Urban Conservatives: Who Are They?

Blogger Vanessa Jean Louis of http://blog.afroconservative.com wrote a piece recently on what she has termed the “urban conservative.”  So who is this urban conservative and does having such a group help or hurt the conservative movement?

First of all, we must remember though conservatives share basic tenets, their individual ideologies can differ. Fiscal conservatives are often at odds with social conservatives. Fiscal conservatives often argue that we should simply ignore divisive topics like abortion, gay marriage and gays in the military and instead should focus all our efforts on restoring the economy. Social conservatives (of which I proudly claim to be one) say restoring the economy is a lesson in futility if you have a society that decaying all around you. We believe our first priority is to lift the human spirit and bring back the promise given to us in the Declaration of Independence. That all of us are entitled to “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  The right to life being first and foremost.

So who are these urban conservatives? Do we really need another breed of conservatives considering the battle already brewing between fiscal and social conservatives? Urban conservatives might be the answer though-according to jean Vanessa Louis’ site urban conservatives combine the social conservatives need to focus on societal issues with the fiscal conservatives view of limited government, especially concerning monetary matters.  Urban conservatives, according to Ms. Louis, should not be confused with black conservatism, since many urban conservatives come in all shades.

Urban conservatives are usually from the inner city (so am I an urban conservative by default?) and don’t see the solutions to solve the problems in their community as a one size fits all kind of deal.  There is this quote from Akindele Akinyemi (pictured on the right) on an urban conservative website titled Hip Hop Republican-http://www.hiphoprepublican.com

When we discuss the need for urban conservatism we do not seek to be validated by mainstream conservatives. So when we say we are not interested in Rush Limbnaugh, Ann Coulter or other radio shock jocks its not because we think what they are doing is not effective. If you like that level of entertainment then please support them. We simply want to concentrate on policies that we can help shape and develop to execute.

Urban conservatives seemed to have found a happy union between their social conservatism and their fiscal one. Maybe Jim DeMint was right when he was quoted as saying, “You can’t be a fiscal conservative without being a social conservative.” Obviously, urban conservatives already knew that. Maybe it is time for the rest of the conservative to figure it out to.


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