Homosexual Bishop to Speak at Obama’s Inauguration

Rick Warren is praising Obama for having Gene Robinson, an openly gay bishop, speak at Obama’s inauguration. Neither of these men are Christian. Especially Gene Robinson who recently stated he will not use the Bible when praying, and states “I will be careful not to be especially Christian in my prayer.”

Well he won’t have to worry when faced before Christ himself on Judgment Day, Christ won’t be “especially Christian” in denying him before Elohim! More than his blatant refusal to give up homosexuality for Jesus Christ is his blatant refusal to even acknowledge our Lord and Saviour on that day is simply inexcusable.

He won’t be “too Christian in his prayer?!” I find the whole premise to be highly insulting as someone who would never consider being “too Christian” something to hide or be ashamed of. How dare he be a bishop when he is ashamed of our Lord and Saviour! If I could I would sing Christ’s praises twenty four hours a day! The man has done so much to change me and my life that I will not allow him to be demeaned by such men! I think Bishop Robinson is absolutely despicable.  Anyone who claims to love Christ and then so rudely and defiantly slaps him in the face as Robinson has is beyond contempt in my book and for Rick Warren to praise Obama for inviting this man to the inauguration is also a  man of little character and/or faith.


One thought on “Homosexual Bishop to Speak at Obama’s Inauguration

  1. It happened Sunday night during a pre-inauguration event. I remember reading something about this on the Get Religion blog where they referenced an article about how his prayer was not broadcast on HBO. The implication was that it might have been censorship. However the Obama campaign stated that is was a pre-event, which I suppose would not be broadcast. Another under the bus decision if you ask me. People pleasers do not please God.

    We need God BAD.

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