My 911 Memory…Or Lack Thereof

I don’t really have a memory of 911, not in the traditional sense anyway. When you think of memories, there is usually some kind of connection, something that truly pulls at your heartstrings years later. I don’t have that. There was no one who I lost, thankfully. Though I was beginning to leave my liberal ways behind I was still very much anti-America back then. That is not to say I wanted any of those people to die, but I did feel we brought it on ourselves. That would change dramatically over time.

However on that day, I remember getting up and turning on the tv. I saw the plane go into the Twin Towers. The volume wasn’t on so I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was a trailer for a movie. Then I saw the same “trailer” again and again, by that time I came to realize there was something going on and whatever that image was, it wasn’t a trailer. So I turned up the volume. The news announcer told me we had been attacked and airplanes had been hijacked and one of them had hit the Twin Towers and another one had hit the Pentagon. There was more shock than anything else.

Being an empath [Go here to find the definition for an empath] I have to be very careful with emotions. I watched as much as I could but I knew if I watched the 24/7 coverage, I was going to be in trouble emotionally. So I looked around on tv for anything I could watch, anything that wasn’t that awful image. Anything that just temporarily would allow me to forget we were under attack. Whether or not we deserved it became a moot point rather quickly. It may have been 9/11 but it might as well been December 7, 1941. Was this what my grandparent’s generation felt like on the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

I looked what seemed like forever and then she came across the screen. It was an episode of I Love Lucy. If anyone could get me though this, it was Lucille Ball. So I sat there watching her, never changing the channel because I knew if I did I would have to see my nation under attack.  So it was just me and Lucy that day. Because it was Lucy, the saddest day in U.S history (at least while I have been alive) became the funniest, not because of the situation, of course. That will never be funny. But because I transported myself to a world where terrorists were not a part of my reality at that point, but Lucy wanting to be in Ricky’s show was.

So what did I do on 9/11, I invited Lucy into my home to take the shock away.

Books About 9/11

buy it here: 102 Minutes


buy it here: From the Inside Out: Harrowing Escapes from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center




2 thoughts on “My 911 Memory…Or Lack Thereof

  1. Good Move. I love Lucy too! However, escape was not in the cards for me. when it it comes to fight or flight, for me the L is dropped. I was totally absorbed by the news casts all day, and well into the next weeks. I am consumed with rage, at what was done to my American Family. I am today, 15 years later, still waiting for an appropriate American response from our cowardly leadership.

  2. I hear you Kenny. I think as the years drew on, I grew more angrier than I did in the moment. So for me, 9/11 is an evolution more than a single moment. Looking back 15 years later, I wonder why are we trying to appease those who want to murder us! And today that makes me ten shades of pissed!

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