Rush Limbaugh Backs Rubio

Rush-LimbaughThere is nothing more annoying than knowing the truth about someone or something and everyone ignoring you or thinking you are nuts, then all of a sudden a celebrity comes along and claims what you have been saying all along to be so and boom everyone now believes it. However, if it takes Rush to make everyone pay attention to Marco Rubio then so be it!

According to reports Rush has called Rubio a “full throttled conservative” which everyone rubio with flag in Iowaat California Students for Rubio knew to be true. People tried to say he wasn’t pro-life which was always perplexing to me because you only have to look at his record to see there is no one more pro-life than Marco Rubio. NARAL gave him 0% rating. You don’t get more glorious in the pro-life world than that. Conservatives all over the place have talked how the Keystone Pipeline would not only create American jobs but would help with our dependence on foreign oil. Do you know who was the sponsor of the Keystone Pipeline initiative? That is right, Marco Rubio, but he never gets credit for that.

ap_immigration_reform_mi_130128_wmainThey throw up immigration in his face. True, he was part of the Gang of the Eight. However, think about it if you were a senator, wouldn’t you try to sit on a committee that dealt with one of the major problems of our country or would you just sit it out and let others deal with it? Even if the Gang of Eight blew up in his face he tried. But let’s hear what Marco wants to do in terms of immigration from him and not from pundits:

Starting on Day One of his presidency, Marco will be focused on immigration security.

He will:

  • Cancel President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders
  • Eliminate federal funding for sanctuary cities
  • Deport criminal illegal aliens
  • Hire 20,000 new Border Patrol agents
  • Finish all 700 miles of walls on our southern border
  • Implement an entry-exit visa tracking system
  • Implement a mandatory eVerify system
  • Install $4 billion in new cameras and sensors on the border
  • Marco on Immigration and Border Security

Do you want to hear the craziness of our current immigration system? We already have anImmigration-Services_1 e-Verify system in place but it is ILLEGAL to use. Can someone explain that to me? Marco, on the other hand, would allow us to use what we already have in effect! And sanctuary cities like San Francisco should not only receive no federal funding, the leaders of those cities should be brought up on charges and jailed for breaking federal law (I will talk to Marco about that. LOL ) As you can see from the above Marco is hardly soft on immigration.

Man_throwing_moneyMarco is a big spender, those who don’t know him will say. Oh please, I probably spend more in a single day than he did as his term as Senator. Marco voted down the Minimum Wage Act and some bizarre Paycheck Fairness Act. I read it twice and I still don’t get it. He also voted down the temporary debt ceiling but yeah he is a big spender! You can go look up his record for yourself.

The point is Marco Rubio is not some RINO, he is tried and true conservative and if anyone can lead this country successfully into the 21st century, it is my man, Marco! So stop listening to your friends who may have their own agenda and give Marco an once over, you will not be disappointed.

Marco Rubio Pulling Ahead

Rubio in Iowa

When I first started blogging for Marco Rubio and I would mention his name people would ask, “Who is Marco Rubio?” That question is fast becoming passe. Not only do people know how who he is now, some are even becoming fans. Of course, to paraphrase a famous country song, “I was a Rubio Fan Before Rubio was Cool.”

According to NBC News Rubio pulled in third in the Iowa Caucus. A lot of people might rubio with flag in Iowathink that that third is nothing to be proud of but it is also nothing to sneeze at. To go from a Florida Senator that hardly anyone knew about to being third in the Iowa Caucus is quite a rise in the overall polls. According to that same article: Marco Rubio didn’t win the night in Iowa, coming in third at the caucuses with 23 percent behind Donald Trump at 24 percent and Ted Cruz at 28 percent. Rubio Third In Iowa. The interesting take is that Rubio is only one point below Donald Trump!

Donald Trump in IowaThough Donald Trump was supposed to be the shoo-in for the Republican nomination, it no longer looks that way. While many people may agree with Trump on the issues, they don’t agree with his blustery attitude. Another surprise came out of Iowa’s Caucus:

“The Florida senator was the clear favorite of caucus-goers who were most concerned about electability. He took 43 percent of voters who said winning the general election in November was their most important candidate quality.

He also won about four-in-10 of those caucus-goers who valued political experience over outsider status.” Rubio Surprise So don’t count out the Florida Senator yet, he definitely has more in store for his campaign and despite the naysayers he just might be our next American President.

Adoption: The Real Choice


My family

The Leichnitz Four with our parents. Jeff in the white shirt


Those in the abortion fight try to act like there are only two choices a woman can make when she is faced with a “crisis” pregnancy. Those choices being keeping the child or aborting it. Yet adoption seems to be thrown out as an option entirely.  You will hear women say, “I could never give up my child.” But you could kill your child, is that it? “What if ended up in a bad home?” And killing it is better than a “bad home.”


I am adopted so I take issue with all the reasons one has for not giving up Jeff and Seththeir child for adoption. But I am not going to tell you my story. I am going to tell you the story of my brother, Jeffrey Alan Leichnitz. He recently passed away on December 18th, 2015 and though it cut like a knife when I first heard the news and I am not sure how I am going to get through my difficult times without calling up my brother, I know one thing: his story needs to be told.

Jeff, Veronica and Seth

Jeff was an incredible man and he had such love for everyone he met. He had a way of touching people’s lives and leaving them better than how he found them. That was true of me. Jeff was my first friend and my longest as well. I thought a lot of my brother, in fact, here is an article I wrote about him five years ago:    Yet there would be no relationship had his mother not given up for adoption. He first came into the Leichnitz home when he was a mere nine days old. However, it would take two years of court dates and fighting for him before he was finally allowed to be adopted.

For many people that is a real fear, having a child come into your home Jeff, Veronica, Adonai and me.learning to love them and then have the state take them away. Of course, that is a possibility even if the child is biologically yours as well. Jeff and I were both fought for and we both ended up with loving parents. Adoption gave my brother a home. It gave him two sisters and a brother who all loved him dearly. I was the closest to him, but all of us loved him.

JeffRight before he died my sister-in-law told me that he told her, “I miss my Mom.” and when she responded back that she also missed her mother as well, he told her, “No, you don’t understand, I really miss my Mom.” He wasn’t talking about hs birth mother, he was talking about our mother. The woman that raised us and loved us. The woman that went out to see him in Oklahoma. The woman that worried about him. No matter what scrapes they had along the way, the truly loved one another.

The love of the Leichnitz clan created a truly great man. He was a man that loved his family. He was a man that loved Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to walking the walk. He was not a perfect man, none of us are, but always did his best to become a better man than he was before.  A friend of my brother’s, David Webster, wrote my brother helped him get is business up and running. because that is the kind of man my brother was. To paraphrase Frank Capra: To my brother, Jeff, the richest man in town!

I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. But if you want to hear more stories, watch this video: In the end, I would like to make clear, when you adopt a child, you are adopting the Jeffs of the world. You are making a difference in one person’s life forever and then they can make a difference in the lives of others.  You are not taking in someone else’s throwaway, you are actually getting the gold they could not keep. There are those of us, who cannot adopt as much as our heart desires wants to, it breaks our heart to not be able to take in a child. But for those who can open your hearts and  homes to the Jeffreys of the world. You will not regret it.

The Vilification of Michael

On December 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, California there was a massacre by Islamic terrorists that left 14 dead and 21 injured. Among the dead is Nicholas Thalasinos or as I knew him Michael Thalasinos. Since his death, the Leftist media has been hateful and despicable. They have tried to cast him as some hateful bigot instead of a patriot. As some kind instigator instead of someone who had a just cause to distrust those of the Islamic faith.

The left doesn’t get the last word. I received an impression today and the impression said:”Don’t let the vultures get the last word. Write an article about him. Write an article about him now before you forget.” So here I am following my impression. So let me tell you about Michael or his true name Nicholas Thalasinos. He was a real funny man. He often made me laugh. While I only knew him through posts on Facebook  I still got to know the man.

Of course, the fact that he cares about Christ, unborn children and his fellow Jews makes him a bigot, someone who deserves to die because he believes in goodness. The way the media has gone out of their way to desecrate this man makes it evident that he was a man of good and honorable faith otherwise why attack him? Satan is strong and he is trying to tear down not only Christianity but America which has been a beacon  not only to Christianity but to all faiths.  Yet Islam is trying to take that inclusiveness that is America and dominate it out of existence.

I won’t give you a full view of the ugliness the press has done to diminish this man, but you should have a small example of what the Left is doing:

Thalasinos was an anti-government, anti-Islam, pro-NRA, rabidly anti-Planned Parenthood kinda guy, who posted that it would be “Freaking Awesome” if hateful Ann Coulter was named head of Homeland Security.

So as you can see if you are anti-Islam, pro-NRA and think Planned Parenthood should be brought up on human rights charges, like me and many others do you are a hateful bigot.  Oh and as for Ann Coulter Ms. Stasi, I got this little pic for you: FullSizeRender (1)

So I guess my liking Ann Coulter puts me in a position where I deserve to be killed. Michael was a good man with a good heart and cared about his country and his fellow man. He despised what the world was coming to and talked about it freely. To insinuate he is somehow culpable in the deaths of 14 people is absolutely abhorrent and Ms. Stasi should be sued and have everything taken away from her for her libellous depiction of a man she didn’t even know.

Oh and let’s look at Ms. Stasi’s facebook status:

To The Scum Bucket who stole my engagement ring in the women’s bathroom of the NY Daily News yesterday: Please know that you have just given yourself the worst possible karma.

Huh? Sounds rather hateful Ms Stasi. What kind of karma are you talking about? Obviously, such an expression calls for your death. I see how it is you can call people scum buckets when they upset you, but no one else is allowed to have upsetting emotions. Now, what if after you wrote that your office got sprayed down by the person you called a scum bucket and her husband and friend, would you be responsible for the deaths. You are nothing but a self-righteous hypocrite who has the audacity to demean a man you did not know.

Well let this be the real story of Nicholas Thalasinos. Let it be known that Linda Stasi is a liar and that Nicholas Thalasinos was a good and decent man. Let it be known he cared about truth,  dignity and that he loved this world as much as he could without becoming a part of it. Let it be known that Nicholas Thalasinos stood for what was right and died for what he believed in. Let it be known, he died a hero!



Rubio and the Mormon Vote

Mia Love 1 Recently Utah Congresswoman Mia Love came out in support for Marco Rubio. For those of you who do not know Mrs. Love, she is the child of Jamaican immigrants and was the first Utah’s first Black Congresswoman to be elected to office. There is something else you need to know about her, like most people in Utah she is a Mormon.

Of course, she wasn’t the first Black Mormon woman to join Marco team. I IMG_20120122_132341was LOL. I wasn’t raised in the Mormon faith but have been a devout participant of it for the past 12 years. But this does raise some interesting questions. Will the endorsement of Marco by Mia help him increase his standing among the more strongly religious and Blacks or because of her Mormon faith, will it cause incidental harm?

Also, there has been a recent backlash against the Latter Day Saint church because of its newest policy on the ordination of children of same-sex married couples. But does that mean Rubio should shy away from trying to get more votes from Mormons? I think doing so would actually do more considerable harm if he did. Mormons are a strong voting block. We see the Constitution as a divinely inspired document and take our civic responsibilities quite seriously.

Most Mormon members of Congress (15 out of 16) hail from the West. Not surprisingly, Mormons make up a much higher percentage of the West’s population (6%) than they do of any other region. (About seven-in-ten U.S. Mormons live in the West.)

Which makes sense because Utah is located in the West, so it makes sense we would have more Mormons in the West than anprop81y other region. But it also shows how strongly we regard our responsibility to serve the public. The religious community was very strong when Prop 8 was put forth in California, but one of the strongest proponents of it was the Church of Latter Day Saints, so much so that they threatened our Prophet and President of the church, Thomas S. Monson, along with threatening to burn down our temples. Regardless, we still stood by our principles.

A lot of people think the Mormon factor hurt Mitt Romney in his bid for Presidency. However, I think it was probably the one positive thing he had going for him. It was his record on conservative issues that hurt him more than his Mormon faith. In fact, it would be quite detrimental not to court the Mormon vote given the fact that we are the most conservative of the major religions:

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, are the most conservative major religious group in the country, with 59% identifying as conservative, 31% as moderate, and 8% as liberal.

“The 49% of Mormons who self-identify as both conservative and Republican is the highest of any major religious group, significantly larger than the 31% of Protestants/other non-Catholic Christians who can be so categorized.”

While this is an old poll, I would not imagine the numbers have changed all that much.  So as the Rubio reaches out to the religious and conservative community, will those in those in the Mormon faith endorse his candidacy? He already has two really devout Mormon women backing him, I am sure he can get more.

Why Marco Rubio for President?

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio speaks at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. on Thursday.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio speaks at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. on Thursday.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Jindal girl. He is my favorite conservative politician and though I would love to see him as President, I don’t think he has the pull at this time to gain the Presidency. Though he would make a fantastic vice president. That being said I do think Marco Rubio does have the necessary pull among mainstream America to pull in a successful Presidential race. That is if The GOP listens to its constituents (which it usually doesn’t.).

You might be asking yourself why you should vote for Marco Rubio? What can he give you that some other Republican nominee can’t? I will go through why he is better than some of the other candidates and his voting record, so you can get a better look at why Marco Rubio should be our next President.

  1. Trump vs. Rubio

Trump has burst onto the Republican scene as the candidate to beat. He obviously has a lot of ideas that people agree with, especially when it comes to amnesty and immigration. However, having a few good ideas is not enough to make you a good President. Every President since FDR has come in with “good” ideas on how to improve America. Yet we have had far more mediocre and bad presidents than we have had good or great ones. So good ideas alone cannot make a Presidency. Even Obama came in saying he was going to make the government more transparent. That every bill would be posted for at least 48 hours before any vote was taken (and when is that exactly happening Obama?!) and instead we got the Fast and Furious, hidden emails from Hilary and conservatives being threatened by the IRS. So much for that transparency.

Rubio, on the other hand, doesn’t just talk a good game about what is going to do he has a record that shows you what he Immigration-Services_1will do. He has consistently shown himself to be a fiscal conservative and not bowing down to every interest group that comes down the pike. He co-sponsored the bill to get the Keystone XL Pipeline going. He is also for making our country much more secure by doing E-verify, strengthening the border. etc. This is a quote from Marco Rubio regarding illegal immigration:

We also understand it is so special, unique, some people are willing to risk their lives to come here illegally. As compassionate people, we understand that reality and our heart breaks at the stories of what people are having to go through to come. But we also understand the United States of America is a sovereign country. Every single sovereign country on the planet, every single one, tries to or does control its borders and who comes into the country and who leaves. Every country in the world does that. The United States of America should not be any different.

At the end of the day, that is what this issue is about. It is that we have a sovereign right to protect our border and we have a crisis on the southern border of the United States. For many different reasons, people have chosen to cross that border illegally, consistently, for the 20 or 30 years, and the results are obvious to all of us. That is why border security is such an important part of this bill and this measure.

Rubio has shown himself to have strong character, yes he does want to fix illegal immigration in this country, but he doesn’t need to create the sort of crazed melee that Trump has. If all you want to do is change immigration then Trump is your guy but if you want to change America. If you want to make it better for everyone then you need to take a closer look at Marco Rubio.

  • 2 Carson vs. Rubio

Ben CarsonI like Ben Carson. He seems to be a nice, intelligent man. But that doesn’t make him Presidential material. Long gone are the days when a President was nothing more than a mere caretaker and didn’t really need that much political savvy in which to successfully do his job. Today a president is not just a mere figurehead as he was back in the early days of our country. Ben might one day make a great President but just not now.

On the other hand, Marco Rubio has the same character and foresightedness that draws people to Ben Carson and also has a substantial record of standing with conservative values when it comes time to voting. Some people say we need Rubio more in the legislator bracket than we do as a President because he can more effectively get bills passed as a Senator than he could as a President.That is not entirely false, he has shown himself to be both consistent and effective as a legislator and even his colleagues think highly of him. Michelle Bachmann at Politicon, when questioned about Rubio, said he was the most articulate of all the candidates. And while she thought his position on amnesty (she seemed to think he was for it) would hurt him, she also thought overall he would make a good president. (Unfortunately, I didn’t spot the outlet to plug in my computer until after she had talked about Rubio, but it was being filmed so I am sure you can find her comments somewhere.) So I am certain that as president Rubio would be able to use those strong connections he has already forged to help get bills passed, whereas Ben would have to start from scratch.

Those are the two big candidates that Rubio is going up against. Now we will look at some other reasons why Rubio should be President:

Finances:money picture

Marco already has a quite the cash flow. According to the Federal Election Committee Rubio has $8,920,928 in individual contributions. He has received no money from the GOP and as for PACs he has only taken in $204,200. So what does this tell us? It tells us that he is not beholden to PACs to get his message out. Nor to the Republican Party. It is individual people and businesses that are putting their money behind Rubio. The people behind Rubio come from all walks of life, business owners, retirees, homemakers, salespersons, etc. They all have one thing in common, they all believe in Marco Rubio and many have contributed one more than one occasion because of that belief.  That is the kind of President we need. One that everyone can believe in.


Cecile Richards

Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood

When I talked to a potential voter about Rubio, he told me that his being pro-life was going to hurt him. I told him he was wrong, that more than ever people are fast becoming pro-life and with Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood being brought forth before Congress in order to decide whether or not to defund them, more people are starting to see the truth behind abortion and they are not liking it. According to Vote Smart Rubio has a 100 percent pro-life record. In fact, when it comes to organizations like NARAL, he has received a 0 percent rating. NARAL is the largest abortion advocacy group in America. The difference between NARAL and Planned Parenthood is that Planned Parenthood does abortions, while NARAL just advocates for them to remain legal.  Gallup recently did a poll and said more people are pro-choice than pro-life, but obviously people at Gallup are apparently idiots and cannot read their own poll. Because it read that 39 percent said abortion should be legal in a few cases (rape, incest, life of mother) and 19 percent said it should be illegal in all cases, now maybe they are doing that Common Core math but in real mathematics 36+19=55. Fifty-five percent means MOST Americans are pro-life. How did they arrive at this conclusion that more Americans are pro-choice? Because when asked 50 percent described themselves as pro-choice even though they really weren’t. Gallup took that self-described nonsense and ran with it. Yet as we can see Rubio’s strong pro-life ethic will serve him well in his Presidency.

Fiscal conservatism

Instead of typing a long dialogue, I decided to simply demonstrate Rubio’s conservative vs. liberal slant:

Fiscally Conservative

2014 Americans for Prosperity – Lifetime Score 100%
2014 Americans for Prosperity – Positions (Jan. 7, 2014) 100%
2014 Americans for Prosperity – Lifetime Score (June 23, 2014) 100%
2014 Americans for Prosperity – Positions (June 23, 2014) 100%
2014 Competitive Enterprise Institute – Positions 88
2014 Heritage Action for America – Positions (113th Congress) 82%
2014 Heritage Action for America – Positions (Jan. 9, 2014) 87%
2013-2014 National Tax Limitation Committee – Positions 100%
2013 Competitive Enterprise Institute – Workplace Choice (August, 2013) 100%
2013 FreedomWorks – Positions 95%
2013 National Taxpayers Union – Positions 87%
2013 Republican Liberty Caucus – Economic Liberties Score 95%
2013 Republican Liberty Caucus – Personal Liberties 90%
2013 Republican Liberty Caucus – Liberty Index 93%
2013 The Club for Growth – Positions (lifetime) 93%
2013 The Club for Growth – Positions 91%
2012 FreedomWorks – Positions 85%
2012 National Journal – Senate Conservative (Economic) 87%
2012 National Taxpayers Union – Positions on Tax and Spending 84%
2011-2012 Americans for Prosperity – Lifetime score 100%
2011-2012 Americans for Prosperity – Positions 100%
2011-2012 Heritage Action for America – Positions 96%
2011-2012 National Tax Limitation Committee – Positions 88%
2011 FreedomWorks – Positions 94%
2011 National Journal – Conservative on Economic Policy Score 75%
2011 National Taxpayers Union – Positions on Tax and Spending 91%
2011 The Club for Growth – Positions 97

Fiscally Liberal

2013-2014 Progressive Punch – Crucial Votes 2%
2013-2014 Progressive Punch – Overall Positions 9%
2013-2014 Progressive Punch – Crucial Votes Lifetime Score 3%
2013-2014 Progressive Punch – Lifetime Score 7%
2012 National Journal – Senate Liberal (Economic) 12%
2012 NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby – Positions 8%
2011 National Journal – Liberal on Economic Policy Score 25%

So as you can see Marco Rubio has the character, the ability and the fiscal common sense needed to become the next President of the United States and if we are to reclaim our glory, let’s hope he does.