Women Betrayed Rally in Downtown L.A

I am the Pro Life GenerationUnfortunately, my camera broke down so I was unable to take pictures of this great event. However, I did end up on tv, so you will be able to see me on some channel somewhere. In any case, it was a fantastic rally. We had a paltry showing from the other side come and lie about how Planned Parenthood and abortion saves lives. Really then tell that to Tamiah Russell, Angela Sanchez, Holly Patterson, Belinda Byrd, Deanna Bell and Eurice Agbagaa. Out of the six women that I named four were Black! Black women are more likely to die from abortion than their counterparts. This is for two reasons 1) Black women have more abortions than their counterparts 2) They are apt to get subpar care from the abortion provider from the get go.

More about that later, let’s get back to the rally. They had a slew of great speakers. One of them held my former position as Regional Coordinator for the Los Angeles area for Silent No More Awareness campaign. Her name was Annette and she had a story that brought me to tears. She had all her children with her and they were all were looking heartbroken carrying signs that said I Mourn My Aborted Sibling. I thought I was going to just break down right there. She tried to save her child after the abortion had started but was unable to, it died. She said all she could think was “Oh my goodness, what have I done.”  If you want to learn more about Silent No More Awareness  then go to this website:


My family

BLACK’S Cover Photo

You can hear stories from post-abortive women who have since become pro-life and I guarantee you that it will touch your heart. The whole thing was emceed by Sylvia Aimerito of AudioGirl Ministries You can check her out at: https://audiogirlministries.com/  She is a DJ out here and is part of my pro-life group on Facebook ProLife Divas/Warriors. Here is the address if you wish to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/515148028559129/  I also have another pro-life that addresses the abortion rate in the Black community and it is called BLACK (Black League Against Child Killing). You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/groups/181527788480

Enough of the plugs. The rally was energized and people were on fire to see Planned Parenthood defunded. The funny part was the counter protest. They were truly pathetic. First of all they have 3 guys coming in with a sign that says, “Abortion on demand and without apology. Stop the Patriarchy.” You are kidding me, right? You don’t have men carrying a sign that says “Stop the Patriarchy” it looks like a joke. You don’t have any credibility. So their attempt to pose any sort of legitimate voice on the subject was already killed when these hateful men joined the march. The women, initially,  were just doing their thing and letting us do ours. It is when the men showed up that it turned ugly. There was no physical violence from either side. The police did protect the pro-lifers from the angry rabble of the pro-choice side.

The pro-choice side had a sign that read: Women are not: Bitches, hos, whores, incubators, etc. They are full human beings. Which our side agrees with. But you need to be taking that message down to a rap label, not a pro life rally. You want to step up to Jay Z and tell him that? You want to picket a 50 Cent concert? Yeah I didn’t think so. It is not our side that disrespects women. It is yours! Call any conservative man’s wife a bitch and you will be lucky if you get back up. Call any liberal man’s wife a bitch and he will just laugh like Tim MacGraw did when Nelly called Faith Hill a bitch. T  point is the pro-life sees women as beautiful, strong, courageous, nurturing and loving. It wouldn’t occur to us to make a sign like that because that is not how we see women. That is how you proc-choicers see women! So until you start picketing rap concerts I don’t want to hear women are not bitches, hos, whores, etc. because that is what you do to women in you world. Women deserve better.

We are on the right side of history and one day abortion will become illegal in this country once again.

3 Reasons Why the Left Hate the Unborn

Brian Fisher has a website called Online for Life and on his site, he discusses why we tolerate abortion in America and part of that reason stems from our devaluing unborn children. So as I was reading his reasons I came up with a few of my own and decided to write my own article detailing why we have such an intense hatred for the unborn.

1. Pediaphobia-hatred or fear of children

Joycelyn_Elders_official_photo_portraitWe really need to get over this love affair with the fetus and start worrying about children.~Jocelyn Elder.

This is a very scary quote considering Jocelyn Elder was at one time the Surgeon General of the United States and if you are a doctor and  don’t understand “fetuses” are children then there is something seriously wrong with you. You might want to get your money back from that Caribbean medical school, Jocelyn. Jocelyn represents a very real segment of society who has an intense dislike of children. They don’t even pretend to downplay it. This phenomenon is nothing new. If you look at the movies during the late sixties and early seventies you will see a theme of pediaphobia running through them. In movies like Rosemary’s Baby and the Omen, the unborn children were the spawn of Satan. In the Shining, two girls drove their father to kill them and the rest of his family, along with a boy with telepathic powers which would be the downfall of his father. We could go on forever, but the gist of it is, the media was setting up the very premise that children were a threat and that would encapsulate the whole pro-choice movement from there on in. This fear of children is not some right wing delusion attributed to the Left. In fact the Queen of the Left, Letty Cottin-Pogrebin, one of the founding editors of Ms. Magazine had this to say about pediaphobia back in 1983:

America is a nation fundamentally ambivalent about its children,” Pogrebin writes, “often afraid of its children, Letty Cottin-Pogrebinand frequently punitive toward its children . . . I see a veritable epidemic of pedophobia in America today.”


That quote is 32 years old but is still very much relevant to what we are seeing today. The interesting thing is I went to her website to see if she was still speaking about pediaphobia in our society and from what I can see she isn’t. Most of her engagements deal with her current book, “Single Jewish Male Seeking Soulmate.” Which is fine, but this is what the Left does. They create the problem and then when it gets to the breaking point they abandon it and say we on the Right are crazy because such a thing doesn’t even exist.That is okay, though, because another leftist organization has picked up where Cottin-Pogrebin has left off. It is called the Freechild Project and on their site they list several “isms” that deal with the discrimination of children, including pediaphobia. This is why you hear the left say that the babies are not babies but “fetuses,” “blobs of tissue,” “products of conception,” anything that will dehumanize the child and make it less than what it truly is.  The Freechild Project has a word for that:

Demonization is a process for making young people evil in order to justify attacking them in the forms of character assassination, legal action and to get rid of their civil liberties. http://www.freechild.org/SNAYR/language.htm

This is what we have been doing to the unborn since 1973. They also have another word which I think describes the feelings of those on the Left:

Adultization is the elimination of childhood and adolescence by schools, marketers and parents in order to promote order and eliminate the “inconvenience” of youth. http://www.freechild.org/SNAYR/language.htm

We all know how the Left is always talking about pregnancy being an inconvenience. It is truly reprehensible. Now I could go on forever talking about this, but I promised you two more reasons and this is turning into an article in and of itself.

2.  Consent

Consent is very big in the Leftist world, I could hit you with a baseball bat all day long as long as you consented to it. There is not much that is not tolerated in their world, even if consent is given. However, life does not care about your consent. It comes when it wants to and it doesn’t ask your permission. Babies often come at very inopportune times. I have yet to meet anyone who had a baby minus IVF who had it at the perfect time. That is not the way life works. Now granted when you consent to lie with a man, you are consenting to all the consequences that follow. You are consenting to STDs, pregnancy and by giving him your body you are consenting to his treatment of you. If you don’t consent to these things, you should not be sleeping with him. Of course, the Left wants to make it out that women are idiots and they do not know or recognize such basic truths. “She didn’t know that he was an abusive monster.”  “She didn’t know she could get pregnant from sex.” I mean the things they put out there are utterly ridiculous. Here is a favorite quote of mine.

Maya Angelou“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.
~Maya Angelou

It is because we don’t believe them the first time that we get in trouble, so we continue to consent. Far too often, we hear from the Left that she consented to sex, not to the pregnancy, but the two are intertwined you cannot separate them.It is like saying, she consents to be a woman but not to the monthly menstruation. Well too bad, that is part of being a female. Once again, nature has its own agenda and it doesn’t care about yours. It doesn’t care if this period or this pregnancy is inconvenient for you. Life will never ask for your permission to live and it will not ask when it is time for you to die. Life does not seek to make things easy for you. Life is forceful, messy and at times unmanageable. It is strong, defiant and will knock out any obstacles put in its way. Life does not  play fair or does it play well with others. This simple truth is why the Left opposes life at every turn because it cannot control it. But even with all its mess, strength and defiance it is still most beautiful thing ever. The Left cannot see that beauty, it cannot understand it. So it must destroy it.

3. Pride

18 Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

More than anything the Left is based on pride. You have Black Pride, Latino Pride, Gay Pride and the list continues. WhileBlack Pride there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the history of your people and using them as inspiration to carry on your own accomplishments there is something wrong with thinking you and/or your people are better than others and as such deserve special recognition above others. This is what the Left does, they place the mother above the child. Are they equal?Of course not, the mother has authority over the child but authority is not superiority. Authority is actually a duty to do right by your underlings. If I am a principal I have authority over my teachers, but I am not superior to them. But I have a responsibility to both the teachers and the students. This concept of authority has gotten confused in the Leftist world with pride and superiority. The Left has neglected its authority to do right by its children and instead gives a bunch of reasons for killing the unborn that have to do with pride. According to Alan Guttmacher Institute, the following  are the reasons women abort:

three-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner.[6http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induced_abortion.html

Defiant womenAll selfish! Not one of these women thought of adoption. Oh no, I couldn’t give my baby away to a loving family, I much rather kill it. It would be too hard ON ME to give it away and a chance at a real life. Don’t want to be a single parent? Put it up for adoption. Think it will interfere with school or the ability to care for other dependents? Put it up for adoption. Having problems with your husband? Get the heck out and put the baby up for adoption. The woman here all had the authority to make sure their child had the best possible family even if it wasn’t with them, but they decided their pride was more important. They decided that whatever made their life easier was paramount. No consideration to the unborn child in them. No consideration to the life that fought its way into existence. It is all about me, me, me. No one ever stops to think that this child could change their life is a wonderful, fundamental way.

In conclusion, there are many reasons that the Left hate the unborn but these three make the top of the list. And it is about time we stand for the unborn and tell them the unborn won’t treated like yesterday’s trash. It is time to protect from those who wish to destroy them. It is time to give them a voice.

Good Night Sweetheart

my-porch-swing-is-a-little-wornThey sat on the porch swing looking up at the midnight sky. The stars shining brightly as if they were doing so just for them. The crickets were the only music. Each one was at peace with the other by their side. She was 82 years old and the time shown upon her face. Her hands were all wrinkled and frail, her hair was now all silver. She rested her head upon his shoulder. He was 77 and time had been kinder to him, He has fewer wrinkles, more strength and as he clutched her hand, he did so mindful of the strength, so gentle and loving was his embrace. She was the first one to speak.
“Can you believe it has been forty years?” she asked.
“No, I can’t. It seems like forty minutes. he answered.
“When I walked in your office that first day, did you think we would be here forty years later?”
“Sweetie, I didn’t think you would be here six months later, let alone forty years,” he jested. They both laughed.
“Your love saved me.” she said with a sweet smile.
With that he rose from the swing and took her hand. He gently pulled her up and into his arms. They started to sway to theBlack and White couple music of the crickets. “If anyone’s love saved the other, it was yours that saved mine. No one has ever loved me so unconditionally before. You once told me I taught you what real human love looked like, you were wrong, you taught me.” They gently kissed one another’s lips. She was feeling woozy, so they sat back down. She laid her head back on her shoulder and he laid his head on hers and without much fanfare, they left this Earth together, holding hands. And the darkness of the night was replaced by the light of God.

Gay Marriage: Gotcha!

I have been thinking if weddings1the straight community really wanted to have full control over the gay community what better way to do it then to make them believe the lie of gay marriage. We sold it, you bought it, you are ours now! Welcome to the heterosexual world-your gayness is immaterial from this point forward! The gay community was built on one premise-sexual freedom. You just squashed that. Monogamy is what reigns supreme in the straight world. You are no longer allowed to go bed hopping. You are no longer allowed to dump someone when someone else hotter comes along, And since we don’t have polygamy, you cannot bring someone else into your relationship, you are stuck! You get bored, you have to divorce them like the rest of us.

Also, since marriage involves children, you are now saddled with dfd-family-pic1raising children for the first 18 years of your married life. You have to deal with 2 am feedings, temper tantrums and the never ending rant of “You are not my real father, I don’t have to listen to you! You are ruining my life! I hope you die!” Oh and now that you are married, you have to deal with everyone asking you, “So when are you having children!” They are no longer an option for you, so you better pony up that cash because you will have to adopt or be considered a social pariah! What kind of gay married couple doesn’t want children-you are so selfish!

Oh, but I want all that-yeah right. You want it now because you are not in it. Tell me how wonderful it is when you get a call from the school to come pick up your son because the teacher that consistently harasses him on a daily basis finally got cussed out by him and you don’t know whether to high five him or wring his neck! Remember all those wonderful weekend getaways you used to take? No more! All that disposable income? Well, it truly is disposable now as you now have to dispose of it on glasses, braces, college funds and medical bills because let’s face it, kids are forever sick!

Remember those awful breeders you accused us of being? Well, it is you now. You wanted all the perks of marriage but none of the responsibilities but guess what? You get them both! Oh and the beauty of this is domestic violence laws now apply to you. You so much as look at your partner wrong and you will be doing some serious prison time. Before you could beat your partner within an inch of their life and the ggay-protestay community would cover for you. Bleeding gay man beat by his boyfriend, nothing to see here people! Now you won’t be able to hide it anymore! You are one of us! So remember all those laws that applied to straight couples you wanted so much?  That’s one of them.

And in-laws! That is right you get in laws now! Those people who made your life miserable when you two were single are now yours for a lifetime! And your precious hospitalization rights you fought for  so diligently won’t amount to a hill of beans once Mom gets involved because she is going to fight every medical decision you make for her son. After all, it happens in the straight community. And now that your “husband” is sick, you get to pay all his medical bills! Needs a bypass? That’s $625,000. Needs brain surgery? That is over a million dollars! But I am sure the Obamacare exchange will pay for it! LOL So you have your “husband” in the hospital, a kid that hates you, in-laws fighting you tooth and nail, overwhelming debt, and a developing ulcer but hey isn’t marriage great?

So whatever made the gay society unique, it is gone. You now belong to the straight world. We gave you marriage but under our terms, not yours. You will play the marriage game they way we say, not you. Marriage is our world and you should feel honored we included you in it. Now your existence will be sexless, bland and ordinary, but this is what you wanted. You have effectively destroyed the gay community. So adieu to your world and welcome to ours.

Polygamy is Next No Matter What the “Marriage Equality” People Say.

Gay married couple enjoying wedding receptionOn June 26, 2015, SCOTUS decreed that same-sex marriage was a constitutional right and people have been warning that polygamy would soon follow. Of course, the “marriage equality”  are saying that is just nonsense that polygamy is not going to happen and these are their reasons why.

1. The battle for same-sex marriage was won, both in courts of law and in the court of public opinion, by framing the goal as “marriage equality”—that same-sex couples should have access to the same rights and privileges as their heterosexual counterparts

Oh because enough people in the public wanted it, it happened. Well, as long as you are so fond of ripping off my history there was no public outcry for interracial marriage. Mrs. Loving did time in jail for marrying her husband. Yeah, we had thearticle-2088040-0F80FD3000000578-782_634x424 Civil Rights movement by the time the 1967 decision came down but that was more about economic and political freedom. When King died he was on his way to deal with a strike concerning garbage men, not the right to marry a White person. Malcolm X well for most of his civil rights career he thought Whites were devils so he definitely wasn’t advocating interracial marriage. Yet despite not having great public support SCOTUS voted in favor of the Lovings. So that argument doesn’t really hold water. Good try though.

So if that is the case, then polygamy could be legalized without overwhelming public support. Especially since the Church can say it is their religious right found in sacred text all over the world and same-sex marriage can’t.

By contrast, the entire existing structure of modern marriage is designed for a dyad. DeBoer argues that there were similar practical objections to same-sex marriage—for instance, having to discard marriage license forms with the words “husband” and “wife” and replacing them with ones that list “Spouse 1” and “Spouse 2.” But this onerous task hardly compares to the massive overhaul multi-partner marriage would require: including revising the rules on post-divorce property division or survivor benefits for three, five, or 10 people instead of two; adjusting child custody arrangement for multiple legal parents; and determining who has the legal authority to make decisions for an incapacitated spouse.

you_may_now_kiss_the_brideSo what? So it gets more complicated why is that a concern of mine? It doesn’t affect your marriage does it? The point is the dyad she speaks of is based on the binary nature of marriage which includes 2 people-a male and a female. The number two by itself has no significance. David had 8 wives. He gained his first wife after defeating Goliath. And those were just his wives we are not counting the hundreds of concubines. Now I am sure keeping track of all those women and their offspring, not exactly a cakewalk but hey we can do it! And by allowing gay adoption, surrogacy and invitro fertilization we have already opened the door to multiple legal parents. Even in heterosexual couples we already deal with that. If I marry my cardiologist, who has three children, I become their legal stepmother. Now they still have a birth mother as well and if she marries another man, he becomes their legal stepfather. So now we have multiple parents with legal custody. The courts already have to figure this out, so that is another invalid argument.

Let’s look at my family. My mother was married to  my sister’s father, had her and got divorced. She met my father and they had my brother, they then adopted my other brother after a two-year battle, finally they adopted me. So technically you have 7 parents involved in creating a family of four. Birth certificates had to be changed, court cases had to be fought, there was a lot of  legal paperwork in creating this family, but the court dealt with it and if polygamy is passed they will just have to learn to deal with it. How they deal with it is not my concern. It wasn’t yours when we had to change all our marriage licenses for you.

3. It’s not just that sorting this out is difficult. The bottom line is that as a practical matter, it’s simply impossible for plural partners to have the same rights and benefits currently enjoyed by two spouses, gay or straight. It’s likely that every group marriage would essentially have to be customized.

Okay, so it is going to have to be customized anyway because the minute you bring children into the marriage, you will have to define if the surrogate mother is going to have any rights to the child, if the couple is gay. Or if you a lesbian couple, you will have to figure out how the sperm donor will factor in. Will it be someone you know or will you use a sperm bank? If it someone you know will he be the father legally? What if you have multiple kids by multiple donors, how will that work? Every gay marriage is going to be customized. It cannot be standardized like a heterosexual union because when you involve kids you HAVE to involve a third party, it is not optional. Whereas, children from a heterosexual are automatically thought to be created from that union alone. So if we are customizing it for a gay couple, why can’t we customize it for those practicing polygamy?

And who says it is impossible for plural partners to have the same rights and benefits-you? This is nothing but contract law.  For instance, if I want to bequeath my entire estate to my cat, I can. Or if I want to split it between my son and my three hot, young  lovers, I can do that too. So let’s say I am married to my three hot lovers, if I want to make one the primary beneficiary and the other two alternate beneficiaries in case something happens to hot stud #1, I can do that. All that is needed for any contract to be valid is a meeting the minds, an offer, acceptance, and consideration. As long as those four things are met I can make a contract for almost anything. So as long as it is not illegal and the person is of age, I am good to go.

Lastly, if this is convoluted it is because the government is involved with marriage.  If the government had it remain a religious institution, you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

4. There is another difference. Attempts to stop same-sex marriage floundered partly because no one could show how male/female unions would be harmed or even affected by same-sex ones. Legalizing multiple spouses, on the other hand, would immediately affect every couple by opening a potential door to new partners in the marriage. Yes, this would presumably require everyone’s consent, but at the very least, those who want monogamy would have to explicitly stipulate this, and even then a monogamy clause could probably be renegotiated later.

So what business is it of yours? What do you honestly think everyone who gets married from this point on is going to all of polygamya sudden want to practice polygamy? That it is insane. You are not just bringing in a new sex toy, you are saying I am going to take care of both of you until death do us part! How many men do you think are going to want to do that? Why do you think hey have mistresses instead of multiple wives? And a lot of things are re-negotiated later, even prenups. So what does it matter to you if down the line, a couple decides to bring in another spouse, how does that affect your marriage? If you guys are happy with monogamy, good for you, why are you bringing your morality into it? It has nothing to do with your marriage and therefore won’t harm it.

How about gay marriage, doesn’t that open up the opportunity for my spouse to leave me for a man and marry him instead? Heck, Netflix has a whole series about that very scenario. Of course, it does, so maybe we shouldn’t have gay marriage since it will encourage abandonment of heterosexual spouses. The idea that every man (or woman) is just going to want to take on the financial and legal obligations of another spouse once polygamy is instituted is sheer lunacy.

5. Some have also suggested that polygamous marriage should have a greater claim to legitimacy than same-sex marriage since it is far more rooted in history. But that argument misses a key factor in the cultural shift on same-sex marriage: gender equality as a central value of modern society. Historical polygamy is strongly linked to male dominance and female subjection—while monogamy arguably formed the basis of the transition from patriarchal authority to companionate partnership that eventually paved the way for same-sex unions.

What? I don’t even know how to address this because it is utter garbage. This is nothing more than saying, it is okay for us but not for you!

And finally, this gem:

6. In a free society, the private sexual choices of adults should not be criminalized. But they are not automatically entitled to cultural approval or societal support systems.

Hold up wasn’t that our very argument about gay marriage? Now you are going to try to use it against polygamists. It doesn’t fly. Again that is nothing more than discrimination against a group they do not approve of.

And now for the kicker: http://www.krtv.com/story/29450937/montana-polygamist-family-applies-for-marriage-license

Montana polygamists

All Abortions are Forced Abortions

English: Rep. Albert Wynn (left) joins Gloria ...

English: Rep. Albert Wynn (left) joins Gloria Feldt (right), President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, on the steps of the Supreme Court, to rally in support of the pro-choice movement on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pro-choice crowd or as I refer to them the “poor-choice” crowd would like you to believe that a woman goes into an abortion clinic, the same way she goes into a nail salon with a smile on her face and a happy tune in her heart. Not only does she walk in that way, she walks out skipping and singing “Skip to My Lou

However, that is almost never the case. We all know Lorena Bobbitt, men quake in fear at the name. The woman who cut off her man’s penis while he slept. How many know the story behind the story though? According to website Green Left: “For months we have been subjected to nauseating, titillating news coverage of the case. Lorena accused her husband of repeated rape and beatings and forcing her to have an abortion.”

http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/7369. Green Left is definitely  a leftist site hence the name but even from this tidbit we do see that women are forced into abortions. But even if the Lorena Bobbitt of the world do exist and are forced into abortions that surely does not prove my point that all abortions are forced does it. It just means some are.

How can I possibly all abortions are forced abortions. I say it because no woman truly wants to abort her child, she feels forced into the decision. Whether it is due to circumstances, her significant other or already having prior children, there is a driving force behind her that leads her to believe she has no choice but to commit this horrific crime. There are the relatively few monsters out there that have abortions the way they have their teeth cleaned, with no remorse and relative ease. But they are not the majority, they are not even the minority, they are so few in number as to be an anomaly.

People  think forced abortions only happen in places like China but since a child is dying we are not going to concern ourselves whether or not they actually wanted to abort their child. At least not here in America.  So let’s look at a pro-choice site who has an article about this very controversial subject. Publiceye.org whose tagline is Defending Reproductive Justice had this to say:.

In a national study of women, 64% of those who aborted felt pressured to do so by others.1This pressure can become violent.2 65% suffered symptoms of trauma.1 In the year following an abortion, suicide rates are 6-7 times higher.3

Yet they seem to be the only pro-choice site talking about this phenomenon, since talking about it would cut into the abortion industry’s profits. Now you may be saying, 64% is still not all. It is close but there is still a third that obviously didn’t feel forced. Well, sometimes that force comes internally as well.

Reasons women give for having abortions:

  • Forced by mother
  • Father opposed
  • Husband or boyfriend persuaded me
  • No other option was given
  • Would have been kicked out
  • Loss of family’s support
  • Lack of support from society
  • Clinic persuaded me4

In 95% of all cases, the male partner plays a central role in the decision.5 Of men interviewed at abortion clinics 45% man and woman picturerecalled urging abortion, including 37% of married men.6 Many of these men reported being justified in being the primary decision maker in the decision to have the abortion.6

Okay, now we are up to 95% when it comes to who ultimately made the decision, the man and not the woman. Not only were the men the primary decision maker, they felt justified in being so. At this point, five percent is such a small percentage it is pretty easy to say that all abortions are indeed forced abortions.

So what does this tell us? Iit tells us that we have been lied to. Women are not clamoring for abortion. Men are. That the line pro-choice people try to feed us about women wanting abortion is pretty much an outright lie. After all, who are the majority of abortionists? Men. Who gains the most from the woman aborting? Men. Who is making the most money off of abortion? Men. This was never about women and their rights. It has always about the sexual freedom of men. It has always been about the abandonment of women and the children made with them. It was about men in 1973 and it is about men now.

Betty Friedan did not mention abortion in the early version of The Feminine Mystique. It was Lawrence Lader, co-founder of NARAL, who convinced her that all feminist work-based demands depended on a woman’s ability to control her own body and fertility. Both Nathanson and Lader persuaded Friedan (and NOW) that abortion was a civil rights issue.

So if abortion was such a women’s right why didn’t Betty Friedan mention it in her earlier version of the Feminine Mystique, why did it take men to convince her that it was, if it as plain as the nose on your face? Because this was always about the male agenda, not the welfare of women. Just like Lader and Nathanson forced abortion, as a concept, onto Betty and Betty forced it onto the feminist movement. It has been forced onto women ever since. IN 1973, we gave women the finger and told them we could care less about them and their children. It is time we correct that error. It won’t bring the 61 million lives back but it might save 61 million more.