Tea Party Sponsor Joins A Black Conservative Digest!

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One of the main sponsors for the Tax Day Tea Party is Americans for Limited Government and Carter L. Clews, who handles the press inquiries for them, has joinedA Black Conservative Digest Carter has also been the executive director of Laptop America (formerly Laptop Lobbyist) in fact, he is the one who discovered me and had me writing for Laptop America.

Bryan Malatesta who took over Laptop America after Carter’s bryan-malatestadeparture and now runs The American Ideal is also a member of A Black Conservative Digest.  Bryan heads the Constitution Party for his state, which is perfect because no one has tried to educate the public more about the Constitution and what it says and doesn’t say more than Bryan.

These are two, hard-working, patriotic men who are trying desperately to save this country from the impending communistic regime.  We all have to work together to make sure we maintain our basic freedoms.  Most people who are not Black are put off that is A Black Conservative Digest but I figure if 40 million White people can vote for Obama then they shouldn’t have any problem joining A Black Conservative Digest (ABCD).

ABCD was started to give Black conservatives  a place to have their voice heard but the true keyword in that title is conservative, not Black. Anyone who supports conservatism, no matter what color, religion, sex or any other difference can join. ABCD is for anyone who supports Black conservatives because let’s face it, we don’t get a lot of love in our own community. So come one, come all and let’s get more Americans, but especially Blacks who have been duped by leftists, to see the light!

Obama Takes Over GM

bo2Okay Obama may not have a hand in the day to day running of GM but then again I wouldn’t put it past him. It has come to light that the “White House” has asked GM’s CEO, Robert Wagoner, to step down. I love how the media phrases this. Like B.O. went to him and said, “Hey buddy, can you do me a really big favor and resign from GM, it would mean a lot to me, thanks a million.”

Now if some Mafia made such a “request” we would call it extortion.  Alllee-iacocca that aside, I am not all comfortable with the government trying to take over privately owned business. It is one thing when they step in to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because they were originally government  owned enterprises, to help students with getting student loans.  So it makes sense that they would try to save their own skin.  It is quite another for the government to step in and take over GM and Chrysler. Where is Lee Iacocca when you need him? He saved Chrysler once, let’s get him back to do it again.

Lee didn’t save Chrysler in the 80’s through reckless spending but through innovation and through smart fiscal leadership. Things that have long been forgotten by this upcoming generation and things that B.O. knows absolutely nothing about. You can’t spend your way out of debt, trust me if you could I would be debt free now. No one outspends me! Yet that is the liberal answer for any problem, throw more money at it. I am curious to see how this plays out and who will take over for Wagoner.  We are heading ever so closer to communism and the government control of all the major industries.

Wake up America or we will be Cuba! But only if we are lucky.  If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Putin, listen to Daniel Hannan, heck listen to Ricky Ricardo. All these people will tell you the dangerous road we are on! And unless we turn back soon you can kiss this country good bye.

My Hero-Daniel Hannan, MEP

Personally,  I think we need to send this guy on a world tour, starting with the U.S. He could then tell Obama that he is also pathological (because let’s face it, he is!) and tell him the same things he told this prime minister.  Any man who  is willing to stand up for his country the way he has is clearly a man worth knowing! Heck, I think I am in love! Nothing gets my mojo going more than a strong man standing his ground.

In any case, once he finished telling Obama and company off here, he could head over to Canada where it is fast becoming an immoral wasteland.  Over to Mexico and tell them to start acting like a country instead of a layover zone and stop sending everyone over here! And from there-the rest of the world! You go Daniel, I don’t know about the Brits but you got a major fan across the Pond.

A Real Feminist Would…..

I am so sick of feminism being associated with these hateful, leftist women emma-smithwho want nothing more than to tear donwn the traditional family, our country and even God himself. I am part of an organization that was built on true feminism-The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These women knew they were daughters of God and acted accordingly. So in line with the true feminism of the past, I have decided to write a short essay on what a real feminist would do today.

A real feminist would……

sonogram-pic61) Fight to end abortion.  No true feminist would ever pit mother against child and would help the mother improve her lot so she could raise her child more successfully. She would know abortion is about man’s freedom, not hers and she would fight the greedy profiteers who get rich off women’s pain.  A true feminist would abhor abortion as a man’s way of ditching his responsibility to the woman and the child.  She would not view it as a woman’s right at all but as women being failed.

2) Fight for school choice. She would want all children to be able to go to the best schools and would allow parents to pick the schools instead of school districts.   Her allegiance would not be with the failing schools, the inept teachers and bureaucrats but with the parents and the children. She would encourage homeschooling and allow parents the opportunity to educate their own children without government interference.

you_may_now_kiss_the_bride3) Fight for marriage which provides women and children the best opportunity for grow.  She would know that women are safer in a marriage than they are out of it.  She would fight for true marriage equality which keeps the woman a necessary part of marriage through heterosexual unions and would fight gay marriage which removes woman as a necessary part of marriage.  She would understand authentic marriage is already equal and gay marriage is a discriminatory practices that relegates women to second class citizens unworthy of marriage.

4)  Fight for capitalism.  It is not socialism that brings people out of man_throwing_moneypoverty, rather it keeps them in it. It is capitalism that allows people to be successful and promotes individual effort. It is capitalism that rewards creativity, ingenuity and self-reliance. It is capitalism that allows us to have choice-Pepsi or Coke,  Dell or HP, Big Mac or Whooper.  Without the competition that forces companies to produce better products at reasonable prices we would all live under monopolies and be forced to buy from a solitary company (mainly the government) that never had to produce a quality product because they knew we had no other choice.

5) Fight for the rights of men. That’s right-men. They wouldn’t allow their brothers, fathers, sons, husbands and other important men in their life to be degraded and abused.  They would see that men and women are not enemies but complementary units needed not only to survive but thrive. They would understand that by working with men and not against them we achieve a level of excellence we cannot achieve otherwise.  That their strengths does not make us weak.  That by building all people up, men and women, Black and White,  Jew and Gentile, that we are building up God’s kingdom on Earth.  We are building a nation of supreme beings. We lose ourselves not because we reach out to men but because we cut ourselves off from them.

old-new-testament_bxp255616) Most importantly, they would fight for God and the free expression of religion, most specifically Christianity.  The belief in Jesus Christ has done more to uplift people than any liberal social program has ever done.  The belief in God has caused people to leave behind life long addictions and change their life. That no one has ever been able to top the Ten Commandments as the most complete guide to living a moral life and achieving happiness.

Ah, yes this is what a real feminist would believe and fight for. Too bad there are not more of them. We need all the real feminists we can get.

Kathleen Sebelius Signs Pro-Life Bill

kathleen1According to The Wichita Eagle:  “Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill late Friday that would allow women to see an ultrasound or hear a fetal heartbeat before receiving an abortion.” Kansas Governor has been a huge proponent for abortion and has never met an abortionist she didn’t like. She even threw a reception for George “The Killer” Tiller who recently was acquitted of doing illegal late term abortions.

She is no friend to the pro life community and we know the only reason she signed this bill was not to look overly zealous. Maybe Obama should try that! The opponents of the bill said:  “the measure would interfere with the doctor-patient relationship and a woman’s personal decision.” What? That doesn’t even border on the logical.  Just once I would like to hear a pro abortion argument that at least borders on the rational! Well, I won’t hold my breath.  I would really like to know how relaying information about a procedure is “interfering with the doctor-patient relationship!” That is what a doctor is SUPPOSED TO DO! GIVE YOU INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL DECISIONS!!!! If giving such information is interference how long before cardiologists, oncologists and other doctors try saying that giving us all the facts about chemo, heart surgery and other procedures “interferes” with their “relationship” with us! Had they allowed that argument to stand (and thank goodness they didn’t!) it would’ve had a catastrophic consequence in the real field of medicine because any doctor could then say they didn’t inform their patient about the side effects because it would’ve had a bearing on the person’s personal decision and would’ve interefered with their relationship!

When I was pregnant, the doctor suggested I do an amnio. I was given information regarding the amnio and even the remote possibility of it killing my child. I was then able to think about whether I should or should not do it. At no point did having this information “interfere with the doctor-patient relationship” and at no time did it interfere with my “personal decision.” The opponents can’t say the real reason they don’t want it. When women see the sonogram they change their minds! They won’t go through the abortion and that means they lose money! It is not about the women, it is about the greedy abortionists!

Even though I know Gov. Sebelius didn’t do this out of any sort of humanity on her part (she would have to have some first) and did it solely to save face and for political gain, I am glad women will be allowed to see the sonograms of their babies, this will save a lot of lives. I guess even a she-devil like Sebelius can do good once in awhile.

Tea Party Poll

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I am curious if the word is getting out about the upcoming Tea Parties across the nation. If you are interested in finding out more, you can read “A Tea Party Even a Mormon Can Attend” on here or you can go to: Tax Day Tea Partytea-cup

and you can find out where there is a local one near you. This is our chance to put the government on notice that we are unhappy with the mess our country has become and put them on notice.  Let them know we are watching them and that their previous shennigans will no longer be tolerated. They are beholden to us, not the other way around. So go to the site,  find out where you can attend and then take to the streets in protest. It is your American right…more importantly it is your American responsibility.

Now I Am the Mother of All Conservatives!


Dana Loesch of  Mamalogues and the Dana Show who started this new site, Mother of All Conservatives, personally invited me to be a weekly columnist on her site.  So now on Fridays I will be writing a piece for the site. This week I wrote two.  One of them was:The Garden of Feed Them which you can find here  on my site and the other one was “Fed Up With the Fed. ” The latter details the Ron Paul bill that wants to audit the Federal Reserve.

When you get an opportunity to work with someone like Dana Loesch you don’t say no.  I know I am going to enjoy working with Dana and doing my part to bring in more readers to her awesome site.  Please check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Mother of All Conservatives

In closing, I just want to say it is so heartening to see more women rejecting the false ideology of feminism and returning to the more traditional values that has led to us being the greatest nation on Earth.  When women band together we are a force to be reckoned with.  And none more so than Mothers. Especially when you are the Mother of all Conservatives!