Michelle Alexander Comes to LACC

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Michelle Alexander, the author of the New Jim Crow, will be coming to Los Angeles City College on March 23 at 12:30pm. Now her basic premise is that Blacks are incarcerated at a much higher rate than other ethnicities and that drugs are the main factor in their incarceration.  So instead of calling for young Black men to stop doing and selling drugs, instead of calling for better jobs and better educational opportunities we are just going to play the familiar victim card again and say “Wo is me, I am Black and I am locked up but it is not my fault. It’s the White man’s!”

 I am sick of the ongoing victimization by the Liberal Left. Even if that is the case, maybe if they would start following the law instead of breaking it, they wouldn’t spend so much time in jail. I live in the “hood” where there is a liquor store every other block and where the schools look more like mini prisons than they do centers for learning, however that doesn’t mean I have to fall into that “victim mindset.”

We have a Black president for crying out loud! (And yes, he is Black. We both have Black fathers and White mothers, so if I am Black so is he!) We are now “The Man.”  So enough with the ongoing racism! The day we voted for Obama based on his skin color instead of his qualifications is the day racism died!  Does that mean everyone in America is no longer racist-of course not! It does mean, however, that as a country institutionalized racism is no longer the norm!  You want to know what is ailing the Black community? Abortion! We are killing our own people at a pace that the federal government with all their Jim Crow laws never came close to achieving! In nearly 40 years, we have reached the level of lives lost that took 400 years of slavery to reach! So don’t tell me about what the White man is doing to us, what we are doing to ourselves is far worse! The most dangerous place for a Black person isn’t in the jails, it is in the womb! With 60% of Blacks being slaughtered on a daily basis, we need to be concerning ourselves with that real issue and not this manufactured one.

You want to know what elses is ailing the Black community? Education. More Black women go to college than Black men. Why is that? It is because Black men have bought into the whole “Thug Life” mentality and don’t want to better themselves.  There is good news, however, if you look at LACC’s ASO as a representation of what is happening throughout the colleges in America, you get a hopeful picture. There are 17 members on our board, out of those 4 are Black (3 males, 1 female), that is about a quarter of the student government is Black.  Considering we are not even a quarter of the U.S. population I say that is pretty good! If we can get a few more Mannys, Donovans and Ahmaads, we might just be okay.  In the meantime, we have to get Blacks interested in obtaining their education and get rid of the Oreo Complex that prevents them from doing so.

So my question to Michelle is this; Instead of trying to romanticize the Black criminal why don’t you do more to get at the roots of their incarceration? If you are going to school, working and taking care of yourself and family then you just don’t have the time to commit crimes and take drugs. It is time to stop making excuses for people who break the law and have them be held accountable for their actions. It is time the decent people spoke out!

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In The Age Of Colorblindness, a conversation with Michelle Alexander (suppleradio.wordpress.com)


Dorifornia-How Soon We Forget!

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For those of you who are Finding Nemo fans,  you will understand why I compared my state to the little blue fish, Dori. Dori suffers from short term memory loss.  Because she forgets so easily she is often caught in perilous situations. She is a good fish but her forgetfulness makes it harder to make friends or even basic decisions. This is where California finds itself right now.  Suffering from shert term memory loss.

Instead of picking someone new to help us weather this financial freefall we are currently experiencing we went and elected a governor from 1975! Are you kidding me, people! Granted, a big portion of the voting electorate wasn’t even born in 1975 but shame on you for those who were!  While the rest of the country was busy cleaning house and putting in conservative candidates to the point where we actually reclaimed the House again, California was busy being nostalgic and remembering how good they looked in hot pants to actually do anything to help our state. It is absolutely despicable that Jerry Brown would be elected…again!

  Let’s look at what California was like during his tenure as governor. We had the worst energy crisis to the point where gasoline was being rationed. You could only get gasoline based on your license plate number and on certain days.  We had ridiculously high unemployment and though I was young back then, I clearly remember the constant cuts to education. So where are we today? We have ridiculously high unemployment, high gas prices and cuts to education. Hmmm, he didn’t fix anything the first time around, what makes you think he is going to do anything this time?

California is clearly being run by a lot of brain dead dolts who haven’t the foggiest clue about their own history.  What is worse is that California seems unwilling to admit that their liberal policies have done more to depress not only the people but the economy itself. They seem unwilling to try anything new instead they keep banging their head against the proverbial wall while complaining of a headache. It is pure insanity in California. The only good thing is that they had enough brain cells not to legalize  pot! Other than that,  they have shown themselves to be liberal to the point of utter and complete retardation. It is a shame because California holds such promise. Too bad we keep wasting it on people like Jerry Brown.

Election Day

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It is Election Day and soon it will be found out if conservatives did indeed claim the White House back from the commie hijackers that stole it in November 2008.  This is not so much about party but about what kind of country we want to leave for our children (Yes, pro-aborts some of us still think having children is a good thing and want to leave the world better than we found it! ) For too long now, we have followed the Pied Pipers of Liberalism to our own detriment.

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 As of right now, I don’t  know who the governor of California is.  Is it Meg Whitman? Is another round of Jerry Brown (hello! You did a crappy job the first time around, some of us actually remember that!)? Neither one really appeals to me, which is why I will be voting for Chelene Nightingale.  Whether she wins or not, the important thing is to continue to fight for the values we hold dear:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ~Declaration of Independence

Our future is on the line. We will either continue as a nation forged in liberty or we will become the slaves of the government who thinks they know better than we do. In each generation, there is a time to stand up, stand tall and raise your voice in freedom.  This is our time! I belong to Generation Me. I grew up in a generation devoted to hedonism, feminism and where corruption became the norm. I grew up in the day of AIDS, sexual depravity and moral relevancy. All these things seeking to lay claim to our shared humanity. I had to make a decision.  I could continue down this path of destruction or I could turn my life around and help others to do the same. My generation more than any other has done more to damage the social fabric of society and it is time that we clean up our mess!  If we can destroy it then we can rebuild it! And it all starts with one election! This election!

We will either continue to do what we have always done-exploit greed. Or we take back our Constitution and our right to govern ourselves. So when you go out and vote this Election Day, remember that we are one vote away from becoming Communist China. One vote away from allowing the government to have total control over every aspect of our lives. One vote away from a media run only by the state. One vote away from being silenced. Will you be silenced? I hope not. Get out and vote!

America’s Independent Women

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I have been asked to speak on Chelene Nightingale’s behalf at Los Angeles City College during their Voter Ed seminar that they will be presenting on November 1st at 1pm. Chelene Nightingale is the American Independent Party gubernatorial candidate (Note: What a funny word-gubneratorial. Does that make all our governors-goobers? LOL) I have been officially allowed by her campaign to speak on her behalf, so it is just not me going out there as a supporter but it is in a somewhat official capacity as well.

If you look closely at this race, you will see a large number of women running for public office. We have two women running for governor and neither one is a Democrat. We have two women running for the Senate seat. Men seem almost non-existent in this race. Women and minorities have come to realize that the Democratic policies –which were supposed to make their lives better and provide equality–have failed miserably. Because of this those who were before beholden to the Democratic Party are beginning to reject it.

This has led women (and men) to leave the failing two party system and seek out other alternative third parties. While the Dems and GOP continue to fight among themselves, people are looking towards creating and promoting already established third parties. Let the Dems and Republicans mock this growing movement. As Mahatma Ghandi once said:  “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” We are going to win and it will be those “independent” breed of women and men that bring it to pass.

It has been an honor to work with Chelene’s campaign manager, Dani. She has been quite a  help as I try to promote Chelene as the best candidate we have for governor. Why is she the best candidate you ask? In my opinion she is the best candidate she has the best vision for California and has a plan on how to get us there. She wants to give homeschooling parents, a tax credit.  She wants to bring jobs back to California by giving small businesses tax incentives and tax breaks. She wants to halt illegal immigration by attrition. By forcing illegals to go back home, there will be more needed services for those who are in this country legally and its citizens. These reforms are needed to get this state back on its feet again.

I think it is imperative that we stop looking to the broken two party system, which is really the one party system, and start coming up with new ways to impact our government. Whether Chelene wins or loses she is taking a stand and putting the politicians on notice. We don’t need politicians, we need public servants and I feel that is what Chelene Nightingale brings to the table, more so than her rivals.

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Prop. 19-The Legalization of Marijuana

Cannabis Mantis

On November 2, 2010, we will be voting whether or not to legalize marijuana in California. The pro hemp side is out there trying to make it sound like some harmless thing. However, I am not going to talk about the dangers of marijuana, we already know them. I am not going to talk about morality-we could talk circles around that all day. I am going to talk about from a purely capitalist point of view and why it shouldn’t be legalized.

 Listen up potheads you just might learn something! The legalization of marijuana would actually be a BAD things for you stoners! Right now, you don’t pay taxes on your weed. You go down to the corner, hand Tyrone a ten spot, he gives you a dime bag, you go home and smoke away.  Oh once in a while you get snagged on a possession charge but really it is not that hard to score and I know many people who smoke who have never got busted. So let’s not act like the jails are overrun with people on pot charges!

However, let’s get down to brass tacks as they say. If marijuana is legalized you will surely be getting a much more chemically altered form of marijuana than you are currently getting. Translation: With the government involved you will get crappy weed. First of all, unlike alcohol, marijuana is classified as a “narcotic” at least in terms of a legal sense. Yes, we know medically it is not but that is not going to make much of a difference, legally they are going to keep it a narcotic and here’s why! The drug companies are not going to let anyone just make and distribute marijuana and they will spend billions to make sure if it does get legalized that they are the only ones who can manufacuture it. Your corner boy-gone! That good Jamaican ganga you love so well-gone! Say hello to Pfizer‘s Pot! A small dose of pot and a large dose of whatever chemicals they decide to put in it! Let’s look at cigarettes. They are legal, they are also a lot more lethal too! They put in a little tobacco and fill the rest of the cigarette with embalming fluid, nicotine and who knows what else! Do you really want Phillip Morris making your joints?

Next, you will be taxed. Now the pro-hemp people are saying. They can use those additional funds to help with the deficit. First of all, how many times have we heard this new tax will help our deficit? Has it ever helped our deficit? No! They just find new ways to waste the money! We legalized the lottery with the promise the money raised from the lottery would help our schools. Yet our schools are still failing and I know a school who hasn’t bought any new textbooks in five years! And that is with the lottery!  It was supposed to help our children-well it hasn’t! We are still falling behind the rest of the nation! So you can’t believe them when they say this will be the cure to our deficit problems! Instead, you will be taxed-do you really want another tax? Right now, you get your pot tax free! So why would you want to pay more money for something that is going to be an inferior product? It makes no sense!

Third, pot legalization won’t make pot more accessible but less accessible.  How so? Well let’s look at medical marijuana dispensaries, they are closing down to the regulations they are unable to keep up with. They are not going to make it easy to sell pot over the counter, the drugs companies are not going to stand for it.  It would cut into their profits. Therefore,  before it ever becomes legalized-like alcohol and cigarettes, where you can get them anywhere, the drug companies will make sure restrictions like: 1) only a licensed pharmacist can sell marijuana 2) That no “generics” can be made except through them, etc. They are going to make it as difficult as they can for you to get the pot. If  you don’t believe me, ask someone on Medicare, who had to fight them just to get a drug they have always taken covered because Medicare decided it didn’t want to cover it anymore. This is what you are in store for.

Fourth, you will pay alot more than the ten bucks you pay now for a dime bag. That will be history. You will pay considerably more and won’t get nearly the “good stuff” you get now. Instead, you will pay about 20 or 30 bucks, plus the state tax, plus the local tax, plus the sales tax and then when you are done paying all those taxes, you might get one or two joints out of the whole deal. How many joints do you get now? More than one! So you pay more money, get crappy weed and get less of it. Yeah, sounds like a winner to me.

Of course, we know things like driving under the influence will skyrocket once it is legalized and there will be more accidents of people driving while stoned. We know crime won’t go down but will go up.  Just like alcohol is involved in many domestic violence and child abuse cases, so will be the case with marijuana as people are smoking more and more of it. But I won’t get into all of that.

 So there you have it in a nutshell, go ahead and legalize marijuana, it will be the stupidest thing you potheads could ever do! But then potheads are not known for being terribly bright are they?

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Fighting the Progressives

Luck Just Kissed You Hello

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I often wonder how a group of people that are so dead set against progress could ever call themselves “progressive.” Most  progressives are very much anti-progress even when that progress actually agrees with them on another and supposedly more important issue.

Let’s take the Bus Riders Union here in Los Angeles. These  people are the bane of my existence. The Bus Riders Union is the main reason I hate unions (well them and LAUSD but that is another story altogether)  because they have no concern for the people they are supposedly helping.  Let’s take a look at some of their initiatives.

One of them is called: 1000 more buses, 1000 less police!

Mayor Villaraigosa: More Police Is Not a Progressive Vision for L.A.

Hiring 1000 additional police officers has become a top city budget priority under Mayor Villaraigosa. In 2008, the Mayor announced he was halfway to keeping his campaign pledge of 1000, even as he was moving to cut $100 million from the city budget.

1000 More Buses, 1000 Less Police calls on the Mayor to make a complete U-turn to fund social services, not criminalization.

Are you kidding me with this? According to a July 2008 report from the U.S Census Department there are 9,862,049 people inLos Angeles County alone. That is not taking into account the other 57 counties with the entire state of California. We are the eighth largest economy in the WORLD (California) and you want to put people’s lives at risk by decreasing the police force? Are you insane? I am sorry if I had to choose between buses and police I am choosing police! Even if  have to walk everywhere!  

Then there is this little beaut:

We know the Mayor does advocate some progressive policies and has taken some good stands on some issues. But expanding the police/prison state is not the only step he is taking to endanger the social welfare state.

And there you go people! Right there the truth comes out! It is not about protecting people or giving people a chance to succeed on their own, it is about having the welfare state stay firmly intact and keeping the minority population dependent on them! Now remind me again, what does any of this have to do with lousy bus service? Absolutely nothing because it is not about getting better and improved transportation in Los Angeles. It is not about getting a rail system that will service everyone, rich and poor. It is not about cleaning up the graffiti on the buses, or having better security to protect the riders. It is about a socialist agenda and nothing else.

 In fact according to a report by Metro that dealt with a public  hearing on various transportation issues facing Metro people did want more trains and not more buses!

This comes from a man named Gary Guth who was at one of these hearings:

MR. GUTH:  Hello, my name is Gary. I want the Wilshire Purple Line extended all the way to the ocean, please. I believe that’s the project that the money should be worked on, and that will allow anybody from the Valley that wants to go to the beach have access to it.  And MTA is too slow in completing these projects. How long is it going to take to duplicate all the street car routes that we had in 1961 that were ended, that you guys took away and took that private company out of business? Will it take 100 years? We won’t be able to enjoy it in the audience here.

The irony of all this is that the Bus Rider Union acts like they care about the environment, yet they don’t want trains that are faster, more efficient and don’t leave that dreaded carbon emissions that cause “global warming.” Why is that? Shouldn’t they be fighting to get the trains  up and running faster instead of keeping us chained to antiquated buses? Again, they fight progress.

As you can see the Bus Riders Union is a fraud and doesn’t speak for the people who actually depend on not only the buses to get around but the very limited rail system that needs to be expanded not killed. Progressives are never for real progress and it is time we show these socialists that they will not continue to keep us stuck in the “social welfare state.” That we will  not be their pawns. That we will rise against their tyranny and that of the government that drags its feet in getting us a functioning and thriving public transportation system! It is time we formed our own coalition and fought the both of them!



Personhood Amendment Comes To California

The Hand of Hope (c) Michael Clancy

California along with several other states is looking to add a personhood amendment to their constitution.  I have to admit, just when I think California is a lost cause and I am ready to throw up my hands in disgust and give up already, something like this comes along and renews my faith in my beloved home state.

California is collecting signatures to get personhood on the ballot. Of course, pro-aborts are none too happy about it because the end result is to eradicate abortion.  California has the most abortuaries of any state. According to Mark Crutcher at Life Dynamics and his website http://www.lifedynamics.org there are 127 clinics in California [Though I don’t think the site listing the abortuaries has been updated in a while so there might be less or more at this  point. Though it is still the best estimate we have.]  and the pro-aborts certainly don’t want something like a personhood law messing up their profits.

The personhood law for California reads as follows:

“The term “person” applies to all living human organisms from the beginning of their biological development, regardless of the means by which they were procreated, method of reproduction, age, race, sex, gender, physical well-being, function, or condition of physical or mental dependency and/or disability. “

This law would not only have an effect on the abortion industry but the in vitro fertilization (IVF)  and embryonic stem cell research (ESCR)  industries as well. Since embryos created by IVF would be protected under this law, you could not simply discard the ones that don’t get implanted. You would have to either not create so many embryos during the fertilization process or they would have to care for the frozen embryos. Next because these embryos would be considered human beings (as they should be!) you could not experiment on them, especially when  you know the experiment would result in their death.  However, that won’t really be a setback in terms of medical research because adult stem cells have shown to be vastly superior to embryonic and have the capacity to be pluripotent [the ability to take on other characteristics of various cells] like embryonic stem cells and without the additional cancer risk.

All in all the Personhood Amendment would be a boon to California as it would show America that California is not the abortion loving capital of the world or at least our country after all. That we do have our priorities in order. The California flag has the California grizzly bear on it and we, as California, have had to bear a lot of liberal hogwash that continues to control our fair state. It is time we pull the rug out from under the poor-choice crowd and demonstrate we are once and for all a pro-life state.

Other states with Personhood Amendments

North Dakota (the only state with no abortion clinic and a Personhood Amendment to their Constitution already passed.

Mississippi-will have it on the ballot in 2011.





Maryland (had hearings on March 19th to get a Personhood Amendment on the ballot)

And as I find others I will keep you updated but as you can see this movement is gaining ground, it is the slavery issue of our time.


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