Michael Steele 1st Black RNC National Chairman

Michael Steele has been named the first Black to be named a national RNC Chairman.   While I think  it is great that Michael has been elected for this position, I still don’t know enough about him to really endorse his candidacy.  Is  he pro-life? For me, there is really no question I need answered beyond that.  But to be pro life means you can’t be for killing children in certain instances.   For often you get the rape/incest argument to aborting a child. Like somehow it is the child’s fault that his father is a whackjob rapist.  You can’ t be for killing the life of a child to “save the mother’s life.” Which is nothing but a smokescreen anyway. As a doctor you try to save both lives, if the child should die during your attempt to save both, that is a tragedy. But you don’t deliberately take its life because it is easier for you to do so. Basically, to call yourself pro-life you have to stand for life with no exceptions.  Anything else is Pro-choice Lite.

Next thing that is of vital importance is illegal immigration. Where does he stand on amnesty?  To me, amnesty is an insult to every immigrant that followed the rules and entered this country legally. It says if you break the law long enough, you will eventually be rewarded. Now I am no Girl Scout and back in the day I found myself on the wrong side of the law, but I never got rewarded for it. And I am certainly not going to justify my behavior by trying to make it seem noble or good.  I was wrong then and these people are wrong now.

I wonder about Michael’s positions because Yahoo said he was the most moderate of all conservatives. And there is nothing more dangerous than a moderate.  Moderates are not peacemakers as they like to think they are, they are cowards.  They are opportunists whose own opinions are based on polls and not on convictions and therefore will only stand what is right as long as it is fashionable to do so.  Heck, if enough voters  starting telling Obama abortion and gay marriage were immoral and wrong,  he would be the most conservative president we have ever  had, just because it would behoove him to be so.   So I am really hoping  Yahoo is wrong and that Michael is not a moderate.

So until I know more, I will simply say, “Congratulations Michael.  Let’s lead this country back to the values it was founded on.  God bless you and may your leadership help Blacks return to the party that once freed us from slavery. May it now free us from the scourge of socialism which threatens our very liberty.  And one more thing Michael to keep in mind. We are the party of the mighty and majestic elephant, that means we never forget. LOL. So Good luck. “

The Extinction of Humanity

I have been talking about the lie of overpopulation for at least five years now. Ever since the birth of my son and since my political writing has taken off. This video substantiates everything I have been talking about

At the end of the preview the man says, “There is not much quibble, there is not much controversy among people in the know. ” Now you are in the know.   Watch the film then go to:

http://www.cfourstrategies.com/demowinterf.html and order the video.   I am sure the experts say it much better than I.

Coach Gets Fired for Winning Game!

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This has to be the most stupidest thing I have heard in a long time and it is  exactly what is wrong with this country today.  We want everyone to be a winner! Well guess what not everyone is a winner! There are losers too! Get over it. It is called life.

The story goes like this a girls basketball team in Texas called Covenant School cleaned the clock of the other team,  Dallas Academy.  They won 100-0! They didn’t cheat, they didn’t  constantly foul the opposition or play unfairly in any way. They were simply the better team but because the other team has girls with learning disabilities they were supposed to go easy on them! Don’t give me that-the other team sucked plain and simple and learning disabilities has nothing to do with it!  People in wheelchairs play basketball better than these girls! If this was the NBA or even the WNBA would people be calling for an apology? NO! And you are going to tell me not one person in either of those leagues has learning disabilities! Give me a break! It is absolutely dispicable that the coach, Micah Grimes would be fired because he refused to apologize for winning the game! He should be praised for having such an awesome team and I am going to write these numbskulls on his behalf and let them know they are the ones acting un-Christlike and it is absolutely appalling this should even be an issue.  I hope this coach goes to a better school that actually appreciates excellence. He deserves it.

What upsets me even more than the unjust firing and criticism is that they are trying to use Christ to make these girls feel bad for winning! Well their behavior was “un-Christlike.” parents are saying.  What? What Bible are you reading because I have yet to read anywhere where Christ says, “Thou must let other people win and you must lose!”  First of all,  MY CHRIST does not promote mediocrity! He expects greatness from his believers and nothing less will do.  Not only does he expect it, he willingly bestows it! And what makes  you think he wasn’t cheering his girls on to victory?  He wasn’t disappointed with those girls! He is very disappointed with the parents! Christ was probably saying about the winning team “Look at those girls play! They are extraordinary! I don’t think I have ever seen such amazing players.  They do me proud!”  For the losing team he was probably saying, “Wow, they really do have some heart don’t they? Here they are getting slaughtered but they don’t give up.  They do me proud.”  Christ was proud of both teams.

At the heart of this is sexism. If this had been a boy’s team do you think they would be asked to apologize? NO  WAY!!!!! But girls are not supposed to be competitive.  The girls were mean.  No, they weren’t, they played the game and they won! If the other team lost (and by the way, they have never won a game!) then they should practice harder, they should learn the fundamentals, they shouldn’t expect people to hand them points! That is un-Christlike, that is called cheating when you deliberately let someone win! It is called putting the fix in, rigging the game and in the pros you can go to jail for that! Is that what they want? For their daughters to cheat?

When I play games with my son, I never let him win.  I play to win.  However, he has won plenty of times in various games, but the victory is real! He won because he was better and I truly lost. I try to teach him strategy and how to think one step ahead but I have never handed him the game.  Does he get upset when he loses? Yes, so what! He has to learn losing is a part of life and as long as you continue to give it your best shot that is all that matters. I am not raising some little wimp who can’t handle life’s rejections! I rather him have a temper tantrum at 5 because he doesn’t get his own way then at 55!

One parent complained that the closer the girls got to getting 100 points the more the crowd cheered! Yeah, that is what they are supposed to do! Their children were playing great and they were supporting them, you might want to learn about that instead of berating the winners! They also complained that the girls kept making three points shots! Again, they were doing what they were supposed to do! This whole thing makes me sick! I can’t stand this attitude that winning is not important and that we shouldn’t encourage it.  It is for this reason we are failing as a nation! Winning is important, just ask Christ! Because if Christ doesn’t think winning is important come Armageddon, we are all in trouble! You better hope he crushes the opposition or we are all doomed to hell my friends!  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

For full article go here:

Coach fired after refusing to apologize for winning game

Follow the Prophet

My friend and fellow blogger put this speech by Ezra Taft Benson on his site.  His blog is:http://www.awakeandarise.org Please take the time to peruse his website. It is definitely more Mormon oriented than mine but it is full of good resources.


For your own information, Ezra Taft Benson was the prophet of our benson_bw_olderchurch from 1985 to 1994.  Remember he was the Prophet during our country’s most conservative period.  Reagan and Bush Sr. were the presidents for most of that period. There was a period of Glasnost when Gorbachev had rejected communism. The Berlin Wall came down, so by most accounts liberty seemed to be widespread. Yet in this address, he talks about the Constitution being in trouble, the threat of socialism and communism.  The need to speak out against wicked leaders.  He talked about how this country would move to the Left. So if America at the time was at one of its most prosperous times and communism seemed to be a thing of the past, how did he know what was to come? Hmmmm maybe he was….. I don’t know…..A PROPHET OF GOD!!!!

I have a new favorite prophet-Ezra Taft Benson rocks!

Constitution for the New Deal

constitutionI got this in an email from a really good friend of mine and it felt it was very appropriate at this time to put up. It is not my writing, instead this comes from the genius of  H. L. Mencken.  Though this first appeared in 1937, it so accurately describes what we are facing today in 2009.  Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.  And so here we go again.

THIS SATIRICAL PIECE FIRST APPEARED IN The American Mercury,, 41 (June 1937), 129-36, and was reprinted in condensed form by The Reader’s Digest, 31 (July 1937), 27-29. In order to indicate what reached the widest audience, the condensed version appears here.

The principal cause of the uproar in Washington is a conflict between the swift- moving idealism of the New Deal and the unyielding hunkerousness of the Constitution of 1788. What is needed, obviously, is a wholly new Constitution, drawn up with enough boldness and imagination to cover the whole program of the More Abundant Life, now and hereafter. That is what I presume to offer here. The Constitution that follows is not my invention, and in more than. one detail I have unhappy doubts of its wisdom. But I believe that it sets forth with reasonable accuracy the plan of government that the More Abundant Life wizards have sought to substitute for the plan of the Fathers. They have themselves argued at one time or another, by word or deed, for everything contained herein:


We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish social justice, draw the fangs of privilege, effect the redistribution of property, remove the burden of liberty from ourselves and our posterity, and insure the continuance of the New Deal, do ordain and establish this Constitution.


The Executive All governmental power of whatever sort shall be vested in a President of the United States. He shall hold office during a series of terms of four years each, and shall take the following oath: “I do solemnly swear that I will (in so far as I deem it feasible and convenient) faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will (to the best of my recollection and in the light of experiment and second thought) carry out the pledges made by me during my campaign for election (or such of them as I may select).” The President shall be commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy, and of the militia, Boy Scouts, C.I.O., People’s Front, and other armed forces of the nation. The President shall have the power: To lay and collect taxes, and to expend the income of the United States in such manner as he may deem to be to their or his advantage; To borrow money on the credit of the United States, and to provide for its repayment on such terms as he may fix; To regulate all commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and within them; to license all persons engaged or proposing to engage in business; to regulate their affairs; to limit their profits by proclamation from time to time; and to fix wages, prices and hours of work; To coin money, regulate the content and value thereof, and of foreign coin, and to amend or repudiate any contract requiring the payment by the United States, or by any private person, of coin of a given weight or fineness; To repeal or amend, in his discretion, any so-called natural law, including Gresham’s law, the law of diminishing returns, and the law of gravitation. The President shall be assisted by a Cabinet of eight or more persons, whose duties shall be to make speeches whenever so instructed and to expend the public funds in such manner as to guarantee the President’s continuance in office. The President may establish such executive agencies as he deems necessary, and clothe them with such powers as he sees fit. No person shall be a member to any such bureau who has had any practical experience of the matters he is appointed to deal with. One of the members of the Cabinet shall be an Attorney General. It shall be his duty to provide legal opinions certifying to the constitutionality of all measures undertaken by the President, and to gather evidence of the senility of judges.


The Legislature The legislature of the United States shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Every bill shall be prepared under the direction of the President, and transmitted to the two Houses at his order by their presiding officers. No member shall propose any amendment to a bill without permission in writing from the President or one of his authorized agents. In case any member shall doubt the wisdom of a bill he may apply to the President for light upon it, and thereafter he shall be counted as voting aye. In all cases a majority of members shall be counted as voting aye. Both Houses may appoint special committees to investigate the business practices, political views, and private lives of any persons known to be inimical to the President; and such committees shall publish at public cost any evidence discovered that appears to be damaging to the persons investigated. Members of both Houses shall be agents of the President in the distribution of public offices, federal appropriations, and other gratuities in their several states, and shall be rewarded in ratio to their fidelity to his ideals and commands.


The Judiciary The judges of the Supreme Court and of all inferior courts shall be appointed by the President, and shall hold their offices until he determines by proclamation that they have become senile. The number of judges appointed to the Supreme Court shall be prescribed by the President, and may be changed at his discretion. All decisions of the Supreme Court shall be unanimous. The jurisdiction and powers of all courts shall he determined by the President. No act that he has approved shall be declared unconstitutional by any court.


Bill of Rights There shall be complete freedom of speech and of the press – subject to such regulations as the President or his agents may from time to time promulgate. The freedom of communication by radio shall not be abridged; but the President and such persons as he may designate shall have the first call on the time of all stations. In disputes between capital and labor, all the arbitrators shall be representatives of labor. Every person whose annual income fans below a minimum to be fixed by the President shall receive from the public funds an amount sufficient to bring it up to that minimum. No labor union shall be incorporated and no officer or member thereof shall be accountable for loss of life or damage to person or property during a strike. All powers not delegated herein to the President are reserved to him, to be used at his discretion.

Obama Reverses the Mexico City Policy

obama-signing-executive-ordersObama is at it again. He is determined to be the  most controversial and radical president we have ever had.  He talks about reducing abortions and then makes sure they will go up by reversing the policy which says taxpayer money will not spend procuring abortions for foreign countries.  What gets me most about this is cowardly men like Obama who use abortion as a women’s empowerment issue when really it is about men abdicating their responsiblities to take care of women and children. It is about men’s sexual freedom, not women’s.  And the feminists that promote as such are so dense, so caught up in their own immoral and reckless behavior that they cannot see the danger they have placed women in.

By Obama reversing the decision he has confirmed he cares more about  pleasing Planned Parenthood then he does about women and the damage they suffer at the hands of these greedy and unethical abortionists.  Obama is already going down in history as the most dangerous and reckless president we stupidly elected.  He shuts down Gitmo without any thought of what will become of these terrorists and the harm that will be done to the American people should they ever escape.  Never mind just among regular prisoners there have been times when they have orchestrated crimes  on the outside within their jail cells.  But somehow that is not going to happen with these terrorists-yeah right! Now this, Obama is just determined to get as many people as he can killed during his tenure in office. Starting with the unborn.

Obama has shown his arrogance all through the campaign and now as President as he goes about signing orders that place women in Third World countries in danger from notoriously coercive and sadistic “family planning authorities.”  Women in these countries DON’T want abortion but are often forced to undergo it by these Western elitists who think they are not capable of being good mothers because of their poverty, skin color or other equally bigoted mindset.  When the tsunami hit Indonesia, people like Planned Parenthood went over there not to help those who had been affected by this tragic natural event.  Instead they offered them birth control devices and abortion. These people were trying to save the lives of their family and instead of offering them food, blankets or shelter, they offered to kill their unborn children.  Trust me, if  I had been in those women’s shoes and they offered me an abortion instead of food or shelter I would’ve punched them right in the face, spit on them and would’ve called them Satan’s minion and gone about my way.

But Obama finds nothing wrong with this kind of blatant disregard of human beings.  For he is just as cruel as those who promote abortion to those in underdeveloped countries.  Even more so because most of those people are people “of color” (I hate that term everyone is a person of color unless you are transparent!) and instead of helping his own people he seeks to destroy them. He is the ultimate Uncle Tom!

I think Christians need to raise up and help those in those countries stay away from these monsters! Set up their own clinics that promote life, Christianity and help establish Zion on this planet! If we gave them real help, when the UNFPA came around, they would simply tell them what they could do with their help and the UNFPA would have to go away! Like Dr. King before me, I too have a dream. I have a dream that one day abortion will be eliminated from not only my nation but the world. That pro-choicers wil be looked upon with contempt and disdain and we say their name with the same revulsion we speak of prostitution, slavery and other human rights abuses! I have a dream that every child will be born and will have the right to choose their own destiny and not the one liberals try to force them into! I have a dream that a revolution will come and that all the good people of the world will band together and overthrow the evil, wicked people who want to destroy humanity! I have a dream that my son’s right to life will be firmly established and no one will have the authority to take it away ever!

God bless the people who will continue to fight Obama and his evil regime!