Dorifornia-How Soon We Forget!

Finding Nemo (video game)

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For those of you who are Finding Nemo fans,  you will understand why I compared my state to the little blue fish, Dori. Dori suffers from short term memory loss.  Because she forgets so easily she is often caught in perilous situations. She is a good fish but her forgetfulness makes it harder to make friends or even basic decisions. This is where California finds itself right now.  Suffering from shert term memory loss.

Instead of picking someone new to help us weather this financial freefall we are currently experiencing we went and elected a governor from 1975! Are you kidding me, people! Granted, a big portion of the voting electorate wasn’t even born in 1975 but shame on you for those who were!  While the rest of the country was busy cleaning house and putting in conservative candidates to the point where we actually reclaimed the House again, California was busy being nostalgic and remembering how good they looked in hot pants to actually do anything to help our state. It is absolutely despicable that Jerry Brown would be elected…again!

  Let’s look at what California was like during his tenure as governor. We had the worst energy crisis to the point where gasoline was being rationed. You could only get gasoline based on your license plate number and on certain days.  We had ridiculously high unemployment and though I was young back then, I clearly remember the constant cuts to education. So where are we today? We have ridiculously high unemployment, high gas prices and cuts to education. Hmmm, he didn’t fix anything the first time around, what makes you think he is going to do anything this time?

California is clearly being run by a lot of brain dead dolts who haven’t the foggiest clue about their own history.  What is worse is that California seems unwilling to admit that their liberal policies have done more to depress not only the people but the economy itself. They seem unwilling to try anything new instead they keep banging their head against the proverbial wall while complaining of a headache. It is pure insanity in California. The only good thing is that they had enough brain cells not to legalize  pot! Other than that,  they have shown themselves to be liberal to the point of utter and complete retardation. It is a shame because California holds such promise. Too bad we keep wasting it on people like Jerry Brown.


2 thoughts on “Dorifornia-How Soon We Forget!

  1. Judging by the outcome of the elections…….it doesn’t appear to be much of a problem to get hold of some serious pot anyway.

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