The Twilight Zone

This page will be dedicated to all the unexplainable things we encounter in our world….or beyond.

Now I am not a big believer in crystals, new age chants or other such nonsense.  But I do have a healthy respect for the supernatural. After all isn’t God himself supernatural?  So while I don’t base my life decisions on the zodiac, I can appreciate the power and majesty of the stars.  While I don’t consult Ouiji boards, I do believe in the power of words.  But thoughts those were something else entirely. I never really bought into  power of the mind to affect certain outcomes in your life. Now I am a big believer in positive thinking.  I think that is part of the reason my cancer was “atypical” in many respects.  But there has been something more going on recently.

What I have been thinking has been coming true.  And I don’t mean in a generic way and I don’t mean that I thought of something and then went out and did it.  I mean I thought it, took no action and it happened. Let me give you some examples:

1) I was interested in a man and I wanted him to come to my comedy gig on a Saturday night and to the dance the singles of the church were putting on the night before.  I didn’t think he would because it was his sister’s birthday that day so I understood.  In fact,  I figured him showing up at all only amounted to wishful thinking because he had already said earlier he wasn’t coming.  So I had no reason to believe he would change his mind.  Yet I started thinking wouldn’t it be nice if he came anyway.  Never mentioned it to him or anyone for that matter.  I just kept reliving my scenario in my mind though. A couple days go by and I find out from a friend he is coming to my comedy gig and to the dance the night before.  I’m thinking hmmm what a coincidence.

2) A few months later I meet someone else. I get his name but not much else. There will be a Halloween dance and I am hoping he will attend.  But he lives kind of far,  I am sure he is not going to come but I keep thinking what I would do if he did.  Again I run it over and over again in my mind. But like with the first instance I shared with you, I had no reason to believe he would come. I hadn’t told him about the party and I wasn’t sure anyone else had either.  So it was a long shot. But I know the guy from the first dance will be there. So I orchestrated in my mind how it would be if they were both there.  So what happens they both show up! I spend my time with the guy whose name I got earlier. In fact, we talk pretty much all night.  Which was pretty much how I envisioned it going.

3) I wrote a Thanksgiving blog on another site and in it I mentioned going to a mall and getting trampled. The next day that poor man was trampled at Wal-Mart. I feel a bit guilty about that one, like I somehow contributed to his death. I know that doesn’t make sense but neither do all these things that keep materializing.

I know these are pretty minor instances, well maybe not #3, but there have also been times in the past when I have envisioned certain conversations with people and they have said what I have thought they would say to a tee, pretty much verbatim.  And these weren’t people who I had known forever so I kind of knew how they would respond. Plus in my mind I was saying what I wanted them to say, not the reality of the situation.  Only to have them repeat back almost word for word what I had rehearsed earlier.

And if it only happened once in a blue moon I could brush it off but it seems to be happening with more frequency as of late and I am not sure why. I am not sure if this is God giving me notice of things to come or if it is something I should be a bit spooked about.  The only problem with this is if my mind can make certain things a reality then I need to spend more time thinking about certain things and it takes away from other more pressing matters.  So I am trying not to dwell on these things but it sure isn’t easy. In any case,  I would love  to hear your stories of the freaky and unexplainable.

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