The Real Meaning of OBAMA

obama12GOPUSA is selling these bumper stickers and since I don’t have a car I decided I would do it this way.  If you want to order this bumper sticker or others like it go here:Bumper stickers


6 thoughts on “The Real Meaning of OBAMA

  1. I suppose your a patriotic American, and you’re probably one of those geniuses that called me unpatriotic for saying that Bush was a liar…

  2. Well I am patriotic and I am a genius, so thank you for recognizing those two simple facts. As for Bush, I never drank the Kool Aid with him like you people have with Obama. I never thought he was perfect but I don’t believe he lied either. Unlike Obama where every word he utters is a lie! The man has lied about everything from where he was born to being a Christian and everything in between. The man wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face. So while I saw the faults in Bush (like his immigration policies, for one) the Obama crowd refuses to see him as anything less than Jesus Christ himself and that is disgusting (not to mention blasphemy!).

  3. “You people” would be the Left and everyone who despises God, country, children and everything worthwhile in life. “You people” are the ones who fall for soundbites and don’t care what kind of man Obama is even when pointed out. “You people” are the Hollywood Elite who think they have principles, when in fact, they have none! If you are any of those people then you are “you people.”

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