Kiss Me, I’m Irish

While everyone knows that March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, few know that the entire month has been declared Irish American Month since 1991 when Bush Sr. signed the first proclamation. It has been signed every year since and it is not really “officially” Irish American month until it is.  But with Obama in the office this time around, I am wondering will he sign it for 2009?

This is not a pressing issue but with his defense of Jeremiah Wright for so long and that little racist spiel at the end of the inaugural prayer in January, one wonders will he just skip over signing the proclamation and then try to claim that such matters are “above his pay grade.” Or maybe in this case it would be below it, who knows with Obama. Well in case I forget in March, Happy Irish American Month to all you lucky Irish people out there and if Obama doesn’t sign the proclamation, well it just might be the luckiest thing to happen to you yet. Obama’s signature has been the kiss of death lately. LOL


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