Black Pastors Ask Burris to Resign

blago-and-burrisThe Associated Press received a story saying that some Black pastors from Chicago are getting together to ask Roland Burris to resign his seat.  Those of you who are not Black and/or don’t know much abouth Black community know this:  When the Black pastors stop supporting you, you are done for.  Nothing much gets done in the Black community without the help of the church.  On an average, more Blacks then Whites attend church on a weekly basis and therefore the church has more importance in their lives.

You have to look no further than Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to see the significant influence being a “pastor” is.  Whether or not you like them, they shape the opinion of many Black people out there.  Some of us are waking up to the huckseters they are,  but there is still a large crowd who believe anything they say because they are “men of God.”  Though I don’t think either one has talked to Elohim in a long time.

The Toledo Blade said that the pastors originally chose Burris for that seat because he was scandal-free.  Well then the pastors shouldn’t have pushed him to take the seat from someone who was so connected with scandal at the time.  These pastors if they really care about integrity should have advised him,  “Don’t accept it.  Not until this Blago nightmare is over and someone else can seat you. ” That would’ve been the wise and ethical thing to do.  Now they are finding out that Burris did have contact with Blago’s brother in regards to fundraising for  Blago’s campaign and in return he would be offered the seat.  Well what did you expect? He was willing to go to court to fight over a tainted Senate seat! Did you really think he was a moral man who just wanted to do the right thing?

The sad part even if Roland Burris led an exemplary life up to this point, this is what he will be remembered for. Is this the legacy he really wants to leave as he departs this world? And though the pastors haven’t met with Burris yet, you can bet that once they do, Burris can fight to retain that seat all he wants to, it will be futile. He pissed off the Black pastors-may God and the Chicago pastors have mercy on his soul.


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