Heterosexual Pride Day: What Is It?

Yesterday  ended Gay Pride Month, or is LGBT Pride Month, truthfully I could not tell you. But whatever it is called, it started with Clinton and has been recognized by every President since, even George W. Bush. It is a way to recognize all the great thing this community has done. However, whatever great things they may have done they did not accomplish because they slept with the same sex, if sleeping with people was all it took to achieve greatness then every prostitute alive is the greatest person who ever lived!

Gay prideYet on Twitter and other social media outlets, #Heterosexual Pride Day hashtags started making the rounds. Infuriating those who were gay. Especially since Orlando has just taken place earlier in the month many saw it as a slap in the face. However, the tweet picked up speed across the internet as these things do. Gays say that straights are not discriminated against. That is not true. Everyone is discriminated against at some point in their life. According to the FBI Hate Crimes Report race is the most predominant factor when it comes hate crimes, not sexual orientation as gays would like you to believe.

Among single-bias hate crime incidents in 2014, there were 3,227 victims of racially motivated hate crime. • 62.7 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Black or African American bias.  So that is 2023.3 Blacks that had hate crimes committed against them.

Of the 1,248 victims targeted due to sexual-orientation bias: • 56.3 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-gay (male) bias. The total figures show you are three times less to be victimized for being gay than being Black. The grand total for gays is 702.6. FBI

As Camilla Paglia pointed out: Shrilly self-interested and doctrinaire, gay activism is completely lacking in philosophical perspective. Its sorrow became the only sorrow, its disease the only disease.”

And  while straight bashing may not be to the degree that gay bashing is, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen at all.  Of the 1,248 victims targeted due to sexual-orientation bias: • 1.5  percent were victims of anti-heterosexual bias. Gays may have angered at the thought of straights taking away their day and thought the whole thing to be ridiculous but the whole premise of taking pride of who you sleep is ridiculous to us as well. And if it the whole idea of pride is the right to exist without prosecution is the true cause, well that is a lot more sensible, but if that is the case they have a funny way of showing it.




The majority of news outlets that highlight the stories of  gays being thrown off the roof in Muslim countries it has been on conservative ones, not liberal ones.


The photos show the victim, who is believed to be in his twenties, abruptly launched off of the building face first to his death.

There are at least six documented cases of similar incidents, where men ISIS accused of being gay have been thrown off of a tall building as punishment.

In January and February, men accused of being homosexuals were thrown off of a building to large crowds below. On both occasions, the men survived the fall but were then stoned to death by the mobs on the streets.

So how is it they care about persecution when they refuse to talk about these things? When Orlando happened, there were people blaming Christians and not the Muslim who killed the 49 people? How is that fighting persecution? That seems like cowardice to me. It is much easier to fight Heterosexual Pride Day because that takes no real effort or courage to do so. It is just a tweet, nothing more. It takes a lot more heart to stand up to ISIS and countries that literally say gays have no right to exist and then make good on that threat.

No one deserves persecution, not gays, not anyone. But if gay pride is really about your right to exist without persecution then it time to show it. It is time to stop worrying about silly tweets like Heterosexual Pride Day or Christian bakers that don’t want to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings and start worry about your brothers and sisters that are being killed every day, a half a world away. It is time to admit you are not “oppressed” here, whatever troubles you think you have here are in no way comparable to the true persecution your gay brothers and sisters have in places like Raqqa. In America, you do have a right to exist without persecution and one Heterosexual Pride tweet doesn’t change that truth.



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