Go Green…Or Else!!!

cfl-lightbulbI recently received a CFL hanging on my door from the DWP. I didn’t order them, I didn’t ask them to do this but they decided to take it upon themselves to deliver this piece of hazardous waste to my home.   As I read the enclosed booklet in the bag, it says it is illegal to throw it in the trash and that I have to take it to a hazardous waste diposal center when it burns out.

So basically you are going to try to force me to use this toxic waste lightbulb and then make it illegal for me to get rid of it? Are you friggin’ kidding me!? I called them to ask what I am supposed to do with this since I can’t throw it anyway and some Shaniqua sounding witch told me to call 311 to see where I can dispose of this. I shouldn’t have to dispose it at all, I didn’t want it!!!

This is the problem with the “green” movement, they are frickin’ Nazis! They order you to use their products whether you want them or not and then forbid you from getting rid of it! How are you going to make something so toxic that it can’t be disposed of in a regular fashion? This is not like car oil where most people are getting oil changes and therefore are not directly responsible for disposing of it themselves.   Not only that, your car is not inside your house!  Hey DWP, why don’t you drop some urnanium off at my place too and then force me to get rid of it?

I have used a CFL before (and I threw it away when it burned out! This is before the booklet let me know otherwise!) and it didn’t last five years. It didn’t last one year. It didn’t even last six months! So I don’t want to hear how much longer CFLs last! It is a lie! They do not! So basically they are more expensive, don’t last nearly as long as the incandescent bulbs and are more toxic! Oh let me run out and get a whole bunch more! Do I look  stupid, DWP! This  is nothing but a scam and I am not playing along.  You can keep your stupid CFLs because I have seen the light!

Are You A Conservative or a Liberal?

Many people out there are conservative but they just don’t know it so I have devised this quiz to help you.

1) You feel that abortion is:

a) A woman’s right and should never be interfered with.

b) Murder and should be illegal in all cases.

c) None of my business-after all I made it out of the womb.

2) I feel that illegal immigration should be handled by:

a) Giving everyone amnesty.

b)  Deporting them back to their native land and don’t tell me we can’t do it, we haven’t tried!

c) doing nothing, who else is going to clean my house for five cents an hour?

3) I think public schools are:

a) a bastion of enlightenment and first rate education (okay even liberals would fall over laughing at that one)

b) Where brain cells and morals go to die.

c) Who cares? I got my kid in a private school baby!

4) I believe that life begins at:

a) birth

b) conception

c) 40

5) I believe that prayer in schools should be:

1) Banned, how can we teach children about perverse sexual practices if you are bringing His name up all the time?

2) Allowed, it is our first amendment right.

3) Said before eating cafeteria food.  Have you ever tried to choke that stuff down?

6) My views on gun rights are:

a)  Guns are evil and should be banned!

b) I would give up my wife before I give up my gun!

c) I’m a lousy shot so I got that taser that can take down an elephant or Rosie O’ Donnell.

7) My views on gay marriage are:

a) Marriage is for everyone  even gays.

b) Marriage is for the protection and nurture of the family not so two guys who are hot for each other can get tax benefits!

c) I’m for it, heck the opposite sex won’t marry me, maybe the same sex will.

If you answered a to most questions you are a liberal. Congratulations you have absolutely no brain!

If  you answered b to most questions you are conservative! Congratulations you have values.

If you answered c to most questions you are apathetic. Congratulations you gave us Obama!

Fairness Doctrine-Will It Go Through?

The conservative blogosphere is chattering about the impending Fairness Doctrine and it seems to have them running scared, but I don’t see why.  Actually, I feel if just one conservative would just stand up and say, “Hey that’s a great idea! Bring it on!” that the liberals would back down immediately. Not only that if they actually had to supply the conservative side to each newspaper editorial,  each news broadcast and each television show, they would stop it on their own.  The liberal bias that they say doesn’t exist would be undoubtedly exposed and they would only have themselves to blame.  The Fairness Doctrine does more to hurt the liberals then it does to hurt conservatives.  Conservatives shouldn’t shriek from the Fairness Doctrine but should use it to their own advantage.  Should NBC, which must stand for Now Banning Christianity, decide it doesn’t want to give equal time to the conservative side of issues, we could sue the pants off them!

The Fairness Doctrine would actually mean that the media would be held accountable for not listening to our side for a change.  Of course, I understand the reasons most conservatives are speaking out against it  because the liberals are trying to use it to shut down conservative opinion and free speech shouldn’t be squelched because one does not agree with it.  The thing is liberalism is dying, despite the Obama victory.  The liberals know this and that is why they want the Fairness Doctrine, so give it to them-let America hear the lunancy of their ideology as opposed to conservatism.  Liberals will hang themselves if we give them enough rope.  And the Fairness Doctrine is that rope!

The Pope and Pelosi

Someone ought to remind Nancy that, whatever the truth about Global Warming, it is awfully hot in Hell. ~Steven W. Mosher, Population Research Institute (PRI).

the-popeThat line was taken from a very good commentary by one of my favorite pro-life heroes, Steven W. Mosher. In it he describes the meeting between the pope and Nancy Pelosi.  Nancy requested the meeting and the Pope agreed but wanted no photographers or reporters. This wasn’t going to be some photo-op that she could spin to make it seem like “Hey I am hanging out with the Pope! I’m a great Catholic!”

According to the PRI article by Mosher he asserts that the Pope actually leaked the conversation they would be having prior to the meeting as to not give Pelosi the opportunity to claim one thing was talked about when it was actually another.  “As the Vatican Press Office described the meeting, “His Holiness took the opportunity to speak of the requirements of the natural moral law and the Church’s consistent teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death which enjoins all Catholics, and especially legislators, jurists and those responsible for the common good of society, to work in cooperation with all men and women of good will in creating a just system of laws capable of protecting human life at all stages of its development.”

As you can see in this conversation, the Pope  “strongly rebuked” her for her support of abortion. nancy-pelosi1Personally, I would’ve been more happy to see her forbidden from taking communion at all.  But at least she got a serious chatisment for lying about the Catholic stance on abortion and that needs to be applauded.

Now I am not Catholic so I don’t know how it works in their religion but I know in mine, when I broke the chastity law, I was forbidden from taking sacrament for three months, I could not give talks, lead prayers and I had to report to the Bishop or one of the bishopric about my progress every week. I tell you this not because I am angered by my church’s treatment of me-to the contrary I am thankful that they held me accountable and that I was treated fairly and justly but also with mercy.  All these things were part of the repentance process, Nancy and the rest of her ilk need to be called to repentance and need to be held accountable for their actions and that means they shouldn’t be allowed communion.

Doctrine is not up for debate, if you don’t like the doctrine-go find another church. You do not get to change the doctrines, tenets and the foundation upon which the church was built. I find it appalling that so many Christians, in general,  will simply dismiss the things they don’t agree with and try to impose their own warped values onto the Church of Christ.  Whether you are Mormon, Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Christ is our leader and we are to follow his teachings-NOT YOURS!!! You want to be a god, become Mormon, follow the rules, do the ordinances and in due time you will get there, otherwise since you are not God now you don’t get to decide what His Laws are! (And oh one more thing, even if you do become a god like Elohim-you still don’t get to decide what His Laws are!)

It is time that true Catholics reclaim their religion from the liars.  It is time that everyone that serves Christ stand against those who attempt to corrupt his Word. It is time to guard ourselves with the armor of Christ and valiantly spread his Gospel across the globe! Last of all, it is time for Nancy to repent and if she refuses then she is to be regarded as an enemy of the Lord and treated accordingly. May Christ change her heart, he is the only one who can.

Black Pastors Ask Burris to Resign

blago-and-burrisThe Associated Press received a story saying that some Black pastors from Chicago are getting together to ask Roland Burris to resign his seat.  Those of you who are not Black and/or don’t know much abouth Black community know this:  When the Black pastors stop supporting you, you are done for.  Nothing much gets done in the Black community without the help of the church.  On an average, more Blacks then Whites attend church on a weekly basis and therefore the church has more importance in their lives.

You have to look no further than Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to see the significant influence being a “pastor” is.  Whether or not you like them, they shape the opinion of many Black people out there.  Some of us are waking up to the huckseters they are,  but there is still a large crowd who believe anything they say because they are “men of God.”  Though I don’t think either one has talked to Elohim in a long time.

The Toledo Blade said that the pastors originally chose Burris for that seat because he was scandal-free.  Well then the pastors shouldn’t have pushed him to take the seat from someone who was so connected with scandal at the time.  These pastors if they really care about integrity should have advised him,  “Don’t accept it.  Not until this Blago nightmare is over and someone else can seat you. ” That would’ve been the wise and ethical thing to do.  Now they are finding out that Burris did have contact with Blago’s brother in regards to fundraising for  Blago’s campaign and in return he would be offered the seat.  Well what did you expect? He was willing to go to court to fight over a tainted Senate seat! Did you really think he was a moral man who just wanted to do the right thing?

The sad part even if Roland Burris led an exemplary life up to this point, this is what he will be remembered for. Is this the legacy he really wants to leave as he departs this world? And though the pastors haven’t met with Burris yet, you can bet that once they do, Burris can fight to retain that seat all he wants to, it will be futile. He pissed off the Black pastors-may God and the Chicago pastors have mercy on his soul.