Will You Watch?

With Obama’s inaugration right around the corner, we here at Blacknright want to know if you will watch! I know I won’t. I will be too busy gouging my eyes out with a melon baller.  What about you?


10 thoughts on “Will You Watch?

  1. I don’t know if I will watch it. I rarely watch them. The only one I remember watching is when Clinton was elected in 1992. I wanted to make sure a real Christian prayed over our country. I’m leaning toward not watching since it is not my normal practice, not necessarily because I am concerned about who the nation voted in as our next president. I know if I do watch any of it I will NOT watch Gene Robinson if they air his portion of the inauguration activities. I think that will be on Sunday night.

    I rarely watch TV these days for the most part. I may check things online for news. Here lately I have not done too much of that unless someone mentions something that I want to get more details about. I can pretty much tell you what the reporting will be. Black Moses will save the day. Those that do not believe he is the deliverer are the worse scum alive, probably sub-human in nature.

    At least it appears that on some things he in beginning to backtrack. If that is the case I am truly grateful. I never thought that I would want a politician to be lying but in the case of Obama I sincerely hope he was lying through his teeth.

  2. I hear you. I rarely watch these things either. And I am certainly not going to start now with the Supreme Socialist. But I will be praying heavily myself. Our country is going to need it.

  3. We have a prayer group at church that prays every Saturday morning for our nation, especially the governmental officials in Washington DC. The main prayer is for His wisdom and counsel and a change of heart.

  4. Nope no need to watch. The News and Papers will have everything plastered all over our TV’s and Newspapers.

    There are much better things to do. Only reason I watched the Clinton one in 92′ was b/c our teachers had it on…

    God Bless,

  5. Why miss it? Because I have better things to do with my time than watch someone steal the presidency! The man shouldn’t even be President. He is a liar, a fraud and a thug.

  6. “blacknright
    January 20th, 2009 at 11:29 pm
    Why miss it? Because I have better things to do with my time than watch someone steal the presidency! The man shouldn’t even be President. He is a liar, a fraud and a thug.


  7. It is not about letting the people vote. It is about following the Constitution which says foreign born people cannot be President and Obama’s refusal to provide an authentic birth certificate to certify he is eligible. The same man who has sworn to uphold the Constitution considers it a flawed document, that scares me. It is about a man who travels in some very shady circles and the media cover-up regarding Obama. The people who voted for McCain did so because of his policies, his record and his principles. The people who voted for Obama know nothing about the man and did so just on his flowery words and nothing more. The man said he would use public financing for his campaign reneged on his promise and raised the most money out of any Presidential campaign in our history and even took money from illegal sources. Next, he is spending 165 million dollars on his inauguration when the nation is hurting financially, that is irresponsible and shows lack of concern for the American people. For all these reasons and more I am not watching.

  8. I ended up watching just the swearing in and when the helicopter took Pres. Bush and Laura away. My curiosity got the best of me. I did not get up until 15 minutes before it all began.

    I can say the speech was not very flowery. Had it been I would have stopped watching. I do not remember much of it because I got mad when he thanked Pres. Bush for his service to our country. He lied to the nation with that statement. This was like the 3rd or 4th statement into the speech. The rest of it mainly restated his policies that I totally disagree with.

    I believe with enough prayer things can change.

  9. To: BNRight


    Cs use Obama
    Certificate of Live Birth*
    to say

    I was born in Louisana in 1931
    I got out MY “Birth Certificate
    It has
    Certificate of Birth.

    WHAT does YOUR have on it?

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