Polygamy is Next No Matter What the “Marriage Equality” People Say.

On June 26, 2015, SCOTUS decreed that same-sex marriage was a constitutional right and people have been warning that polygamy would soon follow. Of course, the “marriage equality”  are saying that is just nonsense that polygamy is not going to happen and these are their reasons why. 1. The battle for same-sex marriage was won, […]

All Abortions are Forced Abortions

The pro-choice crowd or as I refer to them the “poor-choice” crowd would like you to believe that a woman goes into an abortion clinic, the same way she goes into a nail salon with a smile on her face and a happy tune in her heart. Not only does she walk in that way, […]

Why I Left Liberalism

I haven’t always been a die hard conservative. However, I am the kind of person that no matter what I do, I do 100% wholeheartedly. So when I was into liberalism, I was a hardcore liberal.  But as time went on I realized that I could no longer support the liberal agenda and keep my […]

AB 329: Sexualizing California’s Children

If there is one thing that California lawmakers never tire of it is using our children for their social experimentation. This is only another in their attempts to turn our children into sexual irresponsible adults like them. While they talk about healthy relationships and the like, the truth is you can’t talk about something with […]

I GET Disrespected

Let me start this article by saying, I love UCLA, I really do. I think it is definitely hands down the best university out there. Heck, we even beat out Yale in terms of Dream Schools.The True Bruin Statement says the following: As a Bruin, I Commit Myself to the Highest Ethical Standards Integrity: I will […]

In a Court of Law

  September has been an a month full of laws for me. Whether it is appearing in Man’s court on the ongoing battle to keep my son or learning about God’s law as Judaism will once again be at the forefront of my education at UCLA, I have been steeped in the study and practice […]

Shamsathon Setback

  So here I am in Olympia Hospital…again. I woke up with a sharp pain shooting up my left arm and being that I have heart problems such a sign of cardiac arrest cannot be taken lightly. So here I am being observed. In the meantime, I have gained about 10-15 pounds in the last […]


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