Obama’s Trick or Treat

Is there any scarier sight than seeing Obama showiing up at your front door? Happy Halloween to everyone out there and remember it is four more days until we pick a new President! Get out and vote. Those in California-vote Yes on 4 and 8. Vote no on Proposition 5. If you are in San Francisco, vote no on K. Everyone go out and have fun because if Obama wins, it will be a long time since you will again.


4 thoughts on “Obama’s Trick or Treat

  1. I am not sure how anyone can oppose Obama other than billionaires. When all he says is right, and all he says is good, then how can one not side with him. Strange. Very strange, indeed.

  2. Taniam, I am not sure if you are being facetious or not. If you are-well that is a very good impression of a blinded Obama supporter. If you are not-then Lord help us all. The only person who can claim to “Say all that is good and right” is Jesus Christ and Obama, contrary to the mad rantings of Louis Farrakhan, is no JESUS CHRIST!!!
    But here are some reasons for not liking Obama
    1) He is more pro-abortion NARAL. NARAL backed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Obama did not! He voted against four times!
    2) He was the second highest paid in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle.
    3) He is more shady than a elm tree! He befriends terrorists, had a mobster get a home, got everyone thrown off the ballot so he could run unopposed in his first election. He is a master manipulator.
    But I guess not wanting a thug in the White House seems strange to some.

  3. Yes, people who are blinded by religion cannot see any good in humanity any longer. I believe they suffer from such low self-esteem that neither they see any good in themselves, nor can they recognize and admit to the goodness in others. Its very sad indeed.

  4. You got to love liberals even when presented with clear facts they try to throw out religion as some kind of incendiary weapon. First of all, I am part of the Religious Right-which means I”m Religious and I’m Right-duh! Would much rather be Right then Left and Wrong!
    Next, you didn’t address a single comment I made about his character. Why? Because you couldn’t! You know it is all legitimate and you would rather not see the truth. It is beyond sad, it is dangerous. Especially when those same delusional people are voting.

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