Proposition 4

With all the buzz about Proposition 8 and rightly so, marriage needs to be protected from those who wish to destroy it in order to manufacture some make-believe equality in order to make dysfunctional adults feel better about their lives, there is one even more important proposition that needs to be discussed.

Proposition 4 is about requiring parental consent before a minor can obtain an abortion. The people opposing this measure will tell you that scared, pregnant girls will seek out dangerous abortions if this passes. If they have to go to their parents to get permission they will get dangerous, illegal abortions. However, the legality of abortion has nothing to do with its safety. Heart surgery is not safe because it is legal. It is safe because only competent doctors with a degree in medicine can practice heart surgery. Not so with abortion. People with no medical background whatsoever have performed abortions. In fact, abortion safety for women (because it is never safe for the child) rose after the discovery of penicillin, long before its legalization. And the techniques that the legal abortionists use are the same ones the illegal abortionists use, so in truth there is no difference between the two. In fact, many women have gone into legal abortion clinics, come out dead only to be classified as an “illegal abortion” because the doctor didn’t have a license or they have been found as committing some other more pedestrian crime and therefore it is classified as “an illegal abortion.”

The scenario of the scared pregnant teen doesn’t make any sense when taken to its logical and rational conclusion. Let’s say for instance, you do have a teen afraid of telling her parents because they won’t allow her to have an abortion. Okay, so you have this teen scared, not knowing what to do, goes to a clinic and asks for an abortion. They then want us to believe, this frightened teen goes from this panic state to a completely rational state once inside the doors. She is able to figure out whether this is a competent doctor, whether he has ever had any malpractice suits, whether he is in good legal standing and has hospital privileges nearby in case something goes wrong, of course this frightened teen prior to walking in the door is going to do some research to find the best possible abortionist to take care of her needs. She is going to know to ask about the risks, what can she expect if she develops an infection, what are other options for her, is there a place she can go if she decides she does want to raise the child, what cash aid can she get if she desires to keep the child. She is going to weigh all this in her frantic state, decide abortion after all is the best solution then proceed with the abortion. What planet are these people on? A frightened teen is going to a nearby abortion clinic, sign papers, asks no questions and do the procedure. That is what they want. They thrive off frightened girls. They don’t want girls who know about “options.” They brush aside any risks she might suffer even if the girl does ask. It is not about helping these scared pregnant girls, just giving them an abortion. You never hear in their rhetoric about wanting women and young girls especially to have full disclosure regarding abortion. Why? Because when that happens abortions go down….not up. You don’t hear them talk about the importance of counseling young girls who are pregnant. You don’t hear them talk about anything but aborting young girls. What happens to this girl after she leaves the abortion clinic? Obviously they don’t care. For when they talk about these “abusive” parents that will thrash a girl within an inch of her life for getting pregnant, all they suggest is an abortion and then they send her back to those same abusive parents. If they are that abusive, they are abusing her for other “infractions” as well. So why not have these girls talk to a judge, so the judge can intervene and help her get out of the abuse? They say such girls won’t know how to deal with the court system. But if she is being abused-THE COURTS SHOULD KNOW!!!! Sending her back home to continue the abuse is EVIL and heartless!

Proposition 4 protects girls from those who want to profit off the girls’ pain. Not only that Proposition 4 requires that the girl consent to the abortion as well. In most cases, it is not the girl that wants the abortion but the parents. The parents will threaten to throw her out of the house if she doesn’t abort. Yet you don’t hear Planned Parenthood decrying that abuse, because it profits them to be quiet about it. You don’t hear about force and coercion that takes place in the majority of abortions, up to 64%. The truth is the parents are the biggest ally that Planned Parenthood has because they are ones procuring it for their children. In the case of incest, it is perpetrator that takes the girl in for the abortion, so she can continue to be sexually abused. By law, Planned Parenthood are required to report any pregnant teen to the authorities, which of course they don’t. They are required because by law teens cannot consent to sex and therefore any indication of sex is considered statutory rape. It is not up to Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinics to decide if the girl is in love with her “rapist” but simply to report it to authorities so they can investigate. Most pregnant girls get pregnant by men not boys their own age. As her age goes down, his age goes up. Planned Parenthood has had a long history of protecting child predators.

We must also remember this is a medical procedure. Anything can go wrong. You only have to look at the story of Tamiah Russell to know that parental ignorance in the case of an abortion can be deadly. Tamiah was 15 when she went to WomenCare of Southfield in Detroit, Michigan. She was six months pregnant. Her “boyfriend” was 24. It was her boyfriend’s sister who took her. Tamiah used a fake id saying she was 19. However, it was clear from the ID that she was not that person and they made no attempt to authenticate the ID. She had the abortion on January 7, 2004 by January 8th she was dead. She told her mother that night after the laminaria had been inserted that she had procured an abortion earlier that day. When Tamiah’s mother called WomenCare, they lied to her and said once the procedure had been started with the laminaria, that it had to be completed. Even though crisis pregnancy centers and any half way decent hospital can in fact remove the laminaria and have the pregnancy continue normally.

A Lifesite aritcle goes on to to say: Upon returning home from the completion of her abortion on January 8, Russell experienced heavy bleeding. Before paramedics could get her to Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit, she died from complications. It is believed that abortionist Alberto Hodari performed a D&E abortion, although the possibility that it was a partial-birth abortion has not been ruled out. Had Tamiah’s mother been consulted from the beginning this could’ve been prevented. If Tamiah’s mother had given her consent then she also could’ve looked out for any signs much earlier that something was wrong with Tamiah. She would’ve gotten to the hospital sooner and care been provided that could’ve saved her life. Michigan does have a parental consent law-so as you can see they are not perfect-but Tamiah averted the law to her own demise. However, any competent person would’ve said, “This is a fake ID and we will not give you an abortion until we have legitimate parental consent.” If a bouncer at a bar can spot a fake ID, then surely people in the medical field should be able to as well.

For these reasons we need to institute Proposition 4 to ensure our daughters are safe. And even if we are pro-choice which I’m clearly not, parents have the right to ensure their daughters see competent doctors, not dangerous butchers. We have a right to make sure the facility is safe, that our daughters will not be harmed while under their care, that she will receive proper after care and have counseling to deal with any lingering emotional trauma. We deserve the opportunity to support our daughters. We also deserve the opportunity to step up to the plate and say, “We will help support you and this child in whatever way we can. ” We deserve the opportunity to show our daughters that this pregnancy does not make us love them any less. We deserve an opportunity to hold our grandchild in the maternity ward. Whatever the outcome, it is not up to Planned Parenthood to decide, it is up to the parents-the real ones. Not the beasts Planned Parenthood tries to make us out to be .

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