Jeff Leichnitz-August 13, 2010

Hero for the day-Jeff Leichnitz

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love;  in honour preferring one another; Romans 12:10

Jeff is my hero for many reasons. Whenever I call him, he builds me up. He encourages me in my dreams and goals. He is my biggest fan. Growing up we were best friends and we also fought like brothers and sisters do but in the end we always had the other one’s  back. Jeff always made me laugh and he still does.

Jeff is my hero because he and my other brother, Leonard are prime examples of what a healthy marriage and relationship look like. We all came from the same household but somehow they got it right and I didn’t. Whenever I think of marriage I think of Jeff and just what an awesome Dad he has been to all his children. He is the reason I don’t give up altogether and keep pressing on.

He is my hero because he puts Jesus Christ first. He lives his life trying to be the best man he can possibly be by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. We often talk about our own walk with Christ and it is nice to be able to talk about that with a family member. He is my hero because we see the greatness in the other one.

I was at a Dodger game the other night and I was thinking just how thrilled my father must be in heaven looking down on me watching a baseball game with my son. But the truth is any love of baseball comes from Jeff. We all thought he was surely going to go pro and it is Major League Baseball’s loss that he did not. But in my eyes he will always be the best pitcher to ever grace the game. God bless Jeff.

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