Was Hillary Really Sick at 9/11 Memorial?

I have more sicknesses than any one person should. In fact, my sickness take up a page and a half when printed out. So I get how sickness can suddenly hit and wear you out.  However, when I heard about Hillary’s sickness at the 9/11 memorial my sickness radar went on alert. While there did seem to be something wrong with Hillary, there is also something very suspicious about the whole thing. .

The reasons I am suspicious:

  1. If she was truly dehydrated why was she taken to her daughter’s house and not a hospital. I have been dehydrated and it is not fun. But I took myself to the hospital, I didn’t go to my sister’s house.  The New York Times states: “Mrs. Clinton was taken from the morning event at ground zero to the Manhattan apartment of her daughter, Chelsea.” It would be understandable if Chelsea or her husband were a doctor but neither are, so what is the point of going to your daughter’s if you are indeed in need of medical help.
  2. Ninety minutes later she is saying she is feeling great.  “About 90 minutes after arriving there, Mrs. Clinton emerged from the apartment in New York’s Flatiron district and waved to onlookers, posing for pictures with a little girl on the sidewalk.

    “I’m feeling great,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” the New York Times again stated.  Let’s say she was simply dehydrated from the heat. Well I have stated I have been dehydrated and I wasn’t bouncing back from it in 90 minutes, I can tell you that much. It took about a day and I was better. And I was much younger with fewer health problems back then. Given Mrs. Clinton’s advanced age, it is doubtful she would also bounce back that quickly.

People are pointing out that she probably has a doctor on call and does not need to go to the hospital like us peons. However, if it is true that she does have pneumonia which is what is now being said she has then that calls for an x-ray of the lungs.  And I have never met a doctor who carries around his own x-ray machine. So if that it is the case, that means she went to Chelsea, did her wave thing, and then went to her doctor’s or the hospital to get that confirmed. That seems like a lot of running around for a lady who has pneumonia.

Secondly, I get the whole telling people you are great when you really want to die. I practically invented that. But if she has pneumonia even if she is telling people she is fine, she would have looked a lot worse. Something is not right and my sickness radar does not lie. So whatever is going on with Hillary it is not clear, but I don’t think anyone is being forthright in this situation.

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