Super Tuesday-The Super Bowl of Politics

football fansEvery year football fans gather together and huddle around their tv sets. If they don’t have one, they find and they watch their favorite teams go at it, pounding the pigskin and watching it hurl through the air. It is a time-honored tradition, filled with excited screams, chicken wings, and tailgating parties.

Well for us political junkies our Super Bowl is Superdonald-trump Tuesday. The time we find out who will be the be the candidates for the upcoming presidential election. Right now it is Trump going against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. The primaries and the caucuses are our playoffs. While people like me complain I won’t even see a primary until it is absolutely meaningless and the candidate has already been chosen. Other states like Iowa and Ohio will own the “season.”

rubio with flag in IowaSo who will it be this time? Will be the Republican version of Barack Obama-Donald Trump? Whose supporters seem just as crazed as Obamabots. Will be Marco Rubio who has been deemed the most electable when it comes to beating Hillary Clinton? Or will it be Ted Cruz who also has a strong following and could also beat Hillary in November. The smartest thing would be to create a Rubio/Cruz ticket, they could decide who would be President and who would be Vice President. By doing so, it would ensure a Republican win unless they pulled a Romney and pulled defeat out of the mouth of victory. [Romney owned that election but lost it to weak campaign and a record he defended poorly.]

The GOP is running scared, so they just might give it to Trump to shut up the electorate. Jesus Statue“Here, you “poorly educated” here is your new Savior. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.” Of course, the GOP hasn’t listened to the voters in a long time, so it is doubtful it will start now. Yet the voters seem determined to give the most powerful position in the world to a man who has not an inkling of how to run a state let alone, a nation! Basically, we are on a road to self-destruction.

Ted CruzA ticket that featured both Rubio and Cruz would a very solid ticket. You would have the youthful ideas and energy of Rubio coupled with the strength and fortitude of Cruz. They would complement each other and our nation would be stronger for it. I guess I have to wait for my Super Bowl though to find out who wins.

However, they don’t get a Super Bowl for their victory. They get a chance to lead the best nation on the planet.

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