Michael Steele 1st Black RNC National Chairman

Michael Steele has been named the first Black to be named a national RNC Chairman.   While I think  it is great that Michael has been elected for this position, I still don’t know enough about him to really endorse his candidacy.  Is  he pro-life? For me, there is really no question I need answered beyond that.  But to be pro life means you can’t be for killing children in certain instances.   For often you get the rape/incest argument to aborting a child. Like somehow it is the child’s fault that his father is a whackjob rapist.  You can’ t be for killing the life of a child to “save the mother’s life.” Which is nothing but a smokescreen anyway. As a doctor you try to save both lives, if the child should die during your attempt to save both, that is a tragedy. But you don’t deliberately take its life because it is easier for you to do so. Basically, to call yourself pro-life you have to stand for life with no exceptions.  Anything else is Pro-choice Lite.

Next thing that is of vital importance is illegal immigration. Where does he stand on amnesty?  To me, amnesty is an insult to every immigrant that followed the rules and entered this country legally. It says if you break the law long enough, you will eventually be rewarded. Now I am no Girl Scout and back in the day I found myself on the wrong side of the law, but I never got rewarded for it. And I am certainly not going to justify my behavior by trying to make it seem noble or good.  I was wrong then and these people are wrong now.

I wonder about Michael’s positions because Yahoo said he was the most moderate of all conservatives. And there is nothing more dangerous than a moderate.  Moderates are not peacemakers as they like to think they are, they are cowards.  They are opportunists whose own opinions are based on polls and not on convictions and therefore will only stand what is right as long as it is fashionable to do so.  Heck, if enough voters  starting telling Obama abortion and gay marriage were immoral and wrong,  he would be the most conservative president we have ever  had, just because it would behoove him to be so.   So I am really hoping  Yahoo is wrong and that Michael is not a moderate.

So until I know more, I will simply say, “Congratulations Michael.  Let’s lead this country back to the values it was founded on.  God bless you and may your leadership help Blacks return to the party that once freed us from slavery. May it now free us from the scourge of socialism which threatens our very liberty.  And one more thing Michael to keep in mind. We are the party of the mighty and majestic elephant, that means we never forget. LOL. So Good luck. “


17 thoughts on “Michael Steele 1st Black RNC National Chairman

  1. i think it wlll be interesting to see how th RNC uses Steele as their “cover boy.” I think he is qualified but at the same time I think its more of ,” hey look, we have an African American too- we have someone who looks like the president.’
    Its like the whole Palin thing– hey look guys, we have a woman too for all you Hillary Clinton fans.

    i too dont know enough about Steele but time will reveal his true thoughts and intentions.

  2. He was when he ran for the Senate. I do not know if he has changed his views. I was checking him out probably from 2005-2007 when my Dad health began to decline. Frankly anyone would be better than the current leadership. The fact that the current head had the nerve to even run was amazing to me. I guess the RNC web site will tell you. I’m sure it will not be long before it is updated to see what direction he is looking to take the party. I believe when it was suggested that he had changed his pro-life views someone vouched that he did not change them. Again I know when I was first following him he was.

    You may not have to search long. I’m sure you can watch his critics and piece together his views pretty quickly. They cannot slander him without lying. They had plenty of chances to do that when he ran for the Senate IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND. They found nothing. Someone even illegally got his credit report trying to find mess on him.

  3. Man the GOP did not waste any time updating their web page. It has a congrats to him for winning. Click the My Plan button to read what he has proposed. I obviously have not read all of this yet (some of chapter 1) but what I have read sounds really good at the moment. We’ll see what happens when reality hits.


  4. Newsthink, I think you are right. It might just a case of see we got one too like you said. And truthfully, I thought they were doing that with Palin as well. The difference is that I had a little knowledge of her beforehand her entrance as VP and then the more I got to know her the more I liked her and soon I became her biggest fan. I am hoping something like that will happen with Michael Steele. Though I have heard of his name here and there but not much to base a real opinion on.

  5. The Clintonistas have not wasted any time at all rushing out some kind of a “hitjob” on him – see Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds has linked to the details.

    I know nothing as yet about Steele, but if Hillary is scared, then he just went up in my estimation.

    Time will tell.

  6. LOL. I like that Catholic Mom. You know the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So you are so right, if the Left is not liking him that is a good estimation that he is a man of character. In fact, the only reason I liked John McCain even a little bit during the last election was because the Left hated him so badly, that and because Palin rocked. This was the first time I voted for the Vice President and not the President.

  7. Pamela – as regards the “devout Catholic” bit, I don’t know if he’s a Novus Ordo or a TLM guy. Looking at his bio, it mentions the Augustinian Friars, and Georgetowne U, so I’ll guess Novus Ordo. Not necessarily bad, but most “liberal” Catholics tend to prefer it. I’ll just have to hope he isn’t as liberal as Pelosi! (In my opinion Archbishop Niederer is long overdue for a talk with Pelosi.)

    Hopefully Summorum Pontificum will help with reminding Catholics of what it means to BE a Catholic.

  8. Okay Catholic Mom, didn’t understand one word of that except, Pamela, liberal and Pelosi. LOL But I take it to mean he belongs to a very liberal part of the Catholic religion? Am I right?

    I never got that. If you want to be a liberal then be a Unitarian. They don’t have any real tenets of faith for you to follow. But if you are going to be Catholic, Mormon or Jewish, then be those things. Don’t try to change the religion, and if you don’t want to live by their principles, find another religion. But stop trying to corrupt it because you don’t want to follow the rules.

  9. I have no idea about Catholicism:)

    I hope to get a chance to finish reading his plan on the RNC page this weekend. So far I like what I am reading.

  10. Pamela, sorry… I thought from your post about Steele being a devout Catholic, that you had the background.

    Dena, apologies also… it’s a bit rude to refer to stuff without explaining it – it’s just that it’s not “unusual” to me so I forget that it might be “unusual” to others.

    Potted history – there’s a split of opinion, in the Catholic Church. It goes back to Vatican II. Vatican II was a church reforming council, who, among other things, reformed the Mass. Pre-Vatican II, the Mass was TLM, or Traditional, or Tridentine, take your pick of name. After Vatican II, we got the Novus Ordo. In general, Boomers like the Novus Ordo, and in general, the younger generation is coming to liking the TLM better. (Generalities are always false… I’m sure someone could come up with exceptions!)

    His Holiness, Benedict XVI, recently released Summorum Pontificum, which was a document that said that if a congregation wanted to celebrate Mass using TLM instead of Novus Ordo, then they could – and the priest didn’t have to get the permission of the bishop to offer TLM.

    This is very simplified, and of course you will get Boomers who want TLM and younger people who want Novus Ordo… but basically, the Pope liberated the older form of the Mass again and it is an encouraging sign for some traditional Catholics. The ones who still fast before Mass, wear a mantilla, etc.

    It is not a liberal/conservative thing in the context of politics, so much as it is a liberal/conservative thing in the context of personal belief and behavior. In general, those who go out of their way to attend the TLM are much more traditionalist in their belief – anti-abortion, believe in self-denial, believe that one is required to help the unfortunate, and so on. In contrast to Catholics who can rationalize abortion in their minds. Or Catholics who can rationalize that personal charity is not substantially different from government coercion of charity. Etcetera.

    Georgetowne is, in my opinion of course, liberal – Catholic liberal, not political liberal, I mean. (they probably regard themselves as mainstream, though.) I think that is the university whose students were so outraged to receive a talk from a non-US Catholic Archibishop whose talk was based on good old-fashioned Catholic morality…! (or maybe it was Notre Dame – can’t remember which one it was.)

    Anecdote: The priest at my church, during the annual fund-raising appeal for Catholic missions and charities, told us that it was our Christian duty to help where we could and we should either donate or explain our refusal to help to God when the time came. Hah! (Other priests were using the “please help, it really is valued…” approach. Not ours!)

  11. It will be interesting to see what changes he brings to the RNC. I was originally a Chip Saltsman supporter, pre CD-gate (I’m still shaking my head over that), and then I thought after watching the debate that Ken Blackwell would be good. I am thrilled with Michael Steele though. He’s an excellent communicator. He’s conservative, though I think he can reach out to moderates w/o compromising our principles, and he seems to understand the grassroots/technology gap we face.

    Hey I found you on the Read My Lipstick Network (of which I’m now a member). I’ve subscribed to your blog and would just like to invite you to check my blog out – http://caffeinatedthoughts.com

  12. Great analysis. Although maybe overstating a little the problem with moderates. I am pleased to find this Blog and plan on returning often.

  13. I would definitely like to check out your blog Shane and thank you for your comments and checking out mine as well as subscribing. I don’t pretend to be some political guru, I know what I believe and I try to back people who also believe it too. I am just hoping Michael is someone I can believe in. I will be doing lots of research on him.

    Next, Sutton, thank you stopping by and I am glad to hear you will be coming back. In the meantime, my take on moderates is substantiated by Dr. King. Please go and read all of Dr. King’s “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” on this site and you will see what I mean. He found that the biggest obstacle to “the Negro’s freedom was not the Klu Klux Klanner but the White moderate.” I am paraphrasing here but it is all there. The reason moderates are so dangerous is because they don’t have any solid beliefs of their own. Not only that what happens when you stand in the middle of the street? You get run over. If you stand to the left or to the right, you have a zone of safety, not so with the middle of the road. So the middle of the road is the most dangerous place for the moderate to stand as well. Moderation is fine for drinking, not fine for morality. For you are either moral or not, there is no middle of the road.

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