Obama and the Shadow Man

As I sat through the Princess and the Frog in a theater with my son, I was struck by the striking resemblance of the villian to our Resident in Chief-Barack Obama.  The villain is known as the Shadow Man.  Not only was the physical resemblance pretty obvious but so was some of the underlying qualities that both Shadow Man and Obama share. As the movie continued, I felt as if I were watching the 2008 election all over again, except this time with catchy  music and a happy ending.

The movie takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana-the home of voodoo, Mardi Gras and debauchery in general. Yet in the midst of such a city is a hard-working woman named Tiana, she works constantly to save money for her dream-to buy and start  her own restaurant. It is good to see hard-working Black folks in this film. It is something that has been lacking in recent years. Except for the occasional "My Wife and Kids" and the "Cosby Show" showing Blacks folks as hard-working and willing to sacrifice for a dream is something that is still rarely seen especially in film. Tiana is Disney's first Black Princess-hard to believe we are in 2009 and we are just having a first Black Princess now.

Tiana turns out to be a very courageous young woman indeed because when Obama aka the Shadow Man offers her everything she ever dreamed of on a silver platter, she doesn't fall for his false promises, she doesn't buy into his lie that her father died a failure because he never got to open the restaurant that would eventually become her dream as well. Instead she rejects the whole notion of having anything handed to her!  It is a classic case of conservatism versus liberalism and as it should conservatism wins!

The Shadow Man is a voodoo practitioner. Much like Obama's Muslim's past, both practice a religion whose sole purpose is control people and take away their free will.  While both voodoo and Islam are indeed dangerous religions and a threat to God-fearing Christians and other religions, liberals, in particular, try to make both seem like benign alternative religions to Christianity. Though to practice either one means to have disdain and hatred for Christianity and everything it represents.

The Shadow Man is beholden to forces beyond his own power.  He has this false sense that he is in control. When it comes time to pay the piper he learns very fast that the ones that built you up will be the ones that take you down as well. To see him get his finally filled my heart up with joy. Maybe just maybe the same could happen to our Shadow Man. Shadow Man is a fitting name for Obama because he is forever trying to keep us in the dark despite his claim his Presidency would be "transparent."  Like shadows, Obama is all form and no substance. Yes, the character of Shadow Man fits our Resident in Chief well. So will we get the happy ending that was given to Tiana in the Princess and the Frog. Will our Shadow Man's greed, arrogance and utter disdain for America, come out like Disney's did, with the evil forces taking him down. One can only hope. And isn't that what Obama is all about-hope? LOL

‘Big Love’ to Feature Mormon Temple Ordinances In Show

I find this very disturbing.  That a television show would willfully violate what we hold and sacred and dear.  It is further demonstration of what religious intolerance there is in this country. When I was trying to prepare for the temple,  I went up there one day.  I inadvertedly went towards the temple instead of the Visitors Center where I was able to enter.  As I walked towards it, I realized I was about to go into the temple and quickly turned around and went back the other way. I later learned that I wouldn’t have been able to enter without a temple recommend anyway.  That was not the point though, the point was that something in me felt a reverence for that building and instinctively I wouldn’t allow my ownself to enter because I knew I wasn’t worthy…yet.  I respected what the temple meant even if I didn’t completely understand it at the time.

When I did a talk for Silent No More at a Catholic church, everyone was lining up to take communion.  I stood there reverently as they all went up there and partook of it. I did not however because I felt it would be betrayal to both their religion and mine. I had enough respect to know this wasn’t simply a drink of wine and a wafer but it meant much more. So I abstained from participating in the ceremony.  Not because of any ill feelings towards the Catholics but the exact opposite.  Because I respected them enough not to make light of their ceremonies.  I could’ve said well I am not taking my sacrament today, I might as well take theirs but I did not.  I think they might’ve allowed me because someone up there motioned towards me as if to say, “Would you like to partake?” I simply let them know that I was passing.

Everyone here knows how much I despise the religion of Islam.  I think it is absolutely putrid, however even I wouldn’t denigrate a mosque or the ceremonies practiced within. (unless we are talking beheadings here!)  Not because I hold Islam in any great regard but because of what it is supposed to represent-a house of God. And even if I have trouble with their Allah, I have enough respect for my God to have him handle them-not me.

Yet somehow we think it is okay to violate the things LDS believers hold dear.  It is okay to bash Mormons, it is okay to send death threats to our prophet. It is okay to ridicule and poke fun at what we believe.  No television station would think of having Muslim rituals revealed on their show.  People are always saying-we are secretive.  We are not secret but there are certain things one does not talk about because they are holy, personal and between God and us.  Should anyone want to learn what goes on in our temples, you are more than welcome to join the church, become temple worthy, get your recommend and go. However, maybe people will realize what Big Love is doing is wrong and will not watch out of their own conviction.  Not because they believe what we believe but because they honor privacy and know if ours can be violated so can theirs.  Remember Big Love is not a documentary and it is not trying to educate people about our religion but are just looking to make a buck and if they have to resort to crossing such an unthinkable line then so be it.

We will go on and we will continue to do temple ordinances. God’s Plan of Salvation will not be deterred but it is a shame such people have more respect for jihadists then they do for a truly peaceful religion that simply wants to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ and do his work here on Earth.

Don’t Get A Head of Yourself

eye-on-islamOh those wacky Muslims, always taking off someone’s head aren’t they? In the most recent case of “moderate Islam” a New York television station owner killed his wife because she wanted a divorce. And in typical Muslim fashion, nonetheless, by beheading.

Muzzammil Hassan killed his wife, Aasiya on February 12th because she wanted to divorce him. She had a restraining order against him to protect her and her children from Muzzammil’s brutality.  And we all know how well those things work don’t we? In the world of Islam Muzzammil did nothing wrong, in fact it is considered an “honor killing.”  While whackjobs liberals want to separate these actions from Islam, they cannot be especially when the person doing the “honor killing” is doing so because of his religious beliefs. Trust me, if some Mormon guy killed his wife based on the teachings of Joseph Smith, the justice would be immediate and swift but somehow we are supposed to look the other way when it comes to Islam.

In a twist of irony, Muzzammil started his television station, Bridges, in order to bridge the gap of understanding between Muslims and rational people (oops I meant Westerners).  He wanted to promote the idea of the moderate Muslim. “In a 2004 press release on Bridges TV, Hassan bragged that his station would describe “Muslim tolerance, progress, diversity, service and excellence.” (Andrea Lafferty. The Traditional Values Coalition. “Religion of Peace Alert: New York Muslim TV Executives Beheads Own Wife.” February 18, 2009http://www.traditionalvalues.org/modules.php?sid=3559)

Well I don’t know about you but beheading your wife, not the way to show America how moderate you are. I hate to see what he would do if he had been a fanatic! It is time we stop deluding ourselves that Islam is a religion of peace, it is not. It is a religion of hate and brutality, especially towards women. Secularists will try to say that Christians are no better when it comes to treatment of women, however men have been ordered by Christ himself to treat their wives as they would treat the church and Christ even refers to the Church lovingly as his bride. Therefore women are held in higher regard than they are in Islam.

But I digress, according to one news report Muzzammil is only being held on second degree murder charges. I am sorry you don’t accidentally behead someone, if that is not first degree murder what is? That tells you right there, Muslims because of their propensity for violence are getting away with murder, literally! After Muzzammil killed her, he went to the police station an turned himself in. And while at least that shows his conscience isn’t one hundred percent dead, it still does not make up for the act and he should still receive first degree murder charges despite his “cooperation with authorities.”

Of course, I can’t close this article without hearing from another “moderate Muslim. Khalid J. Qazi, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of Western New York, who knew Hassan personally said, “I cannot believe it — I know them both well,” he said Friday. “I cannot get a handle on this.”

“It would be a mistake to link an act of domestic violence to the couple’s religion, he added.

“There is no place for domestic violence in our religion — none,” Qazi said. “Islam would 100 percent condemn it.”


Right Qazi, now excuse me while I laugh myself silly over that lie. Or at least I would if a 37 year old wife and mother wasn’t now dead. Too bad Qazi seems more concerned about preserving the image of Islam then he does about a dead mother.

$240,000 T-Shirt

Raed Jarrar was paid $240,000 by US Transportation Security Authority officials and from JetBlue Airways. The reason being because he was asked to cover up his shirt with Arabic writing that said “We Will Not Be Silent.” Which to me sounds a lot like a threat anyway. Of course, only someone who reads Arabic fluently can vouch for that. For the rest of us how can we know that is indeed what it says? For all we know it could say Death to America!

Now he wasn’t barred from taking the flight, they just wanted him to cover his shirt. But the ACLU says that is discriminatory. I am tired of these suicidal nutjobs at the ACLU taking the cases of terrorists. Whether this man was one or not is not the point. Until the Muslim community stops the jihads, stops the beheadings, stops trying to wipe out all non-Muslims off the planet-they will be profiled! What would’ve happened if this Raed did hijack the plane and cause an incident? What if they could’ve stopped but didn’t because it would be “racial profiling?” I can care less about his feelings when people’s lives are at stake.

First of all, it is not “racial profiling!” It is terrorist profiling and if you don’t want to be thought of a terrorists tell your religion to stop acting like terrorists and a bunch of idiots! This man shouldn’t have been paid a red cent. So he had to cover his shirt! Grow up! We don’t trust Muslims and you have given us plenty of reasons not to. You have a violent, abhorrent religion and I will not apologize for that statement. I don’t like Satanists either!

Jet Blue handled the whole thing correctly and we should write them and let them know just because twelve morons awarded him money doesn’t mean we agree with them. Thank them for putting our safety first and not giving into political correctness. Political correctness is going to get us all killed. Personally, if you are Muslim and I was the pilot I wouldn’t let you on period. And with the women suicide bombers and them strapping bombs to their children, I would be more terrified of a “family” of Muslims than just an individual one.

It is time we stop pandering to this sick religion of Islam and their adherents, and start treating them like the enemy they have proven themselves to be. That is the way they treat us after all.

$240,000 T-Shirt -Full story

Americans Held Hostage in Mumbai

mumbai-pics1I want to start this by saying my prayers are going out for all those involved in this hostage crisis situation. So far between 100-125 people are dead. Who was targeted for these fanatical Islamofascists? Westerners. One report has no American casualties but another has two Americans missing. So it seems ol’ Joe was right, it was just his timing that was off. It wasn’t six months into the Obama presidency but 22 days. But I thought the world was going to see America as some kind of benevolent, enlightened nation for electing a radical Muslim (oops I mean “Christian.” Yeah right and I am a rocket scientist) to the office of President.

Why do we continue to iisten to these whackjob liberals? They never get anything right. There is a reason we are the Right and they’re not! Believe it or not, I am not blaming Obama for this-I had already wrote in my essay, “The Honeymoon is Over” that jihadists were not friends of Obama and celebrating his victory. But I am blaming liberals, because though this happened in India and not in the United States the liberal media tried to paint a picture of the world rejoicing at Obama’s election. Kenya declared a national holiday or so the rumor went. Still don’t know if that was true or not. But now, all the world would now be at peace because we elected the new Messiah. Of course, people with half a brain like me and the rest of Middle America knew that was utter hogwash.obama3

So now another 125 people are dead because the liberals don’t want to hurt the feelings of these insane fanatics. How many people have to die before they start taking this Islam threat seriously? I don’t care how intolerant this sounds-people are continuously being slaughtered and liberals can care less. We need to deal with these people and not by sitting down and having tea with them and having a nice chat. And don’t sit there and tell me that I am a minority religion so I should have more tolerance for them 1) There are over 13 million people who are Mormon worldwide that is hardly a minority religion. We are the fastest growing religion on the planet! 2) There are still far more than 13 million Muslims worldwide so they are hardly a minority either 3) When Mormons start beheading people on the internet and crashing planes into buildings, then you can compare my religion with theirs! Until don’t begin to insult my religion by comparing mine to these murderers!

I hope Obama now realizes that peaceful dialogue is not an option with people like these and no matter what we do in America, we are always going to be targets. That these are not a freedom loving people and we need to stop treating them like they are. It is time to take the blinders off because if we don’t it will literally be the death of us. Not that the liberals would mind, but of course, the cowardice of the liberal ideology means they would be the first ones dead anyway. For all those suffering now, you are in my prayers. May God be with you in this time of need.