Fairness Doctrine-Will It Go Through?

The conservative blogosphere is chattering about the impending Fairness Doctrine and it seems to have them running scared, but I don’t see why.  Actually, I feel if just one conservative would just stand up and say, “Hey that’s a great idea! Bring it on!” that the liberals would back down immediately. Not only that if they actually had to supply the conservative side to each newspaper editorial,  each news broadcast and each television show, they would stop it on their own.  The liberal bias that they say doesn’t exist would be undoubtedly exposed and they would only have themselves to blame.  The Fairness Doctrine does more to hurt the liberals then it does to hurt conservatives.  Conservatives shouldn’t shriek from the Fairness Doctrine but should use it to their own advantage.  Should NBC, which must stand for Now Banning Christianity, decide it doesn’t want to give equal time to the conservative side of issues, we could sue the pants off them!

The Fairness Doctrine would actually mean that the media would be held accountable for not listening to our side for a change.  Of course, I understand the reasons most conservatives are speaking out against it  because the liberals are trying to use it to shut down conservative opinion and free speech shouldn’t be squelched because one does not agree with it.  The thing is liberalism is dying, despite the Obama victory.  The liberals know this and that is why they want the Fairness Doctrine, so give it to them-let America hear the lunancy of their ideology as opposed to conservatism.  Liberals will hang themselves if we give them enough rope.  And the Fairness Doctrine is that rope!


One thought on “Fairness Doctrine-Will It Go Through?

  1. The Fair”less” doctrine will only be implemented for conservative talk radio not liberal talk radio (is there such a thing?). The FCC needs 3 out of 5 votes to pass it and it is under liberal control so passing it would be easy, but the problem is that the so called “Fairness Doctrine” will never come into play. B.O. knows it is not politically popular and heaven forbid he not “look” good! So, he’ll get what he wants (or shall I say what his puppeteers Reid and Pelosi want) by going in the back door…through Community Regulation with Localism. I have a couple of videos on my blog describing what it is just in case you’ve not heard of it. (I had not heard of it until just recently). Your blog is great, by the way!

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