Leonard Leichnitz-August 14, 2010

Leonard Leichnitz, my brother and my hero for August 14,
We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. John 3:14

Leonard has always been like my second father. He is the person I have most admired in my life. The person I always wanted to be like. He is smart, funny and a compassionate man. I remember as a kid, he was dating this one girl from San Marino. He introduced her to me and he seemed rather surprised that I was his sister. I never saw her again. I don’t know if she had a problem with me being Black or not but the fact that I never saw her again most likely points to that she did.

My brother has always looked out for me and been my protector. We were born a day apart (and seven years). I think in a lot of ways, we are the most alike of all my siblings in other ways we are complete opposites. For instance he is a fiscal conservative and social liberal where I am a social conservative and fiscal liberal. He is a dedicated family man which I truly admire. Somehow the men in my family got it right when it comes to marriage. I often stand back in awe and go, “How do they do that?”

Leonard was there in my hospital room as I went through my cancer ordeal. He was the best man at my wedding. He has been my guardian angel. I have such tremendous respect for my brother. As I prepare to go through law school, it will be him in my mind and knowing I have to excel, because I will be carrying on the Leichnitz name. And when I get to D.C and I run into some guy who knew him when he was a law clerk back in the day and they ask are you any relation to Leonard Leichnitz I will say, “Well it depends, if you liked him then yes I’m his sister. If you don’t, well that’s unfortunate, I’m still his sister.” I don’t know, it just sounds like something Leonard might say.

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