30 Days of Heroes

 Okay so today starts my 30 days of Heroes. I will be highlighting unsung heroes we don’t hear of too often. People I actually know in my life, people I admire and some famous ones. Each hero will start with a scripture and then I will give you the details of their lives and why I picked them as a hero.
July 30th, 2010-The staff at the Vegan Village Internet Cafe
And they shall be mine saith the Lord of Hosts,in that day that I make up my jewels
3 Nephi 24:17

While I love all the staff at the Vegan Village Internet Cafe and will also be highlighting them as well. I wanted to highlight one special person –Jewel Love

With all the bad news you hear in regards to Black men today from Chris Brown and his ongoing domestic violence towards Rihanna to the O.J’s getting away with murder, it is truly a pleasure to see a gentle man. Jewel has just started working at Vegan Village and is truly a welcome addition in my book. I had the opportunity to chat with him recently and I truly enjoyed it. He has a way of really listening to you and making you feel connected. He is a yoga instructor and I will be taking his class on August 29th. When I was doing my 30 days with God, he seemed to get it more. I talked to God about him during that time. I was told “don’t be so quick to dismiss him. You can learn alot from him.” Being that I am old and stuck in my ways, I had no idea what that could be. I was told that he was more spiritually centered than I was and I would be well advised to learn that from him. Always nice when God humbles you and you remember you are not all that! LOL

Adonai wanted to know why I was picking Jewel, “He hasn’t done anything for you.” he said. But he has. First of all he has put up with Adonai-lol. But mostly, by just his gentle and warm presence, I have caught a glimpse of something I want for myself and something I think he can teach me. And heroes are not all about who has done what for you but people who make you want to be a better person and Jewel does that for me.


Wherefore, everything which invieth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God
Moroni 7:13

They are some the kindest, most generous, down to earth women you will ever meet. They are all crazy about Adonai and treat him like he was a king. If you go into Vegan Village any day of the week and Nickolodeon is on, you can beat me and Adonai are there. I will tell you a bit about the individual women.

Courtney-She is an older woman, tall, slender and beautiful which matches her spirit. She is a very sweet woman who always has a hug for Adonai. She along with all the other staff, including Jewel have a way of making you feel like a part of the family. It is one of the reasons I like going there so much.

Sharay-she is a bit younger. She is smart, kind and like the rest of the staff there works hard to make you feel comfortable. Her only flaw-one time she tried to give my promengrate lemonade to someone else. LOL After that we were cool. She was even helping me to come up with names for my 30 Days of Heroes thing here on facebook. She called her grandfather and everything to get names for me. That is how they are. They are always willing to go that extra mile for you.

Ashlee-she has long dreads and also very kind and helpful, but I don’t know her as well as the others so I can give much detail. All I can say is everyone there has gone beyond the call of duty for me. I have stayed countless hours on the computer, with no one giving me the bum’s rush or breathing down my neck. When I had papers to do for school, I spent a lot of time on their computer and never once was I told I had to wrap it up-unless they were closing for the night.

Once upon a time a man named Ricky worked there as well, he gave Adonai gifts, he would make popcorn and let us watch movies in the back (Jewel let Adonai see Avatar, no popcorn but still very cool) and boy could he cook! He was so awesome he had the biggest heart and smile you have ever seen. I was disappointed when I heard he no longer worked there. And I still miss him and I wish him all the happiness in his life because he clearly deserves it. But I have to say, while the others had mighty big shoes to fill, they seem to doing a good job of filling them.

I love the people at Vegan Village Internet Cafe because I am not treated like a customer, I am treated as a friend and anyone who treats my son as wonderfully as these people do, definitely deserves the title hero

The Vegan Village Internet Cafe

4067  West Pico Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90019

(323) 766-9773

Hours 11-9pm daily

One thought on “30 Days of Heroes

  1. P.S. I am doing this on facebook and I wanted to talk about the people but you have got to try their food even if you are not a vegan like me. I am a vegan the way, Hilary Clinton is happily married-not at all. Yet, I have never had any of their food where I regretted having it later. My son loves the hot “wings” and I love their french fries and their tacos. They are coming up with “chicken” salad and it is really good. Anyway, just wanted to plug that. Go for the food, stay for the internet. LOL

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