Laura Travnitz-August 1, 2010

Laura is my sister and Adonai’s aunt.
and this they did covenanting with God, that rather than shed the blood of their brethren they would give up their own lives and rather than take away from a brother, they would give unto him. Alma 24:18

Laura is my hero because she is the first person I ever loved. When I was adopted at nine months old she immediately became my surrogate mother. No one could hold me but her. No one could feed me but her. No one could change me but her. Sh…e was my world and I loved this little nine year old girl completely. I must’ve thought she was an angel. And I wanted to be in the arms of an angel.
Forty years later she is still my angel. When I had cancer she was there the entire time. My ex husband (then boyfriend) told me she cried as I underwent surgery. The others did not but my angel did. When I was pregnant she was my Lamaze coach. When I had my son she was in the room with me. She has helped take care of him and helped raise him for the past six years. I know I can always count on my sister. Her heart is full of love, grace and compasssion. Not only is she beautiful inside, I stand in awe of her outward beauty as well. At nearly fifty she is more stunning and more youthful than girls of twenty. She is always the most striking woman in any room.
She has a light about her that you just want to be near. When she left for college when I was nine I thought my world had ended. I ran down the street crying and telling her to come back and not go. I will always be amazed by my sister. God bless her.

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