Coach Gets Fired for Winning Game!

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This has to be the most stupidest thing I have heard in a long time and it is  exactly what is wrong with this country today.  We want everyone to be a winner! Well guess what not everyone is a winner! There are losers too! Get over it. It is called life.

The story goes like this a girls basketball team in Texas called Covenant School cleaned the clock of the other team,  Dallas Academy.  They won 100-0! They didn’t cheat, they didn’t  constantly foul the opposition or play unfairly in any way. They were simply the better team but because the other team has girls with learning disabilities they were supposed to go easy on them! Don’t give me that-the other team sucked plain and simple and learning disabilities has nothing to do with it!  People in wheelchairs play basketball better than these girls! If this was the NBA or even the WNBA would people be calling for an apology? NO! And you are going to tell me not one person in either of those leagues has learning disabilities! Give me a break! It is absolutely dispicable that the coach, Micah Grimes would be fired because he refused to apologize for winning the game! He should be praised for having such an awesome team and I am going to write these numbskulls on his behalf and let them know they are the ones acting un-Christlike and it is absolutely appalling this should even be an issue.  I hope this coach goes to a better school that actually appreciates excellence. He deserves it.

What upsets me even more than the unjust firing and criticism is that they are trying to use Christ to make these girls feel bad for winning! Well their behavior was “un-Christlike.” parents are saying.  What? What Bible are you reading because I have yet to read anywhere where Christ says, “Thou must let other people win and you must lose!”  First of all,  MY CHRIST does not promote mediocrity! He expects greatness from his believers and nothing less will do.  Not only does he expect it, he willingly bestows it! And what makes  you think he wasn’t cheering his girls on to victory?  He wasn’t disappointed with those girls! He is very disappointed with the parents! Christ was probably saying about the winning team “Look at those girls play! They are extraordinary! I don’t think I have ever seen such amazing players.  They do me proud!”  For the losing team he was probably saying, “Wow, they really do have some heart don’t they? Here they are getting slaughtered but they don’t give up.  They do me proud.”  Christ was proud of both teams.

At the heart of this is sexism. If this had been a boy’s team do you think they would be asked to apologize? NO  WAY!!!!! But girls are not supposed to be competitive.  The girls were mean.  No, they weren’t, they played the game and they won! If the other team lost (and by the way, they have never won a game!) then they should practice harder, they should learn the fundamentals, they shouldn’t expect people to hand them points! That is un-Christlike, that is called cheating when you deliberately let someone win! It is called putting the fix in, rigging the game and in the pros you can go to jail for that! Is that what they want? For their daughters to cheat?

When I play games with my son, I never let him win.  I play to win.  However, he has won plenty of times in various games, but the victory is real! He won because he was better and I truly lost. I try to teach him strategy and how to think one step ahead but I have never handed him the game.  Does he get upset when he loses? Yes, so what! He has to learn losing is a part of life and as long as you continue to give it your best shot that is all that matters. I am not raising some little wimp who can’t handle life’s rejections! I rather him have a temper tantrum at 5 because he doesn’t get his own way then at 55!

One parent complained that the closer the girls got to getting 100 points the more the crowd cheered! Yeah, that is what they are supposed to do! Their children were playing great and they were supporting them, you might want to learn about that instead of berating the winners! They also complained that the girls kept making three points shots! Again, they were doing what they were supposed to do! This whole thing makes me sick! I can’t stand this attitude that winning is not important and that we shouldn’t encourage it.  It is for this reason we are failing as a nation! Winning is important, just ask Christ! Because if Christ doesn’t think winning is important come Armageddon, we are all in trouble! You better hope he crushes the opposition or we are all doomed to hell my friends!  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

For full article go here:

Coach fired after refusing to apologize for winning game


10 thoughts on “Coach Gets Fired for Winning Game!

  1. Sounds like you and Grimes should start a team. Your both way out there. Sorry to say, you miss the whole point. It’s not about firing a coach for winning, it’s how the coach won. Winning a basketball game 100 – 0 should not happen. You probably never played a sport in your life, or you have no clue of the word sportsmanship……you simply don’t get it. So sad.

  2. I was on a girl’s basketball team in high school and we didn’t suck! It is not about sportsmanship! Did they rub it in their face or mock them? Did they behave badly in anyway? NO! And guess what we had girls with all sorts of emotional issues and we were still able to score a frickin’ point! Did the coach cheat? No, so your unsportsmanship remark does not hold water. They were up 59-0 by halftime if the other school wanted to they could’ve called it quits at that time, they didn’t!

    I also played Little League, never got on base once but I didn’t blame it on the other team. I just sucked at baseball. I didn’t say they were being un-Christlike because I was a sucky ball player. It is not about being a good sportsman, it is about doing your best, something you obviously don’t get. So sad!

  3. It’s always interesting to me that those who believe Micah Grimes was well within his rights to run the score up on a team, focus on the point that “the girls on Covenant School did nothing wrong.” I agree that the girls on both teams did nothing wrong. They both played with honor and dignity and their God sure musta been proud. But, had coach Grimes done this in NBA, WNBA, NFL (to take from your example) he would have had a ball shoved up his ear. Counter to your statement, professional teams often show dignity and honor by running out the clock without scoring or slowing the game down, taking a knee or backing off of pressure when the game is in hand. Are they handing their opponent the game? NO. They are in it to win. Are they rubbing in their face? NO. They have accomplished their goal of winning so there’s no need to continue hammering away. But that decision is almost always a COACH’s DECISION. And this has nothing to do with Christ not accepting mediocrity. I don’t remember Christ saying to the lame, “Hey what the hell’s wrong with you, wimp. Get up and walk and while you’re at it never lose a race or you’ll not be in my kingdom.”
    I agree that winning is important. If you are playing a game where a score is kept then play it to win. Both basketball teams did this with great elan. But Christ’s message in the New Testament was not just about beating the foe, but love, honor and compassion. Coach Grimes should none of this.

  4. Hey what the hell’s wrong with you, wimp. Get up and walk and while you’re at it never lose a race or you’ll not be in my kingdom.”

    That is not what I said! I said he expects the best of us, to try our hardest and he will take us the rest of the way especially when we fall flat on our face. ‘

    But Christ’s message in the New Testament was not just about beating the foe, but love, honor and compassion. Coach Grimes should none of this.

    I am sorry is the coach marrying the opposing girls team? Why aren’t you mad at the losing team’s coach for not stopping it? That coach could’ve said, enough is enough, let’s go! But that coach didn’t! The girls kept on playing! Why? Probably because that’s coach’s ego! Not wanting to walk away with a zero! That coach is just as much at fault, probably more so! Dallas’ coach could’ve stopped it at half time but decided it would be better to let the girls continued to get trounced!

    In closing you are right, this probably wouldn’t happen in the NBA because the athletes are not so sorry that they can’t make a single shot! These girls don’t need to be playing anyone. What they need to do is learn how to play the game, learn the fundamentals and practice more. It wasn’t like these were normal girls vs. Down Syndrome girls. (Of course, girls with Down Syndrome still would’ve beaten them.) So they don’t deserve any more extra care than the next opponent.

  5. Blacknright…wow…I read what you wrote about Obama on Rites of Patches, you have it so wrong. I respect you for voicing your opinions, but you actually believe Jesus would be cheering for a team that pounded another team in the ground 100-0? You do realize that had they let up at 20-0 that still would have been considered a lopsided win? So I ask you about a compassionate, loving Jesus…would he really have been so competitive as to be angry with a coach who had the dignity to let his team finish the game even though they were getting destroyed? Psychologically, your statements point to some type of sociopath. I am glad I do not know you in person.

  6. First of all, you didn’t read my whole article because I said Jesus was proud of both teams. Next, Jesus looks at the heart, so unless you can prove the winning team was acting maliciously in any way I am not going to condemn for their athletic prowess! The girls hadn’t done anything wrong, on either side. One was just better than the other. Maybe the losing team is better at something else, but it is definitely not basketball. Next, you are the ones so hung up on the score. Not me, it is not about how many baskets were scored. My point is these girls did an excellent job and played well and shouldn’t be apologizing for winning. As for the sociopath remark, do you even know what one is or do you feel superior throwing around psychological terms? I bet your a first year psych major, got a little knowledge of Freud, Jung and a couple of chapters about the id, ego and super ego and bam you got me figured out right!

    I know you think I am a sociopath because I don’t cry over something as stupid as a basketball game. I save my tears for unborn children being murdered in the womb. I save my tears for 15 year old girls who hang themselves because they had an abortion (or so they thought, never mind she was never really pregnant to begin with.) I save my tears for the slain soldiers protecting our freedom overseas. I cried when Nick Berg was beheaded on the internet. But I will admit I am glad I don’t know you in real life either because if you are some whiny liberal who thinks no one should ever have to face disappointment in their life. That everything should be easy and handed to you, then you are not the kind of person I want to know. I save my compassion for real people suffering real problems. For the homeless, babies with AIDS, victims of drunk drivers. People who need some real compassion. What you are doing is not compassion, it is enabling, you’re a psych major-learn the difference. LOL

  7. Glad to see hat you have a sense of humor. Now go out and help someone who really needs it and don’t worry about something as trivial as a basketball game. God bless you.

  8. Wow Dena! I hear you loud and clear…..I only know of this story what i’ve read here and wowser are you getting the heat! I KNOW you aint no psycho or anything of that kind, labels are just so easy offered out to prevent any inelligent back up points!! ;)

    Well i’m with you on this story, like many of you rposts though i am still lost for words. I do enjoy your take on things, i always leave here with a lot to think about….even when its 3am and i need to get up at 8am….my brain still thinks!! darn it woman!! :)

    Anyway….hope your blood pressure has lowered…and for a tiem there i was so glad i wasnt in arms reach of you…i think even i’d have gotten a bashing with what that person up top said!! LMAO

    Hugs to you and your son, i hope all is wonderful in your days :)

    Debs xx

  9. Hey Debs, thanks for your support and don’t worry I would never hurt another Relief Society sister. LOL. We have got to stick together. I will admit I was quite surprised by this whole “controversy.” More so, I was surprised by the sheer backlash I received simply because I think people who do an excellent job at what they do shouldn’t apologize for it. Unless you are a top notch abortionist-no one should take pride in being excellent at that! But to make these girls feel bad for simply winning a game I think is atrocious.

    Love to you and your family as well. Take care.


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