God Is In The Brain?

human-brain2The media is reporting that researchers have found at least 3 “God” spots in the human brain.  However the study was small and only encompassed 26 people, hardly enough to draw any definite conclusions.  Now as a believer you would think I would be the first one to laud such a study. And while I do think such a study is fascinating and I am intrigued by the results, I am more concerned that it won’t be debunked next month or a year from now.  Accuracy is more important than the desired result I wish for.

I have to say I didn’t know rather to be flattered or insulted by this partaned1 of the study:   “Moreover, the spots exist in the brains of ordinary people, not just those whose extraordinary religious experiences have been triggered by brain injury or neurological conditions like epilepsy.


To me such a statement could indicate one of two things: 1) Because I am epileptic I am somehow more in touch with the supernatural and God  or 2) God is a result of my abnormal brain and therefore not really real at all.

jesus_185_smallIf it is one, I don’t have a problem with that, if they are implying that it is two then I do.  After all, it is not only epileptics that have a real connection to the Almighty.   And while I understand that is what they were trying to say,  it is still insulting.  “Hey people, it is not just the brain damaged people who claim to have a relationship with God!”  Oh yeah, just  makes me feel like warm and fuzzy all over.

However the most promising part is that they found these “God spots” in the brains of avowed atheists. (Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase G-spot doesn’t it? LOL)  Which means it is irrelevant whether of not if you “believe” in God,  there is still a biological component to God and he is found in everyone, not just the believers.  After all, how ground-breaking would it have been if you just saw this “God spot” in the brains of the believers only.  It would not have meant anything.  Of course you would find it in us, we actually live our lives around God.  But for those who defiantly oppose him, well he is still there too.  If this proves anything, it proves God truly does  love us.  For he has given us all a chance to know him. Not just his believers but everyone.  Even those who oppose him.

While this won’t make a believer out of anyone, it might make them old-new-testament_bxp25561think differently how they see the believers of God.  I would be interested in finding out how the rest of the body reacted when thinking about God especially in the atheists. Did their pulse race or their heart quicken? Were there any signs of anxiety? In any case, it is good to see that science is once again trying to understand God and our connection to him. Of course, the true connection cannot measured because it is demonstrated by how we treat our fellow man.  God bless each and every one of you. Now go find your G-spot! LOL


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