George “The Killer” Tiller Goes On Trial

georgetillerGeorge Tiller is well known among those in the pro-life movement.  He represents what we abhor and are fighting against.  George Tiller of Wichita, Kansas has continued to flaunt the law and do late term abortions even though they are illegal.   George is being brought up on 19 counts of doing illegal abortions.  He will face a year for each charge if he is convicted.

The trial has been a long time in coming because there have been several hold up over the years in bringing him to trial.  Tiller has connections that reach far up in the pro-abortion echelon.  Phil Kline was the original prosecutor to try to bring Tiller to justice but was Tiller’s buddies got him removed from the case. However if it hadn’t been for Phil Kline and his determination this case wouldn’t have seen the light of day.  When it first went to trial, it was discovered that Tiller and the judge had financial ties to each other.

Tiller is an arrogant man who fancies himself some kind of modern day hero.  He truly believes he is doing some great service to humanity by performing abortions.  He also wears a bullet proof vests because his gigantic ego has convinced himself that he is a target of pro-lifers. Now if his life is in jeopardy it is not from pro-lifers.  Probably from the women or the loved ones of who he has performed abortions on.  In fact, in 1993 a woman shot him but it was the pro-life picketers outside his clinic that got the license plate and called the police.  Had they not done that the police wouldn’t have been able to apprehend her when she returned her rental car. Yet Tiller still continues to taunt pro-lifers.

Tiller gloats about killing over 60,000 unborn children.  Yet he is only being brought up on 19 charges? Really that is the best you can do? But it is not surprising when you realize that the Governor threw a reception for him in 2007.   This is the same Governor that Obama wants to head up the Department of Health and Human Services.  Governor Selebius threw the reception in the Governor mansion and was integral in trying to smear Phil Kline. The good part of this is if he is convicted on all 19 counts, he will spend at least 9-10 years in prison (time off for good behavior and all) and that will save thousands of unborn children’s lives. Yeah, it is easy to kill an unborn child let’s see how tough he is when he has a 300 lb, 7’2 cellmate named Bubba he has to worry about.  Because I don’t think Selebius is going to be helping him out of any jams in there!