Personhood Amendment Passes In North Dakota

northdakotacap2The Dakotas have been blazing the trail when it comes amending the wrong that is this nation’s abortion policy. South Dakota is the only state not to have any abortion clinics in it and now North Dakota has passed the bill HR1572 which now codifies the fetus as a person within their state constitution. HR 1527 is an amendment, so it is not simply a voter approved initiative. And though HR 1572 doesn’t outlaw abortion, it is the first step in that direction. South Dakota does have a ban on abortion ready to take effect the minute Roe v. Wade is overturned. In the meantime with no abortion clinics available, the law regarding abortion is a moot point. It is not any good without access.

photo112HR 1572 passed 51-41. This is telling, our nation is moving towards a more pro-life mindset. Youth today are far more pro-life than their parents as demonstrated by Lia,  She is the twelve year old girl who delivered a powerful pro-life speech which you can find here under “And A Child Shall Lead Them.” More and more people, women especially, are realizing that abortion is not the  solution to any of life’s problems. It is just another problem.

North Dakota is not the only state with personhood amendments under consideration. Here are the other ones you can get involved with, Alabama (SB 335), Maryland (HB 925), Montana (SB 406) and South Carolina (H 3526). Should they all pass, that would be five states or one-tenth of our union, that has turned away from taking life and back to protecting it. It is promising that personhood amendments are starting to spread up across our country and it will be a glorious day indeed when all of our citizens are once again granted the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


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