Parental Rights Amendment

More and more representatives in Congress are becoming sponsors of this bill.  Where before we only had a couple people sponsoring the Parental Rights amendment in the Senate  [S. J. Res 16] there is now six and there is over 121 for the House [H. J. Res 42].  And while six is not a large number for the Senate we are working with a smaller pool (100 senators vs 435 representatives) and considering we were barely at 2 a month ago, we have grown three times what we had since then.  The more people start to wake up, the more they will see fundamental liberties are in jeopardy. We need to stop the Left from realizing their goal-total global domination.

Come join me and stand for families. Stand for America and stand for God as we begin to rebuild this country. But we need families to do it. The state can’t raise a child…trust me no one knows that better than me.


2 thoughts on “Parental Rights Amendment

  1. LOL, TBC-that is too funny. I find a bit corny but we are dealing with a very grassroots organization, the point was just to get people talking about the amendment.

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