The Rise of the Black Conservative

Being a Black conservative can be a lonely experience. You are told you are a sell out to your people. You are called a self-loathing Black person while the actual self-loathers seem to make their way unscathed. And sometimes it seems like you are the only Black person out there that feels this way then something happens-you start hearing about others.  The Star Parkers, the Larry Elders and Thomas Sowells and you go, “Oh my goodness! I am not the only one! I am not alone.”  But even as high profile as those people are, they are still overshadowed by the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons and the entire NBA!

But with the advent of Twitter, You Tube and other social networks like A Black Conservative DigestBlack conservatives are finding their own voice and creating their own media.  Two up and coming Black conservative voices to watch out for are Another Black Conservative and Conservative Like No Other. Both of them are on Blogspot and both of them are strong conservatives who unapologetically take on the liberal establishment.  Conservative Like No Other is a deeply devoted Christian woman who uses her blog to not only disspell the lies of the Left but to give glory to Jesus Christ.  She is not the kind of person to passively accept things, I know this because when she joined ABCD she set up three groups and made several comments on various posts.  That tells me she is not one to sit on the sidelines but to get involved and make a difference.

Another Black Conservative is also very much a man who wants to change things and when he read my story on there he responded with concern and compassion.  When I read their blogs,  I had to invite them to join. They are both intelligent and speak with conviction. They represent the best the Black conservative movement has to offer and there are others like them out there. From Zo of MachoSauce Productions who has made dozens of videos depicting his conservative stance to Ron Miller, another ABCD member, Blacks are no longer bowing down the liberal establishment and are fighting back. Ron has run for office even knowing he faced greater opposition then most Black politicians running.  He talks about his trepidation in going to Black churches to get his message out on ABCD-must read for any Black conservative entering the political foray.

So what will become of the rising Black conservative movement? Will we see a re-emergence of Black conservatism like we did with the Civil Rights movement.  (If you don’t think the Civil Rights movement was conservative then think again.  It was a God-based movement, based on obtaining access to the political process and economic empowerment.  Sounds conservative to me!)  If Conservative Like No Other and Another Black Conservative are any indication, the Black conservative is  going to have some staying power.

Blacks started out Republican and now are returning to their roots, while others are going for much more substantially conservative parties like the American Indpendent Party and the Constitutiton Party. When those parties take off and become true third parties-it will be because the Black conservative made it so.  Don’t look the Black conservative to be loyal to the Republican party if they can’t be loyal to the platform. We are used to be the outsiders and so we have no problem jumping ship and joining a party that more closely matches our values. If we can leave the Democrats high and dry, we can leave anyone else.

We will not be ignored anymore! We are here and we will not sit in the back of the bus any longer! God bless all those Black conservatives who know the sting of alienation, well you are not alone any longer.  And we stand by those who stand for freedom.

Please check out their sites and check out their pages on ABCD at:


14 thoughts on “The Rise of the Black Conservative

  1. I am not a Black man, but a conservative man who applauds you strength of character. I worry about the direction that this Country is taking, but look for peaceful resolutions – like the upcoming 2010 Elections. I am hoping that the Conservative Party can put together a ticket of Candidates that can earn back the respect of the masses. We are all in this together. I will keep you, and your friends in my prayers

  2. Thank you for your support. We need all the support we can get. I hope to see you back here soon. Also, I sent you an email from me, it will say From Black N Right in the subject line. God bless you for defending America.

  3. Wow, Dena,

    I just don’t know what to say, you leave me speechless, my friend, which is very hard to do. You will be blessed and we will overcome. Yes, we can, really make a change we can believe in.

    Keep it up Sis.

  4. No problem Mary. I have to admit it is not completely altruistic on my part, I am hoping if more people see just what talented people there are out there writing about these problems we are facing, they will be more interested in checking out ABCD. And the more people who join the more opportunity we have to organize and start getting this country back on its feet.

  5. blacknright:

    Thank you for the very kind words and your confidence. Since, November 2008 I have noticed that a new conservative activism has started. I, like you realized that black conservatives must be at the forefront of these movements. Such visiblity will only help to free our fellow brothers and sisters from the liberal brainwashing that has occured over the 5 decades.

  6. Blacknright,

    You have made my Sunday. As a fellow black conservative, I was feeling particularly lonely today until I read your post. I have you on my blog roll and whenever I am feeling that way again or you are, lets reach out to one another. I feel good about my choice to become a conservative and While not a popular choice, it is what feel right to me (excuse the pun). I should have made the switch years ago.


  7. I am so glad I made your day. Just remember you can join ABCD and find a place where you are no longer an outcast but can feel part of a larger whole. There are so many bright, young, energetic Black conservatives starting to come on the site and I hope you will too. I know about what you mean about this path being the right one for you, it does feel good when you start thinking and doing for yourself, and I concur I should’ve made the switch years ago myself. I find it heartening that so many people are rejecting the socialist slavery we have been mired in for all these many years. God bless you and I will check out your blog right now. today!

  8. It is hard out there for a black conservative. I found your site through afrocity’s (we “met” at the confluence, which a left leaning blog). It is good to find some camaraderie

  9. Thank you so much for joining ABCD! And Afrocity is a great woman, now if you can just get her to sign up for ABCD as well. We need to have a place where we can network and get this ball rolling.

  10. Thank you. It is these types of growing movements that inspire me and instill hope that we can have a country more aligned with what the founders dreamed for all of us. Maybe one day we can elect a black conservative as President. Now that would turn the world upside down!

  11. Bravo Blacknright! I can imagine it must be hard being Black and Conservative. There is no surer way to have CNN or MSNBC ignore your presence at every Tea Party, however. It would not go along with the fairy tale they depict.

    Conservatism is a Philosophy. Liberalism is a “clique”.

  12. Hey Dread, it can be lonely at times but I also know that nothing great comes out with significant sacrifice and that makes it all worth it. We have a lot of hard work to do if we are going to regain our country back from the liberal establishment and I for one am proud to be a part of that great and wondrous work. God bless you.

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