And A Child Shall Lead Them

This young woman is only twelve. She did this report after being told she would not be able to deliver it in the classroom due to its “controversial” nature (How much you want to bet if she had been pro-abortion it wouldn’t have been “controversial?”)  Yet this twelve year old girl was able to deliver a powerful message about abortion. I have been researching abortion for five years now.  It took me years to come up with all the knowledge I know and only twelve years and five minutes for this girl to tell it. She is my new hero! You go girl!

Oh by the way, she did end up doing her speech in front of her class. Not only that she won the speech contest!


4 thoughts on “And A Child Shall Lead Them

  1. Tell me about it. It is sad when children are wiser than their parents. Bless this generation, the one who knows the evils of abortion and stands up to defend the voiceless. There will come a day when those who supported it will be looked upon with shame and scorn. And some young child in the future will be heard to utter, “Geez, what was wrong with the people back then? Why did they pick on babies?”

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