Stahling the Legislature

golden-gate-bridgeThere is a special election in California on May 19, 2009! Make sure you get out and vote. Most of the propositions on the ballot deal with budgetary issues. One issue that is on the ballot is 1F. It says the Legislature forgoes pay raises in the year that there is a budget deficit. I think that is only logical. If everyone else is hurting they shouldn’t be getting raises on the backs of their constituents. The only person who turned in a con to that measure is a guy named Pete Stahl of Pete Rates the Propositions.

This is the kind of nonsense he is spewing (makes me wonder if he is voting-boothgetting some kind of kickback from the Legislature to oppose it) How is this for horse manure?

“Regardless of party members of the Legislature are deeply caring, diligent, patriotic people who truly love the communities they represent and serve.”

Oh give me break! Most politicians are sneaky, greedy, backstabbing people! That is why they get into politics! Once in a blue moon, a Sarah Palin comes along but for the most part we are dealing with weasels-not noble statesmen!

Then there is this gem:  “Freezing salaries will not loosen politicians commitment to their ideologies. You cannot get conservative legislators to support tax increases just by threatening to cancel their raises. Similarly liberal legislators will never agree to cuts in social programs just to increase their pay!”

What planet is this man on? Of course people will do whatever they can to get more money! How many times have our “conservative” politicians failed us just because it served them to do so? They weren’t thinking about us, they were thinking about re-election or how they will be perceived but certainly not their ideologies. Eddie Murphy’s “Distinguished Gentlemen” showed how easy it is to play both sides of the field. The lobbyist throw money at the politicians left and right (pardon the pun) , so if you want to come down in favor of gun control-you have special interest on that side that will pay you. If you want to come down in favor the second amendment-well there are plenty of groups that will pay you to vote for their side. So don’t insult our intelligence by telling us that money will not affect how a politician votes-of course it does!

Lastly there is this inane statement:  The current salary for nearly all legislators is $116,208. In most of California that is solidly middle class compensation!

dfd-family-picNo it is not! Middle class means the median income and the median income is not $116,208! It is more like $49,500 and that is not nationally but IN CALIFORNIA!!!    Just the Facts (this was taken from a website detailing the state of women in California, however the last statistic was for all sources of income, excluding wife’s earnings. When you add the wife’s earning the median income is $70,000-still a far cry from 116, 208 dollars!)  What California is this guy living in that he thinks the average citizen is pulling down six figures? The middle class is quickly evaporating in this country but especially in California. There is no solidly middle class in California. There is poor and rich! And the gap keeps getting wider. Remember the middle class support both the poor and rich. The poor through social programs and the rich through their labors. You can only stretch the middle class so far before they unable to sustain it anymore and the whole economic situation goes to pot!

Stahl-just another cuckoo!

Stahl-just another cuckoo!

No wonder this guy stands alone in his defense of giving legislators more money even their constituents are hurting financially, he is a veritable loon! Only someone with limited mental facilities could deliver such hogwash and believe it to be so. The Propositions we will be voting on during this special election are: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F


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