George Tiller is Dead!

hand of hope I am not even going to pretend like I am remotely upset by this news.  Do you think the Jews cried a river when Mengele died? (He did die right? Please tell me he is not still alive and breathing somewhere.) Oh our torturer kicked the bucket, how truly sad.  And even if they didn’t do a dance of joy, they sure weren’t in mourning either.  So I am not going to pretend George Tiller leaving this Earth is any great loss to humanity.  If anything it is a boon. No more babies will be killed under his “care.” No more women receiving botched abortions and being rushed to emergency wards.  No more skirting the law.  Ironically, if he had been in jail where he belonged for breaking the law and doing illegal abortions he would most likely be alive today! No doubt they would’ve put him away from the main population and had him under tight security and he would still be breathing.

Now usually there is not a murderer that pro-choicers/liberals don’t sonogram piclove to death.  However, you kill an abortionist and all bets are off, all of sudden they are seeing red. But I thought we were supposed to have compassion for murderers.  They have caught the suspect but they are not releasing any information about him.  Why is that? When the Virginia Tech murderers happened they couldn’t wait to release the name of the murderer.  Seung Hui Cho’s  picture was posted everywhere, because they could use him to promote their anti-gun agenda. You see what happens when people have guns? They slaughter their classmates, we need tougher gun laws!  However, they are not releasing the information because they know this is not an anti-abortion person looking to make a point. And don’t give me they are not releasing information on account of the authorities needing to pursue their leads! What leads they have the man! Yet, we don’t know his name? Come on, that is fishy! It is because they are waiting for the authorities to say he is a pro-lifer, so they can jump all over it.  Never mind, that in 1991 George was shot by a woman and it was the pro-lifers who got her license plate number and called the authorities! However that is not stopping them from  inferring that this person is connected to the pro-life movement and whether it is true or not, people will automatically link the two and once again we will become violent zealots. Even though Human Life International of documented cases of pro-choicers against pro-lifers! In fact for our 7 known murders, they have committed 1,251! But yeah we are the violent ones.

Now even monsters like Tiller have people who love them, so I will try to conjure up some sympathy for his wife and children. But don’t ask me to swallow garbage like this spouted by the family.

“The family said its loss “is also a loss for the city of Wichita and women across America. George dedicated his life to providing women with high-quality health care despite frequent threats and violence.”

Sorry people killing babies is not health care! It  is not now nor will it ever be ! Botching abortions is not health care! Are these people high? Right now he is face to face with Jesus and he is not saying, “Way to go!  How many of my children did you kill 10,000? Twenty thousand! I’m just so proud!” Right now Jesus is saying, “I don’t even know you. You mock me, you mock my Gospel, you kill my children and you think you are entering my Father’s kingdom you better think again!”

More than anything I am upset because this happen in a church. Had it happened anywhere else, I could say, “Oh well he got what he deserved.”  But it unsettles me that happened in the house of the Lord.  However, when the moneychangers were making a mockery of his Father’s house Jesus didn’t hesitate to turn over the tables. Which to the atheistic, liberal God-hater would be an act of “violence.” So Jesus according to them committed violence in the temple. We have a case in the Old Testament where God told Abraham to slay Isaac, his son. We have in the Book of Mormon where God told Nephi to slay, Laban to get the golden plates.  And other times where God has told his people to kill certain others.  So  while I have no idea whether God told this man to kill Tiller or not, it is not out of the realm of possibilities.  And because I don’t know for certain that this wasn’t God’s Divine Plan at work, I cannot judge him.  Doesn’t that make me a good little liberal? So while I am not hedging my bets that God told him to take him out in the church because he was making a mockery of his House, (Doesn’t seem like God to do such things. Even with Laban and Isaac, it was done in private where no one else could get hurt in the process.)  I cannot judge his act as well. Finally I get to use liberal logic against them.  In fact, I get to be Super Mormon and forgive him for killing Tiller. Oh yeah, that is going to be a hard one to forgive. Once in a while, God shines down on me and gives me a freebie.

Tiller is dead! Long live the unborn child!


5 thoughts on “George Tiller is Dead!

  1. Dena!

    I am now convinced the liberals will stop at nothing to win. There was “once upon a time”, in this country where the two parties were truly concerned with the best interest of this country, now they are concerned with the best interest of their resumes. There is something very fishy going on here and I hope that our conservative news medial will get to the bottom of it.

  2. Bottom line; Tiller was a killer. You live by the “sword” you die by the “sword.”

    I have no sympathy for money grubbing doctors acting like they are doing something good for people (women) but they are no better than a televangelist ripping off widows and orphans for their last cent!

    “Pro choice/death” people are such hypocrites – never seeing the forest because of the tree of your selfishness. Never shedding a tear for the children torn to shreds by this man’s seared conscience.

  3. Yes! Jesus WILL judge the ones that ask for and the ones who rip apart, torture and kill unborn babies. There will be no escape for them.

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