ABCD to Add Constitution Class

ConstitutionMy social network, A Black Conservative Digest, will start offering a Constitution Class in July.  Now before you get too excited, this is not some class you can get college credit for so don’t you ditching your coursework at your local college just yet.  However, it is being offered to all members at ABCD for free!

My intention is to get people reading the Constitution, understanding it and not being intimidated by it.  So many times you will hear from others what is and is not in the Constitution.  It is time we know for ourselves and so when some liberal goes “Well abortion is a Constitutional right!” You can say, “Really where?”  And they will of course go, “I don’t know it just is in there!” Well if you don’t know how can you say it is in there?

For instance, if the National Guard just showed up at my door one day and tried to take over my pathetic and paltry domicile I would go, “You can’t do that-it is unconstitutional!”  and if they tried to tell me it was not, I would simply remind them that the third amendment says I don’t have to quarter anyone in my house and that they need to get out and that unless we are under attack right now and they have some paperwork to back up that they need my house for whatever reason, they need to get out.  Of course, when I am ever going to use the third amendment? LOL

The point is though by having this knowledge I am armed. I cannot be duped out of my rights. I can’t be told something that is an out and out lie and fall for it because I have the knowledge necessary to protect myself, my family and my country. It is for this reason I will be staring the Constitution class. Right now our Constitution is under attack from our own government so it is up to us to protect it.

Here is a quick quiz for you-

1. How many Constitutions has America had?

2. How many states ratified our current Constitution?

3. How many Articles are there?

4. How many Amendments are there?

5. What 3 Amendments are considered the Civil War amendments?

6.  Before Senators were elected by the people directly (17th amendment) how were Senators chosen?

7.  The number of Senators is based on population-true or false?

8. What is the only city to be considered a “state” and have its own representation as required by the Constitution?

9.  What state has the most representatives with 55- 53 in the House of Representatives and 2 Senators?

10. Any crime that incurs more than 20 dollars in damage is entitled to a jury trial-what amendment is that?


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