reclaim our country. We can let the liberals, communists, fascists and other haters of Man’s freedom know “we will not go quietly into the night but will rage against the dying of the light!” [A paraphrase of Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Gentle Into That Good Night”] The light is dying in this country and it is time for us to rise up and say “We will fight against your evil regime!”  At no time in American history have we had a president so bent on destroying America, so bent on dismantling our republic and replacing it with an oligarchy and removing every single liberty that our brave soldiers past and present have fought for. These are scary times but as long as we put our faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father we will come out victorious, even if our country won’t.

Tammy Bruce Joins ABCD!

The newest member of A Black Conservative Digest (ABCD) is none other than Tammy Bruce! When I went to check my new members  I was floored!  Tammy Bruce for the three people in the world who may not know her is a conservative talk show host and best selling author. She has written “A New American Revolution,” “The Death of Right and Wrong, ” and “The Thought Police.” 

Tammy is not your typical conservative. She,  in fact, is a former liberal. She was in the leadership of NOW and like every good liberal believed the world was out to get her, as demonstrated in this quote in an interview with John Hawkins, ” Imagine my shock when I realized through talk radio that the enemy wasn’t thinking day in and day out about me. And, most inexplicable, they didn’t hate me at all.”

I know that shock well.  I too felt it when I realized after 34 years that I was a Republican. Threw me for a loop, I had been fighting it years before that because I believed Republicans hated me. Only to find out the Dems who I thought were a friend to Black people were really the ones holding me back all along.  But only because I let them.  I take responsibility for my bonehead decisions.  However, part of those bonehead decisions were based on propaganda I believed and deliberate misinformation about certain behaviors.  But let’s get back to Tammy.

Tammy has gone on to be one of the biggest opponents of the Gay Elite in this country (that is actually her term) as demonstrated by this quote:  “In my book The Death of Right and Wrong I warn about the sexualization and targeting of children by the radical gay fringe. The announcement that a school in New York will open in September and be the first publicly run “gay high school” is a testament to that vile and loathsome agenda.   Do not be cowed with arguments that if you’re against this you’re a “homophobe.” In fact, the unforgivable crime is if we remain silent allowing children to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, as we sit and watch gay malignant narcissists make a wild grab for children. Well, it won’t be done in my name, and I contend that every decent hetero- and homosexual person out there should be equally outraged by this hideous action.”

Just another homophobe right? Not exactly, she is an openly gay woman.  Oh wait she must suffer from that internal homophobia.  No, she just has common sense something that is not highly regarded in the Gay Elite.  Tammy speaks the truth not because it is convenient for her or it suits her particular situation, she speaks it because it is the truth! I have a massive amount of respect for Tammy Bruce.

Tammy speaks with class and eloquence. She is truly an asset to the conservative movement and I am proud to have her on my site.  It is a testament to the conservative movement that two former liberals, one poor Black woman and one upper class White lesbian can both work together and put aside any of their differences to help better this country. It is also a testament of A Black Conservative Digest itself that all are welcome as long as they truly believe in the conservative ideals and want to put them into action.  That color, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, marital status, gender and nothing else stands in the way of one seeing the truth about the liberal disease that has affected our nation for far too long.

God bless Tammy and long live ABCD!

Bush, Reagan, Obama-Oh My!

President Bush hard at work

President Bush hard at work


President Reagan hard at work.

President Reagan hard at work.


Obama-Enough said!

Obama-Enough said!

Remind me never to go camping with Obama, but if I ever need an interior designer he will be the first one I will call.  That is if he hasn’t been struck down by the Almighty for telling Israel to take a flying leap!  And Elohim if you feel the need to take out Washington D.C.-no problem, just leave the rest of America standing. The rest of us like you and Israel!

ABCD to Add Constitution Class

ConstitutionMy social network, A Black Conservative Digest, will start offering a Constitution Class in July.  Now before you get too excited, this is not some class you can get college credit for so don’t you ditching your coursework at your local college just yet.  However, it is being offered to all members at ABCD for free!

My intention is to get people reading the Constitution, understanding it and not being intimidated by it.  So many times you will hear from others what is and is not in the Constitution.  It is time we know for ourselves and so when some liberal goes “Well abortion is a Constitutional right!” You can say, “Really where?”  And they will of course go, “I don’t know it just is in there!” Well if you don’t know how can you say it is in there?

For instance, if the National Guard just showed up at my door one day and tried to take over my pathetic and paltry domicile I would go, “You can’t do that-it is unconstitutional!”  and if they tried to tell me it was not, I would simply remind them that the third amendment says I don’t have to quarter anyone in my house and that they need to get out and that unless we are under attack right now and they have some paperwork to back up that they need my house for whatever reason, they need to get out.  Of course, when I am ever going to use the third amendment? LOL

The point is though by having this knowledge I am armed. I cannot be duped out of my rights. I can’t be told something that is an out and out lie and fall for it because I have the knowledge necessary to protect myself, my family and my country. It is for this reason I will be staring the Constitution class. Right now our Constitution is under attack from our own government so it is up to us to protect it.

Here is a quick quiz for you-

1. How many Constitutions has America had?

2. How many states ratified our current Constitution?

3. How many Articles are there?

4. How many Amendments are there?

5. What 3 Amendments are considered the Civil War amendments?

6.  Before Senators were elected by the people directly (17th amendment) how were Senators chosen?

7.  The number of Senators is based on population-true or false?

8. What is the only city to be considered a “state” and have its own representation as required by the Constitution?

9.  What state has the most representatives with 55- 53 in the House of Representatives and 2 Senators?

10. Any crime that incurs more than 20 dollars in damage is entitled to a jury trial-what amendment is that?

George Tiller is Dead!

hand of hope I am not even going to pretend like I am remotely upset by this news.  Do you think the Jews cried a river when Mengele died? (He did die right? Please tell me he is not still alive and breathing somewhere.) Oh our torturer kicked the bucket, how truly sad.  And even if they didn’t do a dance of joy, they sure weren’t in mourning either.  So I am not going to pretend George Tiller leaving this Earth is any great loss to humanity.  If anything it is a boon. No more babies will be killed under his “care.” No more women receiving botched abortions and being rushed to emergency wards.  No more skirting the law.  Ironically, if he had been in jail where he belonged for breaking the law and doing illegal abortions he would most likely be alive today! No doubt they would’ve put him away from the main population and had him under tight security and he would still be breathing.

Now usually there is not a murderer that pro-choicers/liberals don’t sonogram piclove to death.  However, you kill an abortionist and all bets are off, all of sudden they are seeing red. But I thought we were supposed to have compassion for murderers.  They have caught the suspect but they are not releasing any information about him.  Why is that? When the Virginia Tech murderers happened they couldn’t wait to release the name of the murderer.  Seung Hui Cho’s  picture was posted everywhere, because they could use him to promote their anti-gun agenda. You see what happens when people have guns? They slaughter their classmates, we need tougher gun laws!  However, they are not releasing the information because they know this is not an anti-abortion person looking to make a point. And don’t give me they are not releasing information on account of the authorities needing to pursue their leads! What leads they have the man! Yet, we don’t know his name? Come on, that is fishy! It is because they are waiting for the authorities to say he is a pro-lifer, so they can jump all over it.  Never mind, that in 1991 George was shot by a woman and it was the pro-lifers who got her license plate number and called the authorities! However that is not stopping them from  inferring that this person is connected to the pro-life movement and whether it is true or not, people will automatically link the two and once again we will become violent zealots. Even though Human Life International of documented cases of pro-choicers against pro-lifers! In fact for our 7 known murders, they have committed 1,251! But yeah we are the violent ones.

Now even monsters like Tiller have people who love them, so I will try to conjure up some sympathy for his wife and children. But don’t ask me to swallow garbage like this spouted by the family.

“The family said its loss “is also a loss for the city of Wichita and women across America. George dedicated his life to providing women with high-quality health care despite frequent threats and violence.”

Sorry people killing babies is not health care! It  is not now nor will it ever be ! Botching abortions is not health care! Are these people high? Right now he is face to face with Jesus and he is not saying, “Way to go!  How many of my children did you kill 10,000? Twenty thousand! I’m just so proud!” Right now Jesus is saying, “I don’t even know you. You mock me, you mock my Gospel, you kill my children and you think you are entering my Father’s kingdom you better think again!”

More than anything I am upset because this happen in a church. Had it happened anywhere else, I could say, “Oh well he got what he deserved.”  But it unsettles me that happened in the house of the Lord.  However, when the moneychangers were making a mockery of his Father’s house Jesus didn’t hesitate to turn over the tables. Which to the atheistic, liberal God-hater would be an act of “violence.” So Jesus according to them committed violence in the temple. We have a case in the Old Testament where God told Abraham to slay Isaac, his son. We have in the Book of Mormon where God told Nephi to slay, Laban to get the golden plates.  And other times where God has told his people to kill certain others.  So  while I have no idea whether God told this man to kill Tiller or not, it is not out of the realm of possibilities.  And because I don’t know for certain that this wasn’t God’s Divine Plan at work, I cannot judge him.  Doesn’t that make me a good little liberal? So while I am not hedging my bets that God told him to take him out in the church because he was making a mockery of his House, (Doesn’t seem like God to do such things. Even with Laban and Isaac, it was done in private where no one else could get hurt in the process.)  I cannot judge his act as well. Finally I get to use liberal logic against them.  In fact, I get to be Super Mormon and forgive him for killing Tiller. Oh yeah, that is going to be a hard one to forgive. Once in a while, God shines down on me and gives me a freebie.

Tiller is dead! Long live the unborn child!