A Tea Party Even a Mormon Can Attend

boston_tea_partyOn December 16, 1773  Samuel Adams,  Paul Revere and other American patriots unhappy with the current government in England dictating unjust laws on the colonists rose up and dumped  342 crates of tea in the Boston harbor.  That act would become known as the Boston Tea Party and their slogan “taxation without representation” still echoes in our ears today.

Well today, we are also a bit tea’d off and we are going to take to the silent-majority-no-morestreets and let our government know we are not happy with their current leadership and we will not sit idly by while they tax not only this generation into oblivion but all those who will follow.  And while we won’t be dumping tea this time around, we will surely make an imnpact as hundreds of different rallies are held all around the country. When Samuel Adams led the Sons of Liberty to the Boston Harbor that night dressed as Native Americans (not exactly the brightest idea ever) it was done with a relatively small group.  It was one group and one act of defiance.  However, this tea party will be like unlike any other protest rally seen.

With B.O’s 787 billion stimulus package, AIG, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac and all the rest of the financial quagmire brought on by the Clinton Administration’s legacy of deceit, greed and lies Americans are growing weary of our failing government and are looking to the past to correct the out of control governmental spending.  Many online conservative organizations will be sponsoring the national tea party.  From Smart Girl Politics, Dana Loesch, GOPUSA,  Americans for Limited Government, TCOT, Michelle Malkin and many more-people will be able to show the government that liberalism isn’t the presiding voice in this country. Their tantrum-filled voices are only louder is all.

If you want more information about the Tea Party, the locations, phone numbers and emails of the organizers go to:

Tax Day Tea Party

and you can find one near you. If there is not one near you, think about organizing one. The people at Tax Day Tea Party will be more than happy to lend you a hand.  Well it looks like we are headed for a second American Revolution.  Last time we had great leaders like Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry to show us the way, who do we have today? I don’t know but I hope they reveal themselves soon.

Side Note:  For those of you who don’t understand the title-Mormons are not allowed to drink tea. It is part of our Word of Wisdom, which is basically our dietary law.


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