I Will Worry About the Gays When…

1) The poor are allowed to be born without pro-choicers condemning them for their birth or their poverty. When they are not targeted for extermination via abortion by hateful liberals who cannot see their worth or inherent value. When their mothers are not fed vicious lies making them believe they are incapable of being a good mother simply because they are not wealthy. When poverty is not a character defect or a perpetual state of being but simply a challenge that one faces with grace and dignity. When the hatred of the poor has left our society and they are no longer treated as a threat to our “way of life” then I will worry about the gays.

2) When those on welfare are not only allowed to marry but encouraged to do so. When we give these children back their fathers which we have so callously stripped from their lives and once again restore the family, then I will worry about the gays. When those on welfare are no longer vilified for all of society’s ills after these same politicians created a system which punishes ambition, penalizes progress and seeks to oppress the most vulnerable among us. When those who use welfare to pay for medication they otherwise could not afford and have to choose between their life and simple self respect are no longer stigmatized, then I will ponder the so called rights of gays.

3) When parents are no longer stripped of their rights to raise their children they way they see fit. When a U.S. citizen no longer has to jump through hoops just to get their child in a failing public school but an illegal is just automatically granted free education. When parents are given a choice where to send their child to school and are no longer thought of as the enemy. When Planned Parenthood is not given ample access to the youth of our nation and is no longer allowed to teach them to lie to their parents about serious issues like sex, abortion and drugs then I will worry about the gays. When our children are safe when they go to school and Columbines no longer happen. When parents are once again respected as the child’s greatest protector and not seen as only abusers then and only then will I bemoan the hardships of being gay.

4) When our borders are secure and every person that walks along our streets is either a citizen or a legal resident. When criminals are not able to come northward bringing violence, disease and death with them. When our immigration laws are no longer a joke but are strictly adhered to. When employers stop hiring illegals and stop depressing the wages that people need just to live. When the American teenager can once again get a job and Black citizens are not being overthrown for employment opportunities because business would rather pay a penny an hour to those “migrant” workers who don’t even keep their money in the United States but send it back home to Mexico. When La Raza has been eliminated and America has been reclaimed-then I will worry about the gays.

5) When children are thought of as a blessing and not a punishment and not simply an adornment for self-indulgent adults who care only for their own selfish desires. When Roe v. Wade is overturned and unborn children are entitled to full protection under the law. When women are given real choices in dealing with a problematic pregnancy. When these women are availed of resources and are empowered to choose life not only for their child but themselves as well. When women are no longer made to feel inferior because they have been bestowed with a wondrous blessing-the creation of life. When women stand up to radical feminists and take back their husbands and take back their children and stand together as one familial unit! When a woman who does not abort her Down’s Syndrome son is once again honored as a heroine and not told “for the betterment of society she should’ve killed her son.” When the disabled are fully recognized as human beings worthy of life then I will worry about the gays.

6) When the gays experience real discrimination and don’t harass people who raise legitimate objections to homosexual behavior then I will worry about the gays. When they have 400 years of slavery and 100 years of segregation under their belt, we will talk. When they have been nearly wiped out by the White man, small pox, alcoholism and are unlikely to survive to their first birthday then we will talk. When they have been rounded up and interned never knowing if they would get out-then we will talk. When they have been experimented on for decades telling them they were giving shots for “bad blood” when they were in fact infecting them with syphllis and putting their lives in jeopardy, then we will talk. When they give up their above average income, their higher education and extensive political clout then they can talk to me about oppression. Until then your individual struggle does not an oppression make. Until the government has codified “separate but equal” facilities for gays and straights then there has been no oppression. Moreover until they fully accept responsibility for the global AIDS crisis which is brought on by their sexual behavior. And until they atone for the other sexual diseases that have been brought forth by them under the guise of “sexual freedom” then I don’t want to hear about “their pain.” Their bullying and risky behavior has caused untold pain. I have little patience for the emotionalism they try to engage the public in.

7) So until all this comes to pass, until Christians are no longer jailed for hate crimes for talking against homosexuality. Until straight, Christian White males are no longer bashed simply for being themselves. [In fact, in 2006 there were 890 White victims of hate crimes according to the FBI. There were 747 hate crimes against gay males. So you are more likely to be targeted for being White then you are for being gay!] When the roles of men and women are once again embraced and men are no longer made feminine, by angry feminists. When God can be spoken about anywhere, anytime and without repercussions. When liberalism is revealed as a tool of Satan and people rebuke its tenets once and for all, then I will worry about the gays. When hoaxes like global warming aren’t met with unquestioning acceptance. When common sense once again prevails, then I will have the time to worry about the manufactured plight of the gay community. Until then there are too many people with real problems, who don’t have the income, who don’t have the political influence and whose voices are stilled that need my assistance. It is for those people I remain vigilant and steadfast. It is for them I must not falter. Until then I will not worry about the gays, they have proven they can take care of themselves.

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