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Go Green…Or Else!!!

I recently received a CFL hanging on my door from the DWP. I didn’t order them, I didn’t ask them to do this but they decided to take it upon themselves to deliver this piece of hazardous waste to my home.   As I read the enclosed booklet in the bag, it says it is illegal […]

Are You A Conservative or a Liberal?

Many people out there are conservative but they just don’t know it so I have devised this quiz to help you. 1) You feel that abortion is: a) A woman’s right and should never be interfered with. b) Murder and should be illegal in all cases. c) None of my business-after all I made it […]

The Real Meaning of OBAMA

GOPUSA is selling these bumper stickers and since I don’t have a car I decided I would do it this way.  If you want to order this bumper sticker or others like it go here:Bumper stickers

Fairness Doctrine-Will It Go Through?

The conservative blogosphere is chattering about the impending Fairness Doctrine and it seems to have them running scared, but I don’t see why.  Actually, I feel if just one conservative would just stand up and say, “Hey that’s a great idea! Bring it on!” that the liberals would back down immediately. Not only that if […]

The Pope and Pelosi

Someone ought to remind Nancy that, whatever the truth about Global Warming, it is awfully hot in Hell. ~Steven W. Mosher, Population Research Institute (PRI). That line was taken from a very good commentary by one of my favorite pro-life heroes, Steven W. Mosher. In it he describes the meeting between the pope and Nancy […]

Obama’s Hope Chest

Too funny!  Some things don’t need added commentary. This is one of those things.

Black Pastors Ask Burris to Resign

The Associated Press received a story saying that some Black pastors from Chicago are getting together to ask Roland Burris to resign his seat.  Those of you who are not Black and/or don’t know much abouth Black community know this:  When the Black pastors stop supporting you, you are done for.  Nothing much gets done […]


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