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Dueling Constitutions: Weimar vs. U.S. Constitution

            While all men are created equal, all constitutions are not. As we now are finding our liberties to be rapidly evaporating, it is prudent that we take the time to think not only about our own constitution but those around the world, past and present. It stands to reason, if Obama and his leftist cronies […]

Parental Rights Amendment

More and more representatives in Congress are becoming sponsors of this bill.  Where before we only had a couple people sponsoring the Parental Rights amendment in the Senate  [S. J. Res 16] there is now six and there is over 121 for the House [H. J. Res 42].  And while six is not a large number […]

Conservative Student is Not Welcomed in LACC’s ASO

Ah the beauty of blogging! If I can’t get anyone else to tell my story then I can always do it myself. So here it goes: I recently applied for a Senate position with my school’s Associated Student Organization (ASO).  I was called back to interview and I got the run around.  The person who […]


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