My Hero-Daniel Hannan, MEP

Personally,  I think we need to send this guy on a world tour, starting with the U.S. He could then tell Obama that he is also pathological (because let’s face it, he is!) and tell him the same things he told this prime minister.  Any man who  is willing to stand up for his country the way he has is clearly a man worth knowing! Heck, I think I am in love! Nothing gets my mojo going more than a strong man standing his ground.

In any case, once he finished telling Obama and company off here, he could head over to Canada where it is fast becoming an immoral wasteland.  Over to Mexico and tell them to start acting like a country instead of a layover zone and stop sending everyone over here! And from there-the rest of the world! You go Daniel, I don’t know about the Brits but you got a major fan across the Pond.

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