John Ziegler at the Pasadena Tea Party! – A Black Conservative Digest

John Ziegler of KFI addresses the crowd and calls Schwarzenegger a traitor! I think I’m in love! LOL

After viewing this video, I am making a promise. I promise to never run down California or her inhabitants ever again. I have always loved Pasadena, it is where I was raised, it is home.  And it is good to see the same heart that has always been a part of Pasadena has not died but is alive and well.  I promise to do what John said and punish the traitors and stand by the warriors.  I promise never to turn my back on Cali, even if I am forced to move-which is fast becoming the case-I will never fail her people!  As I was a warrior against Satan in the premortal existence, I promise to be even a stronger warrior against him and his army of liars now (leftists, communists, socialists, fascists and all regimes that seek to oppress the freedom of Man.)  I promise to be a threat to the Obama administration which seeks to destroy all that my ancestors died for and built.  Oh yes, you have seen nothing yet.  Just call me Sarah Connor. LOL

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