Tea Party Poll

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I am curious if the word is getting out about the upcoming Tea Parties across the nation. If you are interested in finding out more, you can read “A Tea Party Even a Mormon Can Attend” on here or you can go to: Tax Day Tea Partytea-cup

and you can find out where there is a local one near you. This is our chance to put the government on notice that we are unhappy with the mess our country has become and put them on notice.  Let them know we are watching them and that their previous shennigans will no longer be tolerated. They are beholden to us, not the other way around. So go to the site,  find out where you can attend and then take to the streets in protest. It is your American right…more importantly it is your American responsibility.


2 thoughts on “Tea Party Poll

  1. I was at the one in Cincinnati a couple weeks ago. 5000 patriots strong – organized in 3 short weeks. It obviously found a bunch of willing participants. Find one and go!

  2. Thank you Founders Freedom for commenting and endorsing the Tea Party. We need more people like you to get involved. This is our country and it is time we brush off our apathy and take it back! God bless you and keep coming back!

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