About Dena

My name is Dena Leichnitz and I am a single mother of a soon to be five year old son. I am a devout Mormon and was baptized on June 21, 1998. I am a member of the Wilshire Ward and I am a Family History Consultant, Mid-Singles (ages 27-45) Co-Chair (that means I’m a President baby! LOL) and a Visiting Teaching Supervisor. I am 38 years old and was born on January 12, 1970 in San Francisco, California. I am a conservative Republican and am proud to be part of what is referred to as the Religious Right. (Let’s see I’m
Religious and I’m Right, the insult would be…..? ) I love country music, especially Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley among others. I love to write and my dream is to someday own a ranch with lots of animals (cows, chickens, horses, dogs, etc), my children and my future husband. So that is me in nutshell.

I am also an authorized Amazon.com affiliate.  So as a service to you, feel free to do any shopping you would normally do at Amazon, using this easy link. Especially with Christmas coming, I want to make it as easy on my readers to get what they need done.  And after that death at Wal-Mart this past November,   (Read my article: Death of  a Salesman: A Wal-Mart Tragedy) I want to keep my readers out of malls and department stores as much as I can and keep them safe so they can enjoy the holidays with their families. God bless you all.


31 thoughts on “About Dena

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’ve read bits and peices here on your blog this morning and can’t wait until I have time to read more!

  2. Thank you Elaine, it is great to see how my blog is growing. I have listed your blog on mine. Even created a new category. I hope when you have a chance you will do the same for me. In the meantime, enjoy the blog. I am hoping it will have something for everyone. Take care and have a blessed day.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    and personally,

    May God Bless You and Yours,

    ps thanks for the link

    you are on my blogroll links with my great pleasure

  4. Yes, it is. It has been great to me and given me lots of traffic. I went from averaging 20 hits a day on my own to over 200 hits a day with Alpha Inventions, I am a big fan. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked my blog and I will see you around.


  5. I can see you take your work seriously, so I thought you might want to know that you could be the victim of plajorism. See my blog for details, and then pass the word. Thanks.

  6. I guess it all depends on what you view as positive. Am I positive just for the sake of saying something nice rather or not it is true? No, that is deceitful and I will not do that. Do I refuse to see the bad in people like a lot of people do? NO. By the same token, I can see the good where no one else can. And darling, if I didn’t have a positive mental attitude about most things, I wouldn’t be here. I had cancer at 22 and the only thing that saved me was my attitude and the sheer determination it wasn’t going to take me out! So trust me I know more about “positivity” then your limited, narrow definition can ever comprehend.

  7. Hi. I just watched the video on Obamacide and I would love to share that but I don’t know if I need permission or not. I would like to post it on Facebook and on The Conservative Underground. That video is just so powerful it needs to be seen by more people. Can you give me any information on how to share it with others? Thanks. Becky Suggs

  8. The following was e-mailed to me and I am trying to discover if it is legitimate or just another “internet legend.” It would be deeply appreciated if you could let me know. Thank you.

    It has gotten back to the White House that Ms. Dena Leichnitz of “A Black Conservative Digest’ is offering a free Constitution class and according to our sources this is what Obama had to say about it via teleprompter.

    “This Leichnitz woman is nothing but a mere joke, she hasn’t even graduated from college, let alone an Ivy League university like me, yet she has the audacity to go around teaching people about something as fundamental as the Constitution. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous and is quite laughable.”

    When informed that Dena was a current political science major and planned to enter law school upon her completion he simply stated, “It’s a community college people, it is not like an actual university basically at 39 she is in grade 13, wouldn’t call that very intelligent would you?”

    Obama is warning people not to take her class. But what did the people who actually take her class have to say about it?

    One of her members had this to say: Thank you so much Dena, I really enjoyed it and will read more on this subject. Glad to meet all of you.

    Another one said this: Dena, I love this. Thank you so much for doing it.

    Dena has even enlisted a teacher and scholar on the Constitution who had this to say about the class:
    Lots of terms, and ideas, good class. Keep on going!

    As you can see the people who have taken it are quite pleased with Dena and her teaching of the Constitution. However, the Jonestown people were quite pleased as they downed their Kool-Aid, so listen to Obama people and don’t take the Constitution class at ABCD! Stay ignorant, Obama needs you that way.

    Edited by Black N Right 2009-07-12 12:43 AM
    Posted 2009-07-12 12:41 AM (#18101) By: Black N Right

  9. Actually Valerie, it was just a satrical piece I wrote. I never meant for anyone to take it seriously. Thank you for thinking it is good enough to be legendary. I figured people would know it was a joke because Obama doesn’t know or care about me but I will go back to the site and let them know it was just a satrical piece to let people know about my Constitution class I have at ABCD! I hope you didn’t write or call the White House on my behalf, but God bless you if you did.

  10. before the right deletes it from the internet – please research the FACT that it was RONALD REAGAN AND THE REPUBLICANS who legalized ABORTION in the modern world.

    FOR CENTURIES most of ENGLISH and AMERICAN LAW had forbidden it. but in 1967, well before ROE/WADE. the republicans in california needed to legalize it so their whoring daughters could have their free sex without consequences,



    go change your holy underwear u fool

  11. If anyone is a fool it is you! Ronald Reagan was NOT a Republican when he was the governor of California-he was a Democrat!!! And before you go spouting off your mouth, I am not one of those conservatives who considers Reagan our god. For the most part, I am one of his biggest detractors and for exactly reasons like the abortion issue and issuing in no-fault divorce in California! So why don’t you get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourse.lf…ahh too late!

  12. a black mormon is….odd. Curious, how do they explain away the story of how black people came to be when a black mormon asks?? And whatever the response, is it feasible??

    why would you be part of a religion that, not long ago, thought black people were literally stained, therefore inferior??

  13. Dena,

    I am researching photos for an upcoming college-level textbook (2011) and am interested in using a photo from your blog. Please contact me by email and I can give you full details about the publisher, the photo, and how it will be used.

    Thank you,

  14. your blog suks.
    As if your a black female, and have the mentality of an old combover and tie white Guy.
    Kill yourself, and your kid.

  15. And this mentality is why America is in the dire straits it is. Unable to articulate an intelligent and coherent argument about why my blog is wrong, in your opinion, you have to lash out at innocent party-my child-because picking on someone weaker makes you feel more important and worthwhile, which is just plain sad. I would not call myself human if I were you since you cannot even demonstrate the basic courtesy of respecting a child.

  16. Thank you….you are such an inspiration. You will inspire others to step up, speak out and lead where others fear to tread. Speaking as a person living in the hell hole state of Illinois, deeply infested and ruled by the socialist democratic party, I can tell you that you and others like yourself are sorely needed in this country….united we stand, divided we fall. We who will defend and protect the Constitution, liberty and FREEDOM! must stand together and work toward the demise of this cancer called socialism, and all who are working toward the destruction of our country, our spiritual values and our culture.

    My best to you and God bless you.

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