And I Thought I Was The Mother of All Conservatives

There is a new website called, “The Mother of All Conservatives.”  You can find it on my blogroll and was started by Dana Loesch. Dana Loesch is also known as Mamalogues (you can read about my mention in her blog entitled, “Black N Right mentioned in Mamalogues.”) She has joined other women in this endeavor.  It is sort of like Smart Girl Politics, where the best and the brightest women of the conservative movement meet.  However, unlike Smart Girls Politics you cannot join.  Which is a shame because Dana is obviously a bright woman who it would be great to get to  know better and leaving a comment now and then doesn’t really cut it.

Dana is not an over the hill, fuddy duddy like me. LOL. She is a young woman who sees the way to restore this country is not by repeating the liberal mistakes that have torn down our important institutions and replaced them with hedonism and immorality but by clinging to the American values that have succeeded in making our country great in the first place.  What Democrats seem to forget is that is the Republicans that have always been on the forefront of change,  positive change that would influence our country to further greatness. It is the Republicans that ended slavery, it was a Republican House that advanced the civil rights bill to end segregation, it was a Republican President that sent the National Guard to Little Rock, Arkansas so four Black children could attend school. It was the Republicans who first brought to our attention the slave trade in Dafur.  It has always been the Republicans that have done the most to help people in the most dire of circumstances. And with people like Dana standing up and speaking out on behalf of true Republicans everywhere, we can once again become the party of the people.  A claim which Democrats have surreptitiously taken as their own.

God bless Dana (I just love her name. Probably because people for some reason seem unable to say DE-NA and so I get called Dana more than you would know.) and all the other “mothers” out there who are reclaiming the Republican Party as our own.  With leadership like Dana, Teri Christoph and Sarah Palin we will be taking down the outmoded feminist leadership before long.