Child Prostitution and California

child-with-moneyCalifornia continues on its path to creep out the rest of the country with its laws regarding sex, we now have a bill that passed that legalizes child prostitution. Of course, the sponsors of the bill, especially one Holly Mitchell will tell you that it does nothing of the sort. Their argument that it will save children from sex trafficking.

The Washington Post disagrees: To their credit, they are sincere in their belief that decriminalizing underage prostitution is good public policy that will help victims of sex trafficking. Unfortunately, the reality is that the legalization of underage prostitution suffers from the fatal defect endemic to progressive-left policy-making: it ignores experience, common sense and most of all human nature — especially its darker side.

It is not just the legislators who are misguided in their attempt to end sex trafficking of children. The County Welfare Directors Association of California (CWDA) believes that the passage of SB 1322 by the California legislature will bode well for children caught in the sex trade.

The County Welfare Directors Association of California (CWDA) has taken a position of SUPPORT on your SB 1322.

This legislation would decriminalize the crimes of prostitution and loitering with intent to commit prostitution (crimes listed in 647 and 653.22 of the Penal Code) for minors.

isThe idea is that if a child is caught in a sex trafficking they will feel free to tell the authorities because they won’t have to worry about prison time. While no one thinks that children in the sex trafficking trade should do jail time, we also know a child caught in that nightmare is not “free to report” what is going on regardless if they would end up in jail or not. All you have done is given the reigns of control to their abuser and have essentially said what they are doing is just fine.  The proponents say those who have sex with minors will still be prosecuted.  So let’s look what punishment they will receive:

 If a defendant violates paragraph (3) and knew or should have known that the person who was solicited was a minor at the time of the offense, or if a defendant violates paragraph (2) and the person who was solicited was a person posing as a minor and the defendant had specific intent to solicit a minor, the violation is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not less than 72 hours and not more than one year and by a fine of not less than one thousand dollars ($1,000) but not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

jailThis is the amended version? Are you serious? You are only going to give people who victimize children a year in jail and 10,000 dollar fine. When Michael Vick got busted for dog fighting he received 23 months in prison! So let me get this straight running dog fights will get you 23 month in prison but having sex with a child will get three days jail time at the least. You don’t even get any prison time (And yes there is a difference. Prison is for hard core criminals and jail is for misdemeanors and the like and you don’t spend more than a year there. )  So our legislators didn’t think having sex with a child was worth any prison time? Do we really value dogs more than we value our children!? Is this what we have come to?

The legislators were nice enough to put: (7) This subdivision does not prohibit prosecution under any other law. Oh I see it wasn’t worth their time to make the punishment for SEX TRAFFICKING A CHILD something substantial, no we have to get them for other crimes because being a pedophile is not good enough! Maybe we can get them for dog fighting! This whole law is a mess. The reason we make things illegal is to demonstrate that we think these things are wrong.  By saying child prostitution is not “illegal” all you have done is sanction the practice of sleeping with children. You haven’t protected them, you have essentially fed them to the wolves.

Child pornography is illegal but we don’t throw the children who have participated in it, in jail. We also make sure the adults found having child pornography do some real time. All this law does is slap the adults on the wrist and away they go! This will not protect children. It will not make those who are being prostituted any safer and people will not just start coming forward. That is not the way it works. Rape is illegal, the women do not go to jail for being raped like in some countries, but yet rape is very much under-reported. So we know reporting a crime has little to do with, whether or not you will go to jail.

influential-social-workers-e1412775247650So how do we protect the children since we know the majority of them are not going to be reporting what is happening to them? Well obviously the state needs to step in. And this what the law says:  “The bill would authorize the minor to be taken into temporary custody under limited circumstances.”  While limited powers from the state is almost always a good thing, I fear in this case those “limited circumstances” will end up meaning limited children will actually get the help they so desperately need.

In conclusion, all this law will end up doing is allowing more children to be victimized, while not punishing the perpetrators with any real legal consequence and saving only few from further abuse. It is an awful law all the way around and it is despicable that California saw fit to pass it. The bill goes into effect January 1, 2017! Happy New Year California, you just destroyed your children!

Me, Princess Leia and Heart Disease

As I heard about Carrie Fisher’s (aka Princess Leia) heart attack upon that London flight. My own heart dropped. I knew her chances of surviving were not stellar. Being a semi-heart expert myself, I knew that there were some things that were not in her favor. The number one thing being that SHE WAS A WOMAN.  Before the feminists lose their minds, you might want to know that the number one killer of women is not breast cancer, but it is actually heart disease.  As someone who has been fighting this thing for four years now, the one thing I thought she had going for her was being taken to UCLA. After all, it was UCLA that saved my life.  If they could save my pathetic, little life then surely they could save hers.  However that wasn’t the case.

princess-leia-metal-bikini-e1337274700461As a little girl, I remember watching the Star Wars films but I was much more a Darth Vader fan than a Princess Leia one. I even dressed up as Darth Vader one year. But I don’t want you to get the idea I hated Princess Leia because I didn’t. She did seem funny and smart but Darth could kill you with his hand, very cool. I was a tomboy back then so liking Princess Leia seemed “girly” though most girls back then would probably tell you they liked her because she wasn’t “girly.” Of course, that gold metal bikini didn’t help her make her less “girly” in my eyes.

I didn’t feel like I had all that much in common in with Princess Leia but last week that all changed. In a swift second, we had more in common than we ever would. I could almost hear her saying, Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope:


And while Obi Wan Kenobi may have been Princess Leia’s only hope for me and Carrie, UCLA was ours. I wished that she would get Dr. Shamsa and Dr. Shemin as her primary cardiologists. After Dr. Shemin was my cardiothoracic and given my complicated history, was the only one who could have pulled off my surgery at all. From what I have been told he is the best in the country when it comes to complicated heart surgery. And I believe they are right, otherwise I might have ended up like Carrie. Dr. Shamsa is a cardiologist and deals with the day to day management of heart issues. (Of course, if you read my blog before you already knew that).

When she died I was in shock. While I knew the factors such her age, being a woman and the fact that first heart attacks tend to be the most fatal (however, if you are lucky to survive the first one, each one after that becomes increasing worse.) and the fact she did drugs back in the day, only increased her chances of her not surviving this. Knowing all of this I was still holding UCLA up as being able to pull off a miracle, they did for me after all. So when she did, it wasn’t so much a shock from the heart attack killing her, it was a shock that UCLA couldn’t save her. It didn’t make sense, I had a whole slew of medical conditions going in. Why were they able to save me and not her? It is like some kind of quasi-survivor’s guilt

However there may be one saving grace in all of this. Princess Leia, an American icon just became the face of heart disease for women. For years, there has a been a push to study heart disease for women because it what happened to the Princess happens to so many ordinary women. According to the CDC, heart disease kills 22.4 percent of women each year. Yet nothing is done.  However, it is like that with all diseases, no one cared about AIDS until Rock Hudson died from it.  No one gave a hoot about ALS until Lou Gehrig considered himself the luckiest man in the world despite having it. Parkinson’s research didn’t hit its high until Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali spoke about it. And the granddaddy of them all MS, which was almost unknown until Jerry Lewis and his telethon.

Her last remaining legacy may not be Princess Leia but what she does to further research for women’s heart disease.  Both the Princess and Carrie fought many great fights in their lives, let’s make sure the one they couldn’t win, is used to help women all over the world to help their greatest fight as well-the fight for their heart. If you want to know more about how you can help your heart go here:

Heart Disease for Women

More needs to be done to help women with heart disease. Women are often ignored or seen as hypochondriacs  and not taken seriously. I got lucky, I finally found someone who would listen to me when I was told I had allergies by another doctor. If there is a war on women it is found in the healthcare industry and has nothing to do with birth control but with the heart. 

Home Sweet Home…Or Lack Thereof


On December 17th, I will no longer have a home. I have been going through all the emotions. From anger to grief to being happy as all get out!  Sometimes I want to punch my landlord in the eye and other times I want to hug him for releasing me. Sometimes I want to sing: Tonight I’m on my way, just set me free, home sweet home!” But whatever the end result, whatever the emotion, I know out of all this fear and sadness something good is going to happen. I keep thinking about the movie the Pursuit of Happyness and how Will Smith’s character kept hanging in there and in the end it turned out well for him. And like Will Smith I will be taking my son along for the ride.

My whole working life I worked with the homeless. And here I am about to be one of them. I wonder was I ever too hard on them. Was I ever too evil in my judgment of them? I hope not, I hope I always was more compassionate. I want to ask forgiveness from every homeless person I treated less honorably. Why didn’t I see it before? They are people just like me. Today I saw a homeless man sitting at McDonald’s so I asked him if he was hungry. He said he was. I asked him what he wanted. He said a sandwich, I asked if a Big Mac will do? He said yes. So I went inside and got him 2 Big Macs and a Coke. Don’t pat me on the back or say what a good person I am. I am nothing of the sort. I didn’t want to be sitting at a McDonald’s hoping someone would buy food for me and my son. I did it because that is a very real possibility and I was hoping God would see and bless me for it.

So as I walk down this road it is with a lot of trepidation and as I join the Forgotten people, I hope that madness won’t get me first. But one day I will find my home sweet home.





Five Things We Can Do Now

5Now that Trump has been elected President, we can continue to whine about it or we can dust ourselves off and get down to work. Trump can’t make America great again and if you think he can you are delusional. It is the people that will make America great again. It has always been the people that has made America great. From our most dedicated veterans to the people in the churches, in the schools and in every business across our nation, they are the ones who make America great. So put your wounded pride aside and let’s see what we can to make America great.

  1. If you are unhappy with both the Democrats and Republicans, look for another party. There are plenty of third parties out there, for both the Left and the Right for you to put your allegiance. Are you a Leftist who has a strong interest in the environment then the Green Party is for you. Do you care more about Health and Wellness? Then the Canary Party maybe for you. Are you a veteran? Then try the Veteran Party of America. Do you believe abortion needs to be eliminated and made illegal? Then America’s Party is for you. There are many parties out there and if you want to hear from some of them go to: Open Rebellion Radio Not only did we do debates with them there but we interviewed them about their platforms. It is a good place to get started.
  2. Volunteer at said new party or find a charity. There are always places and organizations that need your help. And while no organization will turn down your financial help, the truth is they need your time. If you can give even a hour or two a week or 3 to 4 hours a month, that will be much appreciated. So find out what you are passionate about and spend some time helping them. You are the hero they are waiting for.
  3. Jesus StatueGo back to church. Whether you are Protestant, Baptist, Catholic, Mormon or non-denominational, we will not get back to our former glory until we start putting God first. Without repenting and turning from our wicked ways, we will never see a return to our prosperity. But it is not about material gain. It is about returning to our moral code and abandoning this relativism that says there is no right or wrong that will once again make us a honorable and decent society in which to live. However, we cannot do that until we return to God once more. And if you are absolutely opposed to God, find your higher power and start there.
  4. Check out your neighborhood councils. Unless you live in a rural neighborhood (and even then you probably have some kind of council, whether it be a church council or some other) you probably have some kind of neighborhood council. This council speaks for you at your City Council level. It is important you know who is on your council and what they are advocating on your behalf. This is your opportunity to get a chance to get involved directly on what is going on in your neighborhood and change it for the better.
  5. Finally, just enjoy life. Life is too short to be consumed by politics. So enjoy your family, your friends. Hate your job, find one that you absolutely love. Read books you always wanted to. Walk on the beach with someone you love. Dance like no one is watching. All in all, find your joy and passion and express it. Most importantly, love yourself and then share that love others. You are an awesome person and so are your brothers and sisters. We are all one big family, remember that. God bless you all.


How Open Rebellion Candidates Did

Tonight on Open Rebellion Radio we talked about the election and we also discussed how the candidates who came on our show did as well. But it is not just how our candidates fared but how the third party fared overall in this election. And the third party came out swinging.

While my prediction was wrong about one third party candidate winning a state, I wasn’t far off in the importance the third party candidates would have on the election. Third party candidates  won nearly 6 million votes. Gary Johnson won 4,087,927 votes. Jill Stein won 1,223,828 votes and McMullin won 425, 991. That brings us to a grand total of 5,741,746. Remember these are just the votes on the ballots, we are not counting write in votes which haven’t been totaled thus far.

As for the people on Open Rebellion, well the candidates on our show received 185.550 votes. It goes according:

When you add our candidates to the big three I just mentioned you wind up with 5,927,296 votes.  Nearly six million votes to say we don’t want these people to represent us. You can stick your head in a hole and pretend those six million votes didn’t have any impact but according to one news source it could have cost Hillary the election:

Similarly, Trump took Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, however, if Clinton had been able to convert half of the state’s third-party voters, she could’ve won that race too.

Trump also unexpectedly won Michigan and Wisconsin by razor-thin margins, while third-party candidates made up 4-5% of the vote in these states.

Third Party Voters

All that nonsense about a vote for a third party was a vote for Hillary and never once did it occur to those people that a vote for third party meant one less vote for Hillary.  The third party movement in this country is starting to grow substantially on the Left and the Right: Third party voting was up from 1% of the total to 7%. Third Party Margin That is rather a substantial leap in just four years.

So though most of my predictions did not come true I do believe when the write ins are counted we are see third party increase even more. Since a lot of the Open Rebellion and third party candidates were write ins we will have to wait to see how they do.  However,  according to almost half the people that could vote did not vote in the  election (43%) or about 90 million people.

Which is rather interesting, while the voting for the two parties was down  the voting for the third parties went up. Now imagine if those 90 million who didn’t vote had went third party instead, we would have our second third party president in 152 years. (Our first being Abraham Lincoln.) The truth is we may not have demolished the two party system but we did make more wobbly.

My Election Predictions

A recent votingpoll put Trump ahead by one point of Hillary Clinton. That is hardly anything to get excited about. Most polls have a margin of error of two points, which means he could actually one point behind Hillary. That being said, all it really tells you is that this is going to be a tight election. It is still possible he could end up having a landslide but given the general distaste for both candidates I don’t see a landslide for either one happening.

electoral-college-mapThat being said, it is very likely that the electoral votes will be split down the middle, each one receiving 267. If that is case it will only take one third party candidate to take the Election to the House. The most likely case at this point is Utah and Evan McMullin. McMullin actually stands a good chance of taking Utah, one because he is Mormon and two because so many Mormons do not like Trump. During the primaries, Utah voted overwhelmingly for Cruz over Trump. And you should not take the Mormon vote very lightly. There are 5 million Mormons in the United States. To make the math easier let’s say 1 million are below voting age and the rest will be voting tomorrow. Next, the majority of Mormons are Republicans. So out of the four million left, we will say 3 million are Republicans. So even if Trump doesn’t take Utah and if the primaries are any indication, he won’t, that doesn’t mean it goes to Hillary. In this case, it means it goes to Evan.

My Approved Portraits

Jeff Flake-Mormon

If Facebook is any indication, many Mormons have said they would vote for Evan over the other two candidates because they feel he is a better presidential material. While  it is true Evan is not popular with the average voter, if he could get the Mormon base in Utah to pull the lever for him he could potentially win. If that happens it changes the game. No longer could people say that third parties are immaterial and it would start the dismantling of the two party system. Another contender is Gary Johnson. The good thing about Johnson is he is on every ballot (or nearly all of them) in the country and indeed has quite the following that he too could put a dent in the outcome.

I predict we are going to see more write ins than have ever seen before.  Whether they are for Tom Hoefling, Mike Maturen, Darrell Castle or any of the others running, I do predict we will see a great uptick in write-in votes.  Many people who don’t live in battleground states don’t feel the need to vote for the two parties running and are voting for candidates on the third party ticket.

So these are my  predictions:

  1. Neither candidate will have a landslide victory
  2. Write in votes will be more than anyone predicted
  3. One third party candidate will take a state and potentially give us a house election
  4. It is going to be a much tighter race.

We will see if  my predictions are right and it if they are maybe I will be able keep my Political Science degree. LOL

My Mixed Feelings About Iran


She was a little black girl sitting in front of the television, watching the news with her mother.

Broadcasts would come on the television about Americans who had been taken hostage by a group of Iranian students. Every day, they would broadcast the number of days the hostages had been held. That little girl only knew one thing about Iranians, they were mean and they took her people.

A four-year-old, Iranian boy sat in his house, doing things four-year-old boys do. Unaware that world around him was surrounded by chaos. Or was he? What did he think of the Americans who hated him? Did he know about the Iranian hostage crisis? How did his young mind process that? Did he know he would one day live in America?

Dr. Shamsa and me at my UCLA graduationWhat these two did not know is that in 33 years they would be good friends. They didn’t know that that same four-year-old boy would save that nine-year-old girl’s life. They didn’t know he would be only one who would be able to save her. They didn’t know he would be there for her college graduation or that because of his generosity she would develop a bit of a crush on him.



All grown up and on her own, that nine year old is now dating an Iranian man.  Yet that nine year old girl who was distrustful of all Iranian still raises her head whenever she hears about taking our naval officers or some other high profile story. It is gets complicated because the nine year old girl is always there whispering in her ear, but the man she thinks about, the man she is falling for, the man who can make her head swoon just by holding her hand is Iranian.

As her about her best date and it was with him, walking along the beach holding her hand, looking up at the stars and talking in the sand. She loved and accepted. It was absolutely perfect. She didn’t see a “terrorist” she saw the man she loved. She saw the man she wanted to be with. When he held her, it was perfect. When she was in the hospital and he had barely any gas, he came to see her. He stayed by her side and took on the staff on her behalf. When she needed him, he was there. So how could he possibly be the bad guy? She lit up when he was around. He was her hero, not the villain.

She didn’t actually go to her prom but ask her about it and she will tell the best prom date was when she was the time she spent with her Iranian life saver-her cardiologist who came to her UCLA graduation. Spending time with him,  speaking about their lives was more exciting and fantastic than any prom date she would had at 18. That nine year old was nowhere that night and that four year old boy was anxious to meet her sister, an event that didn’t take place.

13619938_10208853458485744_7044993032052646618_nAsk her about her best time studying for finals and she will tell you about her friend, Robert who is also Iranian. She and her walked with their arms around each other to get some food. He was much younger than her but she didn’t care, she was flying. They both were transfers, they both had sat on their prior student government, and they both found UCLA a little overwhelming but they were definitely dealing with it. And though he had a Jewish background, he was a Christian now and they would spend a lot time talking about Christ. That night after they had pulled and all-nighter at Powell Library, Robert took her and Adonai  (her son) to Subway. Subway is Adonai’s favorite restaurant.

Whether it was friendship, her best prom date ever or falling in love her life had been surrounded by Iran (though she still thinks they should go back to calling their country Persia, it is so much more beautiful). Her heart now belongs to Iran in a way she thought it never would. So how does she reconcile the two or does even try? She is an American, if there is one thing she knows is how to love a country without loving the government. She will just “Americanize” Iran, thereby she can love all the people who matter to her without necessarily loving their government. It is the American way, after all.