Go Green…Or Else!!!

cfl-lightbulbI recently received a CFL hanging on my door from the DWP. I didn’t order them, I didn’t ask them to do this but they decided to take it upon themselves to deliver this piece of hazardous waste to my home.   As I read the enclosed booklet in the bag, it says it is illegal to throw it in the trash and that I have to take it to a hazardous waste diposal center when it burns out.

So basically you are going to try to force me to use this toxic waste lightbulb and then make it illegal for me to get rid of it? Are you friggin’ kidding me!? I called them to ask what I am supposed to do with this since I can’t throw it anyway and some Shaniqua sounding witch told me to call 311 to see where I can dispose of this. I shouldn’t have to dispose it at all, I didn’t want it!!!

This is the problem with the “green” movement, they are frickin’ Nazis! They order you to use their products whether you want them or not and then forbid you from getting rid of it! How are you going to make something so toxic that it can’t be disposed of in a regular fashion? This is not like car oil where most people are getting oil changes and therefore are not directly responsible for disposing of it themselves.   Not only that, your car is not inside your house!  Hey DWP, why don’t you drop some urnanium off at my place too and then force me to get rid of it?

I have used a CFL before (and I threw it away when it burned out! This is before the booklet let me know otherwise!) and it didn’t last five years. It didn’t last one year. It didn’t even last six months! So I don’t want to hear how much longer CFLs last! It is a lie! They do not! So basically they are more expensive, don’t last nearly as long as the incandescent bulbs and are more toxic! Oh let me run out and get a whole bunch more! Do I look  stupid, DWP! This  is nothing but a scam and I am not playing along.  You can keep your stupid CFLs because I have seen the light!


5 thoughts on “Go Green…Or Else!!!

  1. I totally agree. I think the green movement is such a sham. The sad thing is that ordinary, well-intentioned but ill-informed people think it’s such a great cause to champion, or they just go along because they don’t want to feel guilty. I’d prefer to keep my freedom, thanks.

    And also, I don’t want those darned dangerous bulbs in my house with my young kids either! Did you know that if one breaks and spills on the carpet you have to actually cut that section of the carpet out and replace it!? Hello! My kids accidentally break light bulbs swinging their toy swords around. Oh, yea, liberals probably want to make it illegal for kids to play with toy swords too, just as soon as they ban toy guns.

  2. Amen sister! We do need to take care of the Earth and we are the guardians of it but how does that then translate into creating a product that actually pollutes it more! That makes no sense! No one actually takes the time to sit down and really think through this whole sham of a movement. Can aersol cans really affect the sun? Come on, if I told you that you would think I was high and would tell me to get off the crack, but Al Gore says it and all of it sudden it makes sense? Give me a break. I don’t mind cleaning the water, air and planting trees because these are real and doable things that I can do to make this planet better but don’t sit there and tell me these toxic bulbs are going to save the Earth, I am not buying it! And I mean that in the consumer sense too. LOL. Thanks again for droppping by whitelily.

  3. I wish I had your sense of humor. I’m just mad! Since I have you here, and I assure you this isn’t a shameless plug for my blog (I feel a bit of shame), I’d like to see what reaction you have to my rebuttal of a commenter concerning my prayer for the failure of Obama, actually his socialist ideology. Her contention was that we wanted a black president and now we should give him a chance. I’ll understand if you don’t get to it. ff

  4. We had one of those break in our apartment–it scared me half to death! If they find a way to make them without the mercury (or something equally noxious) I will happily switch over.

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