Kathleen Sebelius Signs Pro-Life Bill

kathleen1According to The Wichita Eagle:  “Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill late Friday that would allow women to see an ultrasound or hear a fetal heartbeat before receiving an abortion.” Kansas Governor has been a huge proponent for abortion and has never met an abortionist she didn’t like. She even threw a reception for George “The Killer” Tiller who recently was acquitted of doing illegal late term abortions.

She is no friend to the pro life community and we know the only reason she signed this bill was not to look overly zealous. Maybe Obama should try that! The opponents of the bill said:  “the measure would interfere with the doctor-patient relationship and a woman’s personal decision.” What? That doesn’t even border on the logical.  Just once I would like to hear a pro abortion argument that at least borders on the rational! Well, I won’t hold my breath.  I would really like to know how relaying information about a procedure is “interfering with the doctor-patient relationship!” That is what a doctor is SUPPOSED TO DO! GIVE YOU INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL DECISIONS!!!! If giving such information is interference how long before cardiologists, oncologists and other doctors try saying that giving us all the facts about chemo, heart surgery and other procedures “interferes” with their “relationship” with us! Had they allowed that argument to stand (and thank goodness they didn’t!) it would’ve had a catastrophic consequence in the real field of medicine because any doctor could then say they didn’t inform their patient about the side effects because it would’ve had a bearing on the person’s personal decision and would’ve interefered with their relationship!

When I was pregnant, the doctor suggested I do an amnio. I was given information regarding the amnio and even the remote possibility of it killing my child. I was then able to think about whether I should or should not do it. At no point did having this information “interfere with the doctor-patient relationship” and at no time did it interfere with my “personal decision.” The opponents can’t say the real reason they don’t want it. When women see the sonogram they change their minds! They won’t go through the abortion and that means they lose money! It is not about the women, it is about the greedy abortionists!

Even though I know Gov. Sebelius didn’t do this out of any sort of humanity on her part (she would have to have some first) and did it solely to save face and for political gain, I am glad women will be allowed to see the sonograms of their babies, this will save a lot of lives. I guess even a she-devil like Sebelius can do good once in awhile.

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